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Wedding Luce Review




Foreword - Because there's no VNTS at this week, I decided to make my own VNTS Review post again. Hope you enjoy it, and I'm apologize in advance if I miss some updates.

This week title is based on Mangagamer big release Magical Marriage Lunatics, and because in the past we also have another wedding theme anime (Wedding Peach) I decide to modify the anime title by simply changing the 'Peach' part with one of Marriage's heroine (Luce), so we have 'Wedding Luce' as my VNTS Review title for this week. Back to the review, as for this week actually there's a lot of releases so I can say that it's one of the better week compared to the past weeks. However while some of the releases is quite good, to me it's only another week here because most of the releases are the one that I'm look forward into, or to be exact I must wait for a while longer to see the releases that I look forward. Let's see what I can write for this week as well, and as for JAST release I'll cover about that in my next VNTS Review.

Since I talk about Luce at the title, I'll go with Mangagamer first. As we know, their latest release is Marriage in which we gonna have our MC Yuuta gonna need to deal with his forgotten wedding pacts from another dimensions. The reason is because according to the story if someone going to another dimension and then leave, the memory of the particular dimension will be erased. To be honest the synopsis make Yuuta here is looks like the biggest playboy at his childhood for being able to made him had six wedding promises with the heroines even though Yuuta himself was unwillingly to do most of the promise, so people may be misunderstand the story (Including me to be honest). While the amnesia plot device can alleviated the implication that Yuuta is a playboy in his childhood, it's still not quite right though because it mean that Moonstone here is didn't really think much about the plot, especially when the plot is concerning marriage. Then again, it's Moonstone that we talk about and it's not quite surprising if we remember that they also did the same mistake with Imopara 2, so I guess no much we can do other than enjoy the harem at Marriage. Also just in case you're waiting for Kuroinu last part (Not me), be happy because Mangagamer did announce the exact release date for that in which is at 31st later.

As for Sekai, my reaction more or less can be concluded in one sentence 'Why they released Nekonin 2 instead of Suzukaze no melt?' - feel free to make a drinking game if you feel that I'm hoping that Sekai should announced Suzukaze no Melt too often lol. Yeah they released Nekonin 2, in which they quite fast at that because if I remember they just release the Japanese version back at March. If only they using this kind of speed to release something like either Baldr Sky or Nanairo then it would be very good, or even just Daybreak is fine as well. Oh well, guess reality it's not always nice here if we talk about Sekai.

As expected Sol Press did delay Sakusakura release, because I already suspected that the date at Steam store was only the placeholder, and according to the update they still working on the resolution increasing work. Let's just hope that they'll be able to release it in near future. Speaking about delay, Momoclo Steam version is also have that as well although at least Momoclo did have 18+ release so people who want to play Momoclo can finally play it. I'm quite confused about this though lol. Other than Momoclo, Frontwing also have another plan in which they'll release Sharin at this month (May), and obviously we still didn't have the exact date for that yet. We also have Aksys Games release one otome (Kokuchou no Psychedelica), and two planned release for otome VN - 7'scarlet at 25th later and Haitaka no Psychedelica at June 29th later. To me it's the least favorite announcements because of the obvious reason, but if you like otome and have PSV then be happy with the announcements here.

This week we also have Umikana release, which as expected it's just a short VN so it mean that the heroines might be not fully developed compared to the writer's previous works (Konosora and Miagete). Other than the length issue, I think Umikana here could be a first step for Pulltop to finally released all age VN in their homeland (Japan), although ironically they already got the bad reputation to overseas because of that though lol - for the reminder both of localized Konosora and Miagete did have the H scenes cut, and Lovekami spinoffs re-released in Japan with H scenes addition. I just hope that after this release Pulltop will stop their infamous localization policy, although it may be hard to change though.

This week we didn't have the updates from both of Pure Pure and Musumaker project, because the translators for both project is basically pretty busy at this week. So for the roundup of usual fan translation for other than those two here we have Eustia was at 40.6% translated along with 29.49% edited, Loverable was at 36.42% edited, Shin Koihime Musou was at 28% translated, and Harugi's prologue was at 80% translated along with 40% TLC-ed and 30% edited. Other than usual updates, back at VNDB we got some sort of update from Chaos Child translation port, namely that the almost completed the process of the porting (CGs work, revising the translation, and some engine work) and therefore is closed to be finished - apparently in a couple of weeks although it might be longer though.

That all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

PS - I did forgot about Chuusotsu release here lol, but I guess better late than never in regard of conglaturary message here. Congratulation to Fruitbat in regard of Chuusotsu release, and I hope that it'll be successful. As for the VN itself I say that this is one of interesting VN, although the fact that this is the first psrt of the series is make me hesitate though. About that, I just hope that we'll see translated Chuustosu sequel in the future. But if you already tried Chuusotsu and like it, have fun.



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