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Random VN Finals poll

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Which one?  

12 members have voted

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  1. 1. Which of these two choices do you wish to be victorious?

    • Meguri, Hitohira
    • Random Chuunige

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  • Poll closed on 09/13/2018 at 03:22 AM

Well, essentially the above poll came down to a tie vote between Random Chuunige and Meguri, Hitohira. 

I'll give you a quick run down on the two choices that is a bit more detailed than the post above.

Meguri, Hitohira

Essentially, the protagonist of this story is a loner with the ability to see non-humans and other mystical beings.  He has lived much of his adult life in despair, blaming himself for the death of his little sister, who was the only person who understood him and accepted his ability... and whom he believes died as a result.  The protagonist is an artist, and when he goes to a small town with a run-down Shinto Shrine (no human dwellers), he encounters a loli goddess, who subsequently grants his wish... to meet his little sister again. 

I played the prologue of this game a while back to see whether it was something I'd want to sit down and play at length later, and my first impression is that the game is set up to be a mix of 'hohoemashii' warm-heartedness, catharsis, and a generally somber atmosphere.

Random Chuunige

The current candidates for this are Kaziklu Bey, Bullet Butlers, ExE, Master Re:Master, Muramasa, Jingai Makyou, Ayakashibito, and Tokyo Necro.  Due to a number of requests, I've also added: Soranica Ele, Paradise Lost, Abyss Homicide Club, and an Ayakashibito>Bullet Butlers>Chrono Belt marathon.

The most requested was Paradise Lost, and I had four separate people request that I do the marathon of the three related Propeller games.  Since they all fit the bill, I decided to shrug and just add them in as options... in fact, I think I'll cut out the individual options for Ayakashibito and Bullet Butlers, just to make it fair when it comes to the random choice.

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