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Through the Lucid Dream and What Alice Found There Review



Foreword - There's no sign of VNTS for this week yet again (Perhaps both of admin Tay and Decay here is really busy), so I decided to make another VNTS Review without VNTS itself. Hope you'll enjoy this.

Since we have Hapymaher here in which I've been waiting for this, I decided to made yet another Alice Allusion for this week VNTS Review title because Hapymaher here did have big Alice theme (After Subahibi and otome VN Alice no Kuni). Although for this time I decided to use the 2nd book for Alice's adventure 'Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There', only for the title here I'd changed the part of Looking Glass into 'Lucid Dream' because another aspect that Hapymaher explore here is the lucid dream, and also moreso because we have a character named Alice entering our MC (Tohru) lucid dream - apparently our Tohru suffer lack of sleep because he can only have lucid dream whenever he slept. Anyway, welcome to this week VNTS Review and as for this week other than Hapymaher there's some update from Sekai in which at least it should be slightly good there. Other than Hapymaher release and Sekai sudden bump in activity, we also have some updates from fan translation so more or less it's another usual week here. For the last note here, although we have two releases from JAST today I decided to cover those two at next VNTS Review. Let's see what I can write for this week then.

From fan translation we have Eustia was at 48.02% translated along with 37.09% edited and 35.21% TLC-ed, Loverable was at 80.56% TLC-ed, Pure Pure was at 76.78% translated with Hinata's route was fully translated - keep in mind that most of Pure Pure is still rough translation though so there'll be more retranslation progress in the future, 262 out of  268 scripts from Oreimo Shizuku was finalized, and Harugi's Main was at 79% translated (Bring the overall translation progress to 7% translated) along with the prologue was at 88% edited. Overall it's more or less just usual weekly updates, but at least it just did fine here.

Surprisingly we have many updates from Sekai, even though they might just reveal the secret projects that they've been working it for a while since before AX. That said, I'm only know that Nine here is formerly known as their 2nd secret project, in which as the current progress it was fully translated and there's still no editing progress yet. Other than Nine, we have both of Majokoi and ReLord 2 were finished for both of translation and editing progress, in which it should be obvious that the former should have at least both fully translated and edited since a long time ago (Would be surprised if Majokoi was still at 0% translated). Speaking about AX 2018 announcement, we also have Harukuru was at three quarter translated with the planned release at 2019 later. As for additional notes here, apparently all of those projects did waiting for the third party in regard of the engine work, which mean that the engine work for those VNs was blocked until further notice. For the last update from Sekai here, we have Ninja Girl was fully translated and would be released at December later.

Before going to Hapymaher, we have Mangagamer announced the exact date for their next release at August 9th later. As for the release, it happen to be Sweet Switch in which it's just a short nukige. While personally I prefer if Mangagamer did announced another big VN release like Damekoi, I guess they need a breather after many big release in short time (ie Evenicle and Hapymaher) so perhaps it was necessary seeing that Mangagamer didn't release any short nukige at this year yet. Not that I interested much on the release though, but if you've been waiting for Sweet Switch be happy and wait until August 9th later. They also announced Imopara 2 hardcopy release at the same date later, and other than Hapymaher here Mangagamer did also release Umineko hardcopy back at 12th as well - I'm more or less just ignoring hardcopy though, but good for anyone who want Imopara 2 and Umineko hardcopy I guess.

Like I say here, this week Mangagamer did release Hapymaher and to me it's quite a big release because I've been waiting for this since back at Otakon 2016, although my interest at first is more toward the girls costumes though lol. The girls costumes aside, in Hapymaher we did have Tohru who is apparently unable to sleep because each time he slept he'll thrown into lucid dream, in which more or less he's still awaken at the lucid dream so he didn't get enough sleep, and the only way for Tohru to sleep is when he collapsed because of the fatigue (Obviously not the most healthy sleep habit). One day in one of Tohru's lucid dream, he was met with Maia who is something like Tohru's worst memories and Alice who swore to protect Tohru from Maia. From there Tohru tried to untangle the mystery within his lucid dream with the assistance of Alice and some girls, and hopefully do something about his lucid dream. Like I say earlier here, Hapymaher did have heavy Alice motive from the design alone especially if we knew that Maia here supposed to resembled Chesire Cat. I think that's all for what I can say here, and have fun for play Hapymaher there.

That's all for this week, and see you at next week.

PS - Almost forget that in August we'll gonna have KS for Frontier according to this source, you you may keep an eye on that and prepare some money to fund it if you want to help the KS. Also we have Fortissimo English version release date announced and it'll be at 27th later according to the Steam store, although perhaps most of us wouldn't bother with this though because it was released by SakuraGame with justified doubt in regard of their translation (MTL).


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