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Nurse's Service Review

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Foreword - Still no VNTS because Decay's new busyness later and more importantly admin Tay is still missing. So here's my last VNTS Review for 2018 here, and I hope that you'll enjoy this.

Since we have nurse nukige VN got released back at last week, I figure that it would be better if this week title should be 'Nurse's Service' simply because the nurse in the nukige was took special priority to service the MC (The nurse was MC's childhood friend), and that MC's situation was sort of the nurses's fault as well so the nurse felt responsible for that. While in real life it shouldn't possible because the nurse supposed to serve the patient equally, at least it's stated that the nurse served the MC after she was done with her works. Anyway welcome to the last VNTS Review at 2018, and first of all let me being blunt that the updates for this week was quite dry. But then again, perhaps we'll going to have many interesting releases at 2019 later and that we already have many big releases in previous weeks, so perhaps we should treat this week as the breather (Still quite unfortunate though that we didn't get the big releases from Sekai like back at the last year). Anyway let's see what I can write for this week as well.

As for the updates from the official localization, we have one from Nekonyan. But before that let me report there's Tenkiame release at Steam, and let's just say that the release itself is less than ideal according to Doddler's tweets. What I can say is that if you felt interested and want to try it then go ahead, and at least it's not on the level of Your Diary looking from the screen alone so far. If anything at least they manage to release 18+ version on Steam despite of how their (Steam) recent behavior were quite confusing, and that you can get the 18+ contents directly unlike Your Diary (Hobibox charge around 1000 yen for Your Diary 18 patch). As for Nekonyan's updates, we have Fureraba fandisk were completely finished all of the translation progress (Including TLC and editing) with only QC left, Aokana was at 33% translated and 16% edited, Sukiren was at 70% translated and 30% edited, and currently HGB was almost finished the editing progress (At 95%) and halfway QC-ed.

From fan translation, we have some surprising update though in which we saw Majikoi A-3 got a bit of progress and currently they'd translated 45 scripts files of it. For usual progress, we got Eustia was at 60.90% translated, Harugi's overall was at 39% translated with Miyabi's route was fully translated, Loverable was at 55.38% edited, and Yoigshi was fully translated with the editing process was abut to begin and the translator also said that he aim for January release. Asides from there's no Hoshiori update at this week because Trip took a rest for a week or two, we also have partial patch for Tamainin Asagi Zero that was released by Rattanman back at 25th as the Christmas gift. As for the patch itself, it did cover one third of the overall VN so go get the patch from his Tumblr page here if you want to try it already, although personally I wouldn't took my interest in this seeing that it's nukige and all.

Well that's all for this week VNTS Review and also my last 2018 VNTS Review. Sorry for being short here, and see you next year. And here's hoping for more interesting VNs release in the next year.

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