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Physical visual novel news for September 2018



From Frontwing there are two kickstarters for physical copies one for the physical copy of Island which has already been released digitally on steam and one for the first part of their new episodic title Loca-Love which haven't been released in Japan yet. The Island Kickstarter is already funded and to me it seems like it has some pretty decent prices for the physicals with 50US$ for the regular edition and 80US$ for the deluxe edition which is a large box with soundtrack and theme song CDs and an artbook, Island itself is 30-50 hours long acording to vndb by the way. The Kickstarter for the first part of Loca-Love is currently at about 60% funded at the end of September with 13 days to go. As for my thoughts on the kickstarter for Loca-Love, well I think it has been poorly thought out. Since it is just the first part it is rather short (roughly 8 hours acording to the kickstarter) the price for the physical edition which is 50US$ is rather high. There is also a deluxe edition for 80US$ (going by earlybird price, if that sells out the actual price is 85US$) which has an artbook, tapestry, keyholder set, printed shikishi and the name in the credits and while it does have a lot of cool extras it just feels too much to pay for something so short. So the price for the physical for the first part of Loca-Love is pretty much the same as the price of Island which is way longer. I also don't think it helps them much that they made the kickstarter under a new creator name (Loca-Love) which means that it is less likely that people who backed their other kickstarters will find it. 

Moving on to Sekai Project or rather Denpasoft they have opened up pre-orders for physical edition for two new titles this week those two being Love's Sweet Garnish (vndb) and Hard Work (vndb). While I don't find any of these titles particulary interesting I do like that they have started to focus a lot of releasing physical editions through Denpasoft and not relying on Kickstarter for all of their physicals (if only they now can get better at quality control). While it does interest me that they have gone with this direction I am rather surprised by the titles they have picked. Both of them are short meaning that the extra price for the physical itself and shipping will be quite large compared to the original price and thus make buying them less attractive. Considering that MG only does physicals for titles that sell well I wonder how Denpasoft is going to be able to not lose any money on releasing physicals for these two titles. At the end I also wanted to mention that based on a tweet from Denpasoft it seems like they plan on focusing more on their physicals so I think it will be interesting to see how things turn out with them regarding physical releases.


Venus Blood Frontier Kickstarter has now opened for those interested, the price for the physical edition tier is 66US$ though it is only all ages so physicals for this might not be the best. From the looks of it they plan on putting in a lot of effort into making it a good localization, while it isn't really a title that appeal to me I really hope it succeed. Considering that they seems to be doing things right with the kickstarter I think it would give some really nice feedback to the japanese developers of what we want from a localization if this gets funded.


Another Kickstarter is the one for Seven Days which is from Fruitbait Factory. This has a physical edition available for 60US$ that include a visual book and one with a larger box and a dakimakura for 150US$.


From Nekonyan there is the confirmation that there is going to be a physical release of Aokana. I know this was technically confirmed last month, but I wanted to mention it since it was the 31st and since this is the first blog entry I make meaning I don't have any for August.


Then for some kickstarter updates, Memory's Dogma has promised free physical copy of Code:02 and Code:03 to those who haven't requested a refund, Shining Song Starnova has now finished the design of the box for their physical release and A light in the dark physicals are currently getting printed.


Here are a few titles that may be close to getting sold out or have a limited time left for pre-order.

Princess Evangile limited edition went out of print this month.

Eroge sex and games makes sexy games only have two copies left on Mangagamer, but is available from Jlist and Rightstufanime, though I am not sure how many they have in stock or whether there will be reprints.

Kara no Shoujo only has one copie left on Mangagamer, but is available from Jlist and Rightstufanime, though I am not sure how many they have in stock or whether there will be reprints.

Nekopara volume 2 and volume 3 are said to be limited on Denpasoft, not sure how much stock they have left but will put it here on the list anyways since it can sell out at any time.

There is also a limited amount of physical copies for Clannad: Side Stories at sekaiproject, it seems to be leftovers from the original kickstarter.

On PS vita the physical edition of Muv-Luv and Muv-Luv Alternate is being sold over at ricedigital and I am pretty sure that it is a limited run.

As for backerkits that are still open there are A Light in the DarkAlpha's Adventures and Sakura Sakura

New kickstarters, IslandLoca-LoveVenus Blood Frontier and Seven days



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On 10/1/2018 at 8:29 AM, bakauchuujin said:

With September being done I have now completed this blog entry, if there is anything missing please tell me.

The one for October will be up next time something noteworthy happens regarding a physical visual novel.

Im looking forward to it :)

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