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Futari wa Frill Lace A La Mode Review

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Foreword - Since the schedule for both of admin Tay and Decay is apparently quite chaotic like warned from the last week, the result is that we still didn't have this week VNTS yet. So in turn, I decided to create my early VNTS Review here. Enjoy.

In case you like or know Pretty Cure (PreCure) like me, then surely you would know what the title parodied here - for one who didn't knew it's the very first PreCure title (FwPC). Also since we have only two heroines at that title, I decided to adopt the word 'Futari wa' into the Show Within A Show from Momoclo Frill Lace, in which the heroines is also the pair as well. For 'A La Mode', the reason is the premise is almost a like Kira Kira PreCure A La Mode (KKPC) in which back at KKPC we have bad fairies steal some mystical energy from the sweet, only to had Frontwing reuse the plot with clothes instead of sweets. Other than both of FwPC and KKPC, the first episode synopsis resembled Happiness Charge PreCure (HaCha) in which the blue magical girl fought alone before gaining pink magical girl ally - by the way the image header at this blog is the characters from HaCha. For the last parody here, Frill Lace is airing at 8:30 AM on Sunday which make it even more blatantly obvious that it's Momoclo's version of PreCure.

Other than my lengthy explanation of what PreCure reference that Momoclo took, to be honest like last week there's not a lot of updates here. If anything at least we have Sekai did have some progress unlike JAST, so it's all good I think. Anyway not a lot is still mean that there's some updates, so once again let's see what I can write from the updates for this week as well.

Good to know that we still have some progress updated after Sekai didn't have that from last week, but still no major title release from them though. Well at least they released 2236 although looking back at December I would say it's the redundant title simply, because it was already released by the original development themselves back at Japan. For this week progres, we have Bokukotsu will going back to QA shortly - which mean that apparently they already ready for the release, Koi Ni Kami no Sete (Good graphic for a doujin VN) was at 70% translated, and their 4th secret project was at 30% translated. That's all for Sekai Project.

It's more or less just another week with usual updates, so let's try to roundup what we have for this week as well. As for the updates, right now Eustia was at 42.42% translated, Loverable was at 38.9% edited, Pure Pure was at 73.45% translated with Hinata's route was at 85.21% translated - they'll going to retranslated the first chapters as well because so far the progress from Pure Pure is rough translated according to the translator, and right now Harugi's prologue was fully translated along with 42% edited (For the overall progress Harugi was at 3% translated). For Shin Koihime Musou, they still have some update there in case you worry about that, although the progress there it's just in line number though so it's slightly hard to note here.


For Newton VN Sol Press said that the release might be delayed to be around May to June (No exact date anymore), because they waiting for Steam review which apparently work as some sort of approval to set up the store. I hope that they'll be able to get the review fast, and as for the progress right now Newton VN was at 95% translated and 90% edited (All routes but Alice's were fully translated, and Alice's route was at 83% translated and 66% edited while Emmy's route was at three quarter edited). We also have another update from Sol Press, in which it's in regard of Yotsunoha with the current progress was at three quarter translated and 70% edited. Speaking about waiting for Steam review, there's also Tsundere Idol with the release planning at this month end if all goes well, and I'm sure that Cherry Kiss would apply the same strategy in regard of distributing 18+ patch (Duh).

We also have the news in regard of Muv Luv Alternative 18+ patch in which they just started the translation, although to me it's redundant anyway because we can also get 18+ content from Ixrec's patch in the first place (Potential translation issue aside). Other than that, we have status in regard of the two fandiscs as well with Photonflowers just finished the translation with only technical work remaining, while for Photonmelodies the translation work is still ongoing (Whatever). There's also Neighbor VN translation as well in which it was at 45% translated, and as for the VN itself the graphich there definitely didn't give enough impression, although apparently it's quite popular with the KS for that managed to reach more than a million funded (Neighbor is a Japanese horror VN in case you didn't know about that).

In regard of Frontwing, finally they managed to release Momoclo at Steam in which the 18+ patch for that should be available as well. Since I'd already talked enough about PreCure reference in Momoclo, I'll just straight say that the main girl in that was quite a pervert for easily horny whenever she managed to get something that she like it very much, or in this case whenever she's about to cosplaying pink heroine of Frill Lace (Magical Frill). Although it's been Frontwing's release for a while here, I'd more interested with Island anime broadcasting plan in which it'll be at July later. Since Frontwing said that they'll gonna coordinate Island localized version release along with the anime broadcasting time at the last year, safe to assume that they'll probably gonna release Island at July later or if that's not the case then perhaps we'll gonna to hear more about that from Frontwing at AX later.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

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