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Zombie Love Diary Review



Foreword - After last week we have VNTS, apparently we'll not gonna have VNTS for this week so I decided to make yet another VNTS Review along with my commentary on AX here. Hope you'll enjoy my VNTS Review here.

Welcome to my VNTS Review for this week. At this week we have a lot of AX announcement which of course it should be good because we have many potential VNs release, and yet for some reason it could be underwhelming here if people didn't like the announcement. As for me, while normally I would be excited for the announcements that were especially coming from Sekai, the fact that Sekai always find a way to mess up with the release and longer wait compared to Mangagamer didn't really help at all. Not to mention that there's the fact that NekoNyan here promised us the big titles at August (Otakon?) later, so my attention here is goes to NekoNyan. So in the end, to me this year AX is just average. But enough of my personal opinion here, and let's see what we got for this week in regard of AX announcement along with of course some updates from the translation projects.

As usual we didn't have AX announcement from fan translation, although perhaps you can treat Majokoi going official as fan translation AX announcement lol. So more or less we just have the updates for fan translation section here. For the updates, we got Eustia was at 47.88% translated along with 36.47% edited and 33.75% TLC-ed, Amagami original's script was at 26.7% edited, and Harugi's Main was past halfway (57%) translated (Harugi's overall was at 6% translated with Main's big progress) along with the prologue was at 77% edited. So that's all in regard of this week fan translation for now.


Finally JAST decided to get their gear to moving at this AX, and this time they announced not only one but two upcoming release with the exact date within less than a week. Those two releases were Trample on Schatten and Flowers Summer, in which it'll see the release at 16th later. If anything, at least this time they managed to get some releases in not so far future, because if we remember at the last year we have JAST announced some releases with the estimated time and yet there's no exact date announcement back at the last year, and so we still didn't have the release from the last year AX announcement (ie Katahane). Other than those two releases announcements, we also have the announcement for Flowers Autumn which as expectedly was announced by JAST and right now it was being worked on. While I say that it's should be the good news, JAST policy there made me wonder whether they'll release it quickly or not, but if it's like usual JAST there I hope that the end product will be at least satisfying.

After many years they work together with Nitroplus and long time with no new announcement from them, finally they have several announcements from them although most of the announcements are what I could call redundant here. Those announcements were DRAMAtical Murder, Togainu no Chi, and Lamento in which as we recall was already have fan translation since long time ago. While at least they'll gonna use the new translation from what I'd heard, the fact that most of the readers were already read the translated version of those BL VNs (For BL fan of course) should made some people hoping that there will be some new announcement from JAST Blue. But on the other hand, perhaps JAST themselves didn't have many choices in regard of BL VN for their new branch, so they didn't have other choice than picking some well known BL VNs. I guess what I can say in regard of this would be hopefully BL fan would willing to wait if they want to read the new translations of those three BL VNs.

Almost forgot that they also announced Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi in which it's too mouthful so much that most people decided to just shortened it as Totono, although maybe I'll just shortened it as Kimikoi. Anyway as for Kimikoi concerned this VN was the first attempt of Nitroplus doing moege, so unfortunately there won't be some disturbing contents. But instead what we had is our MC Shinichi was have a childhood friend with the name Miyuki, and one day he saw a strange girl who called Aoi. From there Shinichi did want to help Aoi and by doing so Shinichi decided to ask Miyuki to help the, and the days when all three of them have a happy live will be starting. ...Or so that's what Nitroplus want us to think like that back at the announcement, but as of now most of people were already know what Kimikoi really is, especially with one Youtube video which showed a certain characters ending going viral so the twist here more or less is already Late Arrival Spoiler and that particular twist is certainly resembled DDLC. While Kimikoi here is definitely one of interesting announcement that JAST did compared to the last year, I wouldn't expect a quick release for this especially with the confusing mechanic that the player need to deal with.


We have Spike Chunsoft announced that they'll release Shibuya Scramble at September 4th later for both of PS4 and PC, so if you want to find out of why that VN did get perfect Famitsu score (40/40) feel free to find out by yourself later. We also have Steins Gate Elite will be released at early next year, but seeing that it's just Steins Gate with anime graphic I just think that more or less it's just another redundant announcement here (As if two Steins Gate releases for PC are not enough), although at least White Fox studio did a good job for made a new animation that didn't adapted into the anime, so it's should be good for people who want to rereading something like Luka's or Faris's route with the anime graphic. For the new announcement from PQube, we have YU-NO remake version release as well for both of PS4 and PC in which it'll be launched at the next year. While in theory the graphical improvement is should be good, unfortunately no much change other than the graphic so I just think that it's sort of redundant release because we already have the translated version of the old version. Granted the graphic was very outdated, but at least the characters was not as bad as Higurashi so I'm still okay with the old version there. That's all for PQube announcements here.

After last blogpost from NekoNyan, I'm glad that they'll finally upped their work for both of Sanoba and HGB looking from the progress. As for the progress, right now for Sanoba it was at 90% translated along with both of editing and TLC was at 45%, and the QC was at 10%. While HGB release was delayed, at least they started to show some progress with the current progress for HGB was at 60% translated and a quarter edited. Forgot to report this back at last VNTS Review that we already have Steam store for Sanoba, which mean that NekoNyan here should be serious for Sanoba release in which it would make it quite ironic if Sanoba here was indeed the first officially released Yuzusoft VNs, because if we remember Sekai was the first one who have Yuzusoft license.

Almost forget that Frontwing was also have their AX announcements, but other than Island finally have their own Steam store opened and they'll gonna release it at this summer, noting interest me from them unlike back at the last year. Although if you want to see more of dungeon crawling RPG with rape, perhaps you can try Lilitales when it's released. Also if you want to see more Grisaia, Frontwing announced that they'll gonna have anime adaptation of Phantom Trigger, which at least it should be easier to adapt compared to Kajitsu because unlike Kajitsu Phantom Trigger was only one big linear storyline with five volumes so far (Four of those were already released). Not my interest though, but good luck to Frontwing for the Phantom Trigger anime production later.


Surprisingly instead of three announcements like we promised, we have four announcements from them in which one of those titles were pretty much quite hyped up by some people. Let's see what they have for this year AX as well.

Interesting that Mangagamer also announced another BL VN like JAST there, although at least this time the announcement is not a redundant one because we still didn't have a fan translation release for this particular VN yet - there's wordpress page that contained the translation, but I won't count on that as a proper VN Translation here. Anyway as for the BL VN in question it is Luckydog1, in which it'll depict some mafia members whose got caught and thrown into the prison. From there it's up to the MC himself who is famously always lucky so much that he earned the Red Baron Luckydog to free the mafia members, and of course the player gonna decided whether Luckydog will be successful in his quest (And earned the prestige in the mafia group) or failed. I admit that at least the premise is looking interesting, although like I say several time BL isn't my interest though as of now so I'll pass on Luckydog.

We also have GL (ie yuri) announcement by Mangagamer as well, so at least this time they managed to announced new VNs that cover both sides of of same sex relationship. The yuri VN in question is Lilycle Rainbow Stage, in which it'll depict the story between student teacher, an uprising idol, and a hall monitor. Also joining the mentioned cast is twelve girls which were coming from the drama CD, bringing the cast to 15 girls who each of their own have their own interest in regard of yuri romance. If you're hoping for the heavy story inLilycle, then I hope that you're not expecting that because most of the games was apparently only have some yuri fluff in which it might be too sweet to handle so much that you got diabetes. As for what I can comment on this, seeing the number of the girls from Lilycle made me wonder if the developer was planning to develop this as idol anime/VN following Love Live before finally just scrapped the idea. Well if you're looking into very lighthearted yuri VN, then Lilycle should be good. Also seeing that it was all age in the first place, I'm sure that Mangagamer will prepare the Steam Store for this in the future.

I'm surprised that we managed to have Rance X announced along with Rance IX, so it's good to see that Mangagamer having big announcement there. As for Rance itself, I'm sure that we didn't need the introduction for this one but I'll try to talk about those last two VNs from Rance series. So basically each Rance VN starting from VI were basically adapted the scenario for each country that was appeared in Kichikuou, and now we have both of Helman and Monster Army arcs for both of IX and X respectively. For the reminder of the rest of Rance series here, we have VI was focusing on Zeth, VII (Or rather Sengoku) was focused on JAPAN or if you prefer Arunaru's translation Nippon, and VIII aka Quest was sort of focused on Free Cities and Kalar. So let me try to talk what I knew in regard both of IX and X here.

As for X, while it's good that they developed the grand finale for Rance here, after seeing some spoiler and video I can't help to think that Alicesoft here is kind of cramming all of the materials into one VN, so the story for X itself might felt rushed for some people and therefore the outcome might not satisfying considering that we have a lot of characters to cover, especially in regard of the Dark Lords. But I guess seeing that most people was satisfying with the outcome, I think it wasn't bother most of the people out there (The fact that EGS average score is at 95 should speak for itself). Good luck to the translator though, because X's script is quite massive at around 8 MB and that's without the voice and apparently there's still nothing to do on the scripts itselves. For IX itself, it was focused on Helman in which it'll be about of how Patton will try to liberate Helman with help of Rance. As for IX gameplay, from what I saw it's sort of revamped version of Mamatoto. Also interestingly this is the second Rance game that have sort of IF routes after Sengoku, and instead of three like Sengoku we'll gonna have six routes to pursue. Oh and Arunaru said that he already finished with IX, so we may see the release for IX in the near future. I'll try both of IX and X if both of those released later, although in case of X maybe I need a long time to wait though.

That's all for Mangagamer, and I would like to see what they have for Otakon as well later because usually Mangagamer have something big at that convention as well.

Sekai Project

Considering that at the last two years they managed to announced fan translated VNs, I wasn't so surprised with them announced yet another fan translated VN. So let's see what anoouncements that they have for this year AX.

Congratulation for Denpa in regard of the release the Zombie VN, in which they pretty fast on that since they announced it (Only about a month). Other than Zombie VN release, they'd also announced the prequel (Episode 0), episode 2, and episode 3 of the aforementioned Zombie VN. As for me, well not quite interested with this so I'll just pass on this but if you like some zombie outbreak setting in the VN maybe it'll be interesting to you.

Speaking about multiple part VN, we also have announcements for both of ReLord Episode 2 and 9-nine- (I'll just call it Nine) Episode 1. As for the former, I would say that Sekai should announced the middle part of the ReLord if they already got the license for episode 1, so at least it should be good that we can see more of our demon MC will be going to defeat the 2nd witch who invaded his world. As for Nine, apparently this VN will have some supernatural element with some girls managed to developed the superpower. And since from VNDB we knew that Nine will gonna have four heroines, we can expect that Nine will have four VNs and right now the second part of that was already released in Japan. By the way if you wonder of why Nine art is almost resembled Saku Saku, it's because the artist for both Saku Saku and Nine is the same person and both VNs were from the same company (Palette). I just wonder though why Sekai didn't Mashiro Iro Symphony, but maybe because the cost to localized the short episodic VN is more cheap than localized a full VNs.

Well we also have Majokoi, in which like I said earlier is already showed some sign that it'll be officially localized with the word like 'blocked from the engine work' that was said by Fred. From there more or less I already knew that it was already going to be localized, so I'm not surprised that it was announced unlike back at Saku Saku (I understand though if some people felt surprised and angry about this). Also it's not surprising that the partner is Sekai because Majokoi here did using the same engine as Tokeijikake, and after by do some searching in VNDB it's easy to know that Qoobrand here is from the same group as Unionshift Blossom (Tokeijikake's developer). As for the premise, it was in regard of Alice who found some magic diary which depict some sexual acts of a male high school student, and from there Alice decided to find out more about the diary after she was met by the dragon who said to knew about the diary. For the reminder here, this is also Nijima Yuu work who is famous with Hatsuyuki Sakura, so at least we can expect some tearjerking moment there if we knew his works. As for the release estimate timeline, Fred did say that it'll be at Q4 of this year in which somehow it's quite doubtful seeing that it's Sekai, but let's try to be positive and hope that Sekai will be managed to do that.

Other than Majokoi, there's Harumade Kururu (Or Harukuru) in which it's more or less was already set in stone that Sekai will work on them with two main staff from there working on the VNs that Sekai will be released (The writer working on Ninja Girl that would be released at this December, while the artist working on Island Diary), or rather I think that Sekai should announced this at last year AX so they kind of late a year for the announcement lol. For the premise, it's just a nukige with four girls in an isolated island having sex everyday, so there's not much to expected here other than we'll gonna have a lot of sex. Or so that's the initial reaction for some people who read this before Harukuru finally showing it's true color after the prologue (And 15 sex scenes), so more or less it's just like Kimikoi or in this case Majokoi, because both of Harukuru and Majokoi did have same pattern that there's a lot of sex scenes in the prologue before finally getting serious after the opening, and in Harukuru case it would be in regard of science fiction and quantum theory while Majokoi did have some mystery and drama. Also like Majokoi, while Sekai still didn't have release estimation I just hope that it'll be quick.

For the rest of announcement, we also have idol VN (Idol Connect -AsterikslLive-), two OELVNs (Mischievous Sensation and Last Stanza), and Nekopara Extra in which it'll be depict the time when Chocola and Vanilla was adopted by Shigure's family. Not much interesting to me, but at least it can be interesting for some people.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week (Or rather in next VNTS Review).

PS - As for the title, since we have Zombie VN release along with Majokoi official announcement, I decided to just change 'Witch' in Majokoi localized title (Witch Love Diary) into 'Zombie' so we have 'Zombie Love Diary'.


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