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Demon's Carnival Review

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Foreword - Still no VNTS considering that the page was still not fixed along with Decay will gonna be busy with two Nekonyan's projects (And it mean that he'll no longer working on Nukitashi), so here's usual VNTS Review from mine and I hope that you'll enjoy it.

First of all Merry belated Christmas to all of Fuwanovel's users and guests here. Second as for this week title it's simply because I'm combined the Making Lovers (Makeover) (Nekonyan's announcement) opening song Girl's Carnival with Nanairo Reincarnation, so we got 'Demon's Carnival'. For more explanation, in Nanairo we got a setting where the MC did got live together with the demon, so I decided to add the 'Demon' word there. Note that there's a soundtrack with the same name out there, but of course I wouldn't review that here. As for this week, there's a lot of hightlight namely that this week we have three nukige title releases along with surprise Rikka's patch release, Nanairo release announcement by Sekai, and most importantly two announcements from Nekonyan (Makeover and another title). So in hindsight we'll going to have quite a bit of contents to talk, and let's see what I can write about those hightlights here.

Back at 19th we have Sweet Pool release by JAST in which it's translation was heavily edited compared to the previous patch, so perhaps this release would be slightly less redundant although if I may say something JAST should have more release though. While the premise is quite interesting with bizarre sickness and hallucination, in the end it's BL which is not my cup on tea so I'll pass. Go get that from both of JAST store and Steam in case you want to get this legally, and have fun. Speaking about Steam, we also have Sekai did set their Steam store page for Nanairo which mean the release date for this was almost near, and in this case it would be at Q1 2019 so we should get this by March's end at most if all goes well seeing that usually the company need to preparing a lot of things before the release. I hope that Steam won't banned Nanairo here, so that Sekai can release their big title in a while without much problem seeing that they did lose one of their license.


Frontwing did announce that they'll delay Sharin release to February later in which it mean that there'll be more wait for the people who want Sharin from FW, although personally I did think it's a redundant release though so no much need to wait for Sharin to me here. We also have some updates from Sol Press as well in which they'd finished both of translating and editing work for Hitotsuba, along with the updates from both of Onikiss (58% translated and a quarter edited) and Kimi to Aogi (78% translated and 40% edited). Other than that, I think there's none seeing that they'll start the other three (ie Nukitashi, Mirai Radio, and Himawari no Kioku) at 2019 later including Irotoridori KS, so that's all for the last Sol Press updates at 2018.

Just in case you like otome VN and happen to have PSV, then you can try London Detective Mysteria that was released by XSEED back at 18th, in which it'll told the story of how about a girl who be able to date some handsome men that was happen to be the descendant of the great detective, and those men along with the female MC was about to investigate some mysterious things that was happened around them. We also have Quof announced his nukige work in which it happen will be released by Fakku in the future, and that the premise itself is full of pun if you understand Japanese lol (The puns are in regard of Japanese word for penis). Not quite interested with both of the release and the announcement seeing that the release is a BL VN and the announcement is a nukige, but some people may like it one of those two title (Not both obviously although maybe there's some people who took the liking to both of two VNs out there).

We also have some surprise that Nekonyan was announced back at 21st, and it's in regard of one of their announcement. But before going to that, let me say that I did find Makeover opening song here is quite catchy to me, and that I'll look forward to the release even though it might took a long time seeing that Nekonyan will release this at Winter 2019 later. As for Makeover itself, it's another Smee VN that did have same system as Fureraba along with of how the MC want to find his own girlfriend, so the most thing that I can say is that we better expect this as moege (Duh). Their other announcement is quite surprising because the name of the announcement is Senren Banka in which if we remember it is one of Sekai AX 2017 announcement, and perhaps it mean the rumor that the relationship between Yuzusoft and Sekai was quite shaky is true. Anyway the premise still the same though that the MC got the sword that was stabbed in the rock and the sword turned out to be the girl, and therefore my advice is still the same that it would be better if we expect Senren as normal charage. As for the release estimation, Nekonyan say that they'll release it by late summer 2019 so obviously it'll take a while here. With this Nekonyan's announcements was increased to seven, and I just hope that Nekonyan will be able to release all of those at 2019 later.

Fan Translation

We have three nukige VNs sudden releases here, and two of those were involved some NTR which may not appealing for some people (I also like to note that one of those two NTR VN was from Atelier Sakura which if we remember did have partnership with Mangagamer). As for the third VN, it was in regard of a nurse whose meet up with her childhood friend (The MC) who want to be a doctor only to suffer the accident, and then the nurse did his best to take care of her childhood friend so much that she's willing to go prioritize the MC over her other patients. We obviously didn't need to guess what will happen between the childhood friend couple in that nurse VN, but I did find that it's quite popular because it did have PS4 port with reworking scene to allow the VN could be enjoyed without the sex scenes and it mean that obviously it'd need a lot of rewriting seeing that the original VN itself is nukige. Oh the team that was behind nurse VN translation is Oxford Comma in which if we remember was the one who translate both of Noble Works and Miu's route of Dracu Riot, and this time worked it in secret before they suddenly release this back at Sunday. Regardless of my personal opinion on nukige (Didn't interested much), I would still say congratulations on the releases and I hope that whoever play those three will have fun of playing it.

For the roundup this week fan translations update, other than sudden Rikka's patch release by Tsurezure we have Eustia was at 60.65% translated along with 45.04% edited, Harugi's overall was at 38% translated with Miyabi's route was at 91% translated along with Branch was at 44% edited, Loverable was at 54.16% edited along with 31.25% QC-ed, Oreimo Tsuzuku script was fully finalized, Summer Pocket common route was completely translated and the current progress was at 15,5% translated with the detail 17,291 out of 111,484 lines were translated, and Yoigoshi was at 93% translated.

For the last update from fan translation, we have a surprise Rikka's patch release from Tsurezure in which if we remember Irru keep saying that they might not be able to make it by Christmas, and here we are with the Christmas gift from Tsurezure in form of Rikka's patch. Obviously the patch here will translated Rikka's route here along with Marika's and Misa's, so go get the patch here if you already want to play Rikka's route there and have fun. By the way Irru also say that Trip want to take one or two week of rest, so they may not have the progress at Touko's route for the next week so hopefully there'll be one at 2019 later. As for the progress from Hoshiori, it should be obvious that Rikka's route here is fully translated along with 54.06% of it (Congratulation to Tsurezure for halfway translating Hoshiori there). That's all for fan translation updates.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and once again Merry belated Christmas. See you next week.

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