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Tatarigami in Love Review

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Foreword - No VNTS again because the deadline for Sanoba release is only 18 days left, so as usual I decided to make another VNTS Review here. I hope that you'll enjoy this week review from mine as well.

Since we have an exciting announcement from Pulltop along with Koropokkur release at the last week, I decided to just combined the word from those two title. As for 'in Love' it was in regard of the full name for Koropokkur which is 'Koropokkur in Love', while for 'Tatarigami' it was because Pulltop's new announcement in which turned out to be yet another their Sakura expy VN and this time the subtitle was not very subtle (Healing Harem) with the focus on three tatarigami want to marry a man who is coincidentally our MC (Duh). Anyway after the good announcements from the last week, this week was pretty much quite a plain one although we also have an update from Tsurezure though which of course always welcomed. As for the release, while this week we have more compared to the last week, unfortunately none of the release were big one so I think it's more or less just another usual week. Let's see what I can write for this week as well.

This week we have both of Harem Guild release, and the exact date for Steins Gate Elite release date was announced at February 19th later (Obviously at 2019). Well what I can say is that the latter news was pretty much redundant to me, so I'm more or less just pass on Steins Gate Elite. Speaking about harem, once again Pulltop did announced their own Sakura expy (LoveKami) and this time they decided to be not so subtle about the title here (Healing Harem). The premise was just like I said earlier, that three tatarigami want to marry the MC so I think I didn't need to talk more about the VN itself. If anything at least this time I agree with Pulltop that this is an exciting announcement, mostly because it's not a big title and therefore I could just ignore it considering that Pulltop here most likely will released it with additional H scenes while we still got censored version for overseas release. In case you want to purchase Healing Harem take a note that Pulltop will release it at this fall, and at the same time Pulltop did announced that they'll released Konosora FD at winter later.

We also have two releases from Sekai, which is quite unusual although the releases in question were more or less just a small one though albeit with some gimmick. The title in question is Innocent Forest, which tell the story about a mysterious girl with the name Luciel who interact with two man through two VNs (Innocent Forest itselves is released as duology for the info). What I can say is that the production value for that is quite low and the graphic itself was not quite good, and the gimmick was definitely didn't help at all with the VR device was necessary to play this (Too expensive for now). So overall what I can say is that this year Sekai releases were quite underwhelming compared to the other companies to me, but at least we have them apparently already finished with Nanairo's QA so if we lucky perhaps we could get that released at this year.

Nekonya did have another updates at this week, and as for the updates roundup we have Aokana was at 12% translated, HGB was fully translated, and Sanoba was finished with the editing and TLC progress along with 95% QC-ed so at least we could see that they indeed focusing on getting Sanoba release on time. Also if we look at Frontier KS, as usual it did well with the gathered fund was at almost three quarter of the goal with 11 days left (In yen the gathered fund was at 12,306,667 out of 16,665,000), so it should be possible that the KS would be quite successful although keep in mind that the situation might be change though.

The releases from fan translation section was quite mediocre to say it lightly, although the full translation for Umineko Tsubasa is of course should be good if we want to see more Umineko content. As for Gakuen Heaven 2 congratulations for the team, although since the VN in question was a BL one let's just say that I'm more or less just pass on that (You can get that though if some member here want to read some BL). We also have the release of three nukige VNs which is quite sudden, so obviously we have three more nukige translated. I guess some people out there might appreciate those nukige VNs, although once again I'll just pass on those three. In the end, while more or less I'm not quite interested with the releases, if you want to raead those then I hope that you'll have fun out there.

For this week roundup from fan translation updates, we have Eustia was at 53.71% translated, Harugi's overall was at 21% translated with Tonoko's route was at 90% translated and Branch was at 31% translated (Along with 23% edited), Loverable was at 42.48% edited along with 22.47% QC-ed, Pure Pure was at 86.10% translated with Tobari's route was past halfway (55.14%) translated, and Yoigoshi was at 27% translated. For the last update, we have Tsurezure did fully translate the common route of Hoshiori with overall progress was at 8.08% translated, and they'll release the common route patch at the next week. Along with that as expected Tsurezure also say that they'll announce the route order for the translation (I did guess that they'll announce the route order when the common route patch is released), and looks like they'll going to have release the patch for each heroines so I'll call the full patch for Hoshiori with whoever route that Tsurezure will translate last.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

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