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Plk_Lesiak’s Shovelware Adventures: straight Sakura eroge, part 1



Before the era of Steam adult patches, Winged Cloud established their brand by creating ecchi VNs, full of partially-exposed anime boobs, panty shots and flirty female characters in highly inappropriate outfits, but nothing that could effectively earn them that appealing “sexual content” tag on VNDB. In late 2015, however, utilizing progressively more widespread techniques of circumventing Steam’s censorship, WC made their move towards becoming an actual eroge developer – and year after that, the devoted themselves completely to creating full-on Sakura nukige that we know and love(?) today. Today, I'll be taking look at those early iterations of Winged Cloud's porn in their whole, glossy-boobs-filled glory.

Sakura Swim Club


Featuring Japanese voice acting in a game that never had a Japanese version, Winged Cloud’s first venture into the world of fully-fledged eroge is definitely one of the most “weeb” things out there, but this didn’t prevent it from being one of the most successful and well-received Sakura games. It was also, believe it or not, a pretty drastic step backwards when it goes to storytelling, when compared to what we saw in Angels and Fantasy, with a barely-existent, linear plot and little entertainment value not coming directly from porn. It seems that implementing a novelty in the form of hentai scenes took much of the development team’s energy, without any to spare on character development or giving a proper conclusion to the tiny bits of SoL drama that the game introduces. This is especially painful in the case of Swim Club’s heroines – while the protagonist has a typical “being bound by your parent's expectations” issue that is revolved during the story, the girls have elements of painful, potentially interesting backstories introduced and then quickly forgotten for the sake of fanservice and unavoidable harem ending. Who would care about their mother dying of cancer if they can have a threesome with our “average guy” protagonist?

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5 hours ago, Zakamutt said:

the bottom link currently points to the same page it's on

Thanks for mentioning, not sure how I managed to mess that up, but should be working properly now. ^^

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50 minutes ago, Zakamutt said:

Sakura Nova was actually written by a Japanese writer, this dude (tfw I know the guy who translated it). While it still turned out not very good, the unusually high quality might be due to the writer having some experience.

Hah, I've missed that actually, this explains the slightly different feel it has. I would even risk saying that it's slightly... Underrated? I mean, it's pretty effective in what it tries to do and heroines are genuinely cute. It's that bare-minimum standard I rarely see Sakura games achieving and I don't think it really belongs with the same VNDB rating as Swim Club. ;)

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