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Chronicle of Shibuya's Madness Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (07/02/2018)

Foreword - Finally after one month absence (The longest waiting time so far) we have another VNTS here, and as expected both of admin Tay and Decay schedule from the last month was pretty hectic so they couldn't provide VNTS for most of the last month. So here's my VNTS Review for the last week with proper VNTS, and I hope you'll enjoy this.

Like I say before, finally we have VNTS here in which it mean that there's a lot to catch up on the main page. Although even without factoring one month absence, there's still a lot of catch up here because we got many updates and release in span of a week since my last VNTS Review. As for the title, since we have releases for both of Evenicle and Chaos Child I decided to make this week title as a parody for Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle dub name (Chronicle of the Wings), so we have 'Chronicle of Shibuya's Madness' as this week VNTS Review. For more elaboration here, the 'Chronicle' part was from Evenicle in which it was actually the acronym from 'Eve's Chronicle', and for 'Shibuya's Madness' it was come from the Chaos Child in which we have the in-game serial murder case known as 'New Generation Madness' with the crime locations was at Shibuya. With that done, welcome to this week VNTS Review and like I said at last VNTS Review as expected we have a lot of juicy updates and releases here, so overall this week is more interesting compared to the last week. So let's see what I can write for this week as well.

Sekai Project

Congratulation to Sekai in regard of their big release at this week Maitetsu for both of all age version and 18+ version, although unfortunately the later release was damaged by major mistake that Sekai made. While at the very least they still the sex scenes intact, the panty shot and the nipple was getting censored. While at the very least Sekai is slightly better than Pulltop, unfortunately it still shown of how incompetent that Sekai were because they somehow mixed the console version for 18+ version, something that should be easily prevented if Sekai did one last check before QA-ing it. As for the fix, I read that Sekai there was apparently bounded by the contract or something like that, so they can't do anything to the released VN and therefore we need to wait for a while before finally get it uncensored.

While the censorship here is quite alarming for Sekai competence there, personally I could less care if they only censoring nipple and panty shot as long the sex scenes is still intact, and I prefer that if we can talk about the story itself. As for the story itself, it'll be revolving around revitalizing old small city around the station by using the titular train which somehow managed to become the girl, even though it was mitigated by the fact that the girl is an android AI who operated the train instead of the real train. Well whatever, and if some of you decided to ignore the controversy behind Maitetsu and play it right now, have fun. For the last word here, actually I'm interested with a lot of opening in Maitetsu here, although unfortunately the good production value for that was overshadowed by the news about Sekai incompetence.


We also have Venus Blood Frontier prefundia there with the base goal was at 125,000 in which it was pretty high, and if I remember the last time we have KS with base goal past 100,000 was back at Libra the Vampire Princess KS. While the number itself is quite high, at least it's justified because apparently they're on their own as this is actually Ninetales first experience to do their localization. While it's quite questionable that they managed to have KS for a game that was full of tentacle rape (Granted the sex contents were cut, but still), I hope that the KS will be successful so good luck to the KS. As for the estimated release time, it'll be at Summer 2019 later so it's gonna be a while before we finally see the release. I'll report the KS updates for Frontier if available later, and forget to say that at least we didn't have ridiculous tier that we can have a dinner with the illustrator for Frontier here (I look at you Koropukkur).

Other than Frontier KS, we have a bunch of updates from Nekonyan in which unfortunately we saw HGB will be delayed to November because lack of translator from the last month. Of course there's more update other than HGB delay and it was in regard of Sanoba release, in which they announced the estimated exact release date at October 26th later, and I'll be interested to see whether Nekonyan can fulfill this or not. We also have a plan for Fureraba complete edition release, in which Nekonyan will combined the main game and the fandisc into one package along with additional contents from Fureraba PSV version. For the release timeline, Fureraba complete edition will be released after fandisc release if you're curious about the release time, so it might be around fall or early winter at the latest. For the last update from Nekonyan, we'll going to have two big titles from them and they'll going to announced that at August later. While for now it's still unknown what the titles are, if we following Shinku translation it might be possible that both of the projects were Astral Air and Irotoridori, and if that's true than it mean that Favorite will be added to the list of company that left Sekai.

Almost forget that we have Sprite tweeting something in regard of 'overseas transplants' for Aokana after the news said that they were in deep, but whether it'll be in regard of the dubbing of anime version of Aokana or the VN localization I'll just wait and see for now (It's good though if they localized the VN, because it's been cursed for a while). Also we have a release for this section at this week, and it was only an otome for PSV version so I'll just pass on the release (Have fun though if you have PSV for play that).


Interesting to see that we have another update from Mangagamer two weeks after their last update, which mean that perhaps we'll gonna see biweekly update from them again after AX later. As for the updates roundup here, we have Son-Nyl was at almost halfway (49%) translated, Kyonyuu Fantasy 2 was at 68.3% translated and 67% edited, Tsui Yuri was finished the beta testing so it'll be enter the queue for the release, Amatarasu was at 34% edited, Maggot Bait was at 89.4% translated, Steam Prison was both fully translated and edited, and Trinoline was at 74% edited. I think that's all for Mangagamer's update roundup here.

Other than updates roundup earlier, we also have a big release from them in which it's obviously Evenicle back at June 28th. While Evenicle itself was may not as epic as Rance X (Both of those were from Alice Soft for the info), I would say that it managed to be a good standalone RPG compared to Rance. As for Evenicle, the premise was that our MC Aster was have very simple goal namely that he wants to marry both of his childhood friends only to be stopped by the rule that he can only marry one girl in the lifetime, so from there Aster search a way to become the knight in order to allow him to marry more than one female. While the premise sounds like an excuse plot for harem nukige VN thing, actually Evenicle itself is a RPG so obviously we'll going to have some gameplay and fighting there, and of course cliche JRPG story which may be nostalgic for some people. Forget to say that the character design was resembled Senran Kagura characters, and the reason was because Senran Kagura artist also did design characters for Evenicle here (At least some of girls breast didn't as big as Senran Kagura characters). Have fun for playing Evenicle if you already got that.

Fan Translation

As for this week, like Mangagamer and Sekai we also have a big release from this section. But before that let's see what update that we have for this week. For the updates, right now Eustia was at 47.36% translated, Loverable was at 77.88% TLC-ed and 39.56% edited, and Harugi's Main was at 38% translated (Bringing overall progress to 5% translated) along with the prologue was at 73% translated. Other than those three, there's Shin Koihime Musou still have some increased translated and edited line counts although the percentage is still static though (95% translated and 28% edited respectively). Before going to the big release, let me say congratulation for the release of Alice otome VN after three years of work. Here's their homepage if you want to get the patch, and as usual I'll just pass on this one since this is otome and all. Have fun though if you want to play Alice VN here, and at least it was available for PC in the first place instead of console only like most of the otome.

As for something interesting that I was talk about at the last VNTS Review, it was in regard of Chaos Child translation port patch in which it add the PS4/PSV translation into the PC version, and obviously it mean that finally we'll be able to play Chaos Child without using the console here. As for Chaos Child premise, once again it was in regard of one high school students and his female friends (With varied circumstances) who investigate the murders that eerily resembled the murders back at Chaos Head, so much that the in-game murder was dubbed as '2nd Incarnation of New Generation Madness'. Like both of Chaos Head (Chaos Child here is some sort of spiritual sequel for Chaos Head) and Steins Gate, it did have some sci-fi element and more importantly shared same setting. Get the patch from Committeeof0 homepage here (I like that Committeeof0 did their countdown at their Twitter eight days before the release), and have fun playing Chaos Child at PC there.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


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