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End of an era



I have indeed come a long way. I can barely remember my childhood, besides, I don't think it was a happy childhood. But I do remember very clearly, when I met my buddy, @HMN


Best Buddy: HMN

I didn't like hanging out with people, but it was fun hanging out with him and the Trolling club. And it was damn funny seeing how oblivious that guy was to all those girl's feelings. We just kept living our fun days like that, until the day HMN brought a new honorary member to the club. Little did I know that new member was going to become my wife.


Wife: Nikaidou Shinku



The first time I put my eyes on her, I thought "Wow, she's so pretty...". She noticed my stare, then she got scared and hid behind HMN. I regretted staring at her so obviously... I thought she was just your normal innocent little girl, but she was special. Her awkward tsuntsun behavior would normally make people not talk to her, but for me, it just added to her cuteness.

I noticed the best way to get closer to her was to play along, so I started acting dumb around her and asking her to help me with things. I remember the first time I asked for her help: "Mou... Shouganai naa... maybe I finally found someone who can appreciate my wisdom."

She wasn't scared at all this time around, and answered me: "W-Well if you really insist, I'm in a good mood today, so I'll accept your hopeless challenge, it's obvious that you can't learn this normally but with my skills it might be possible"


Making a big smile, I answer positively. Of course, I didn't actually need help at all. We studied, and I let her teach me. Then, she kinda noticed it and said "You really understand this don't you? I don't need your pity, but if you insist, we can still continue." Then, the second round starts, and I defeated her pretty easily. "I-I let you win there! This final round will be our real duel". Do you think I'd let you win? No way, I want you to lick my feetwhen you lose." That was the plan. But... she managed to defeat me! She was really holding back! Then we had sex for some reason

I decided I'd defeat her someday, no matter what! And we battle'd every single day afterwards...

But, two months later, HMN told the club members Shinku was sick at the hospital. I was the most surprised of them, and stood up the moment I heard it. When had I fallen for her, I wonder... maybe it was the moment I saw her, on our first battle, or afterwards.. I wasn't sure, but I knew something for certain: I wanted to be always by her side.

The next day, I went to visit her. I knocked on the door, and was allowed entrance. When she saw that it was me, she blushed, and rapidly turned her head the other way. Then, she looked at me again: "Ohh? What a surprise. What brings you here? Are you going to take advantage of my low energy levels to finally defeat me?" I replied: "Now that would be no fun at all, would it? No, I came to you with a proposal."
"O-Oh, very well, let's hear the fool's proposal"


And then, breathing really deep, "Shinku, this is the first and time I'll be saying this to you, please don't be scared. I want to let you know, those days when I battle'd with you, were the most fun for me, they were what I thought about before going to sleep, and what I looked forward to the most when waking up at the next day. In other words, I'm thinking about you all the time, Shinku, and I can't stop it, I love you, and want to always be by your side." She stared at me, very surprised, and then, tears running down her face, and a lovely blushing smile, she replied: "Uhn, I feel the same way. People avoid me because of the way I act, but you were different, you accepted me for who I am, and even played along with me. Those were the most fun moments for me as well, always looking forward to battling with you, each day, being by your side brings me the most happiness, I love you. From now on, please take care of me."

It has been many years since all of this happened, Shinku also took my name after we got married, and now she's Aozora Shinku. (Doesn't fit her at all owo) And we had two daughters.


Younger Daughter: Aozora Nanami


She's a very talented and mature one for her age. At the age of seven she can already hack many PCs quite well, and you gotta see her cooking skills! She's amazing! To tell you the truth, in our family, you may mistake the older sister for the younger sister, since Nanami is the one taking care of her older sister, not the opposite as it would normally be.


Older Daughter: Aozora Sora


She's not as talented as Nanami, in fact she's quite the hopeless one, but that's what makes her so cute, and our family mascot. We all like to tease her and see her pouting :3. But we all love her very much. She's very close with Nanami, actually, you always see those two together. When Sora trips down on the sidewalk, the one to kiss her wound and apply a bandage is Nanami. When Christmas comes, I dress as Santa and Nanami dresses as a elf, and we make Sora very happy with that. One fact about her though, no one can beat her in her neko spotting skills, that's her specialty.


And, at last, this is how the HMN Crew came to be.
You may be wondering how this is related to the HMN Crew at all but well it is. All these girls in this post are based on real persons that we hired along the long way from 2014 to this moment. You might not know them but that is because they are only active on secret Skype group. Nanami and Sora being the masterminds behind the most spiciest shitposts on the forum.
But however, like everything, the HMN Crew has finally come to its end. This marks start of a new era. Maybe cleaner, maybe more shittier than eve,r who knows.
The HMN Crew however, is officially dead with the leave of it's core members: HMN, "Nanami", and "Sora".



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