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Migita Soutetsu and Half-Blood Train Review

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Foreword - After two weeks with VNTS available, looks like at this week we won't have another one at this week so I decided to make a review of one even without VNTS itself. Enjoy.

Since we have Maitetsu release date announcement at last week from both of Steam and Fakku (Well just yesterday for Steam) and currently I like to browse some Harry Potter info, I made the parody title based on Harry Potter 6th book with the Maitetsu MC's full name (Migita Soutetsu) as stand in for Harry Potter, and I replaced 'Prince' into 'Train' because we have human form train which somehow have a human form. I know that it's an android, but I figure that since the android in Maitetsu looks very human I figured to make it as half blood there even though the android itself might not have the blood. I know the title for this week is not very appealing with Maitetsu MC's name there lol, but regardless welcome to this week VNTS Review and as for the last week we have several release announcements and too bad that there's no releases. But still it's worth to look what kind of the announcements that we have for the last week, so let's see what I can write for this week as well.

As for Neighbor, right now we have it at fully translated while apparently they about to start the editing. Good luck to the editing, even though to tell the truth I didn't pay attention to it much. Other than Neighbor, as expected we have KS for Phantom Trigger Volume 5 with my initial reaction can be summarized as 'When we have KS for Island then?', although in regard of Island VN Frontwing said that there would be more news about that VERY soon though. Anyway for Phantom Trigger Volume 5 right now it's already two third funded, with the exact number of funding was at 20,162 out of 30,000 with 24 days left. Almost forget to say that the KS is for physical edition, and as for the release time frame estimation, we'll have it released at this summer later. Oh, from Sol Press we have two updates in which they doing some QA work for Newton VN last route, and from Yotsunoha we have it was at 93% translated and 84% edited.

Finally JAST announce something in regard of release , and I would be more happy if they did that more often. As for the announcement, they announced that they already prepared for Trample in Schatten preorder, and it was only took six years for them to work on it since they announce it back at 2012. While I understand that JAST is just (Pun no intended) a small company, actually the same can be said to either Sol Press, Mangagamer, and Sekai. Or should I say JAST is the biggest company in regard of VN localization and the most experienced one, which unfortunately plagued by lack of translation staff. While this can be the reason of the slow progress (They should outsources more people then like other localization company), there's still no reason for them to always announced small and redundant title at AX, because I think they can do more on that to the many untranslated title out there.

Back to topic, as for Schatten at first I'm pretty much skeptical about that because it'll take a long time to be released (JAST and all). But after seeing more on that and since it have some mahou shoujo heroines, I think it would be quite an interesting VN considering that mahou shoujo (Magical Girl) in VN is quite lacking saving from some nukige that featured raping Magical Girl. Although from glancing the CG, apparently there'll be some yaoi sex scenes which could be say as my pet peeves, but then again I'm already knew that Subahibi is having yaoi sex scenes and yet I'd finish it, so I will consider to read this if JAST managed to release it at this year (It should be since they already prepared the pre-order) because the initial reception of Schatten is quite good from the reviews that I saw.

As for Maitetsu, after Fakku announced that it'll be added at 29th later, now Sekai was also announced that they'll launch it on Steam later at the same date. So essentially we'll gonna have two version of Maitetsu released at the same time, just like Sekai usual pattern there. While Maitetsu world itself is already confusing with the train can become girl (Mitigated somewhat by making the girl is android AI for the real train), it's also caused quite a stir with most of the heroines looks like a children and with sex contents available come controversy whether Maitetsu support lolicon or not. What I can say is that it would be quite hard to discuss the topic, so I can only say is that you should remember that the game logic is sometimes very different from the real life (The game still need to follow some real life logic though), and therefore just avoid to apply that to the real life. That's all for what I can say, and I'll look into Maitetsu later.

Right now we have Eustia was at 45.86% translated and 33.59% edited; Harugi's Branch School common route was at 10% translated along with Main School common route was at 6% translated, which in turn bring overall progress to 4% translated with the prologue was past halfway (57%) edited; Higurashi Taraimawashi was at halfway translated; and Oreimo Tsuzuku was having 259 scripts finalized. As for this week unfortunately we still didn't hear much about both of Loverable and Majokoi, but hopefully we'll have more visible updates from them in the near future (There's still some off screen work for Loverable at least, but I find that Majokoi description of 'blocked on the engine work' is quite ambiguous to say it lightly). For the last update here, while I already inform that we'll gonna have Chaos Child PC patch at this month, we have Committee of Zero posted the translation of audio drama CD which could be said as the E3 announcement according to them at their Twitter here. What I can say about that it would be that I'm looking forward to this month release of Chaos Child PC patch, in which it can be happened at the last week of June along with Evenicle and Maitetsu making it three big releases at the last week of June.

That's all for this week, and see you next week (Or rather next VNTS Review).

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