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A Peace Loving Yakuza Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (04/14/2018)

Finally we have on time VNTS for this week, although in turn this time my VNTS review is quite late. As for the title, you may find it quite strange, although in fact it's just another role association from me here because the seiyuu for the image header girl was also voicing Makoto back in Chrono Clock, who as we knew is the yakuza. For peace loving part, it's to adapt with another name of Supipara Chapter 2 in which it was called Peace Story, and especially it was because the 'Pi' part from Supipara is stand for Peace. It's pretty ironic though that the girl in image header (Hotaru) was supposed to the main girl of Peace Story, and yet she's quite a tsundere who managed to say 'kill' five times in a conversation with MC lol. With that done, welcome to this week VNTS Review which is to be very frank still quite anemic although at least we have two major updates from Mangagamer (One release and one planned release), so at least this week it's slightly more active. Let's see what I can write for this week as well.

As for Sekai, no notable update will be very appropriate for them. For the update, we have Loveduction was fully translated and need some engine work. Other than the only update, we have Sekai revealed three additional secret projects. What I know is that we still didn't have info for that project, so I guess we better just wait and see later. However, the most probable guess would be those three projects would be another lesser known VNs considering that those three VNs were almost ready for release, and more if we knew that it's just revealed today. But even so, I will be happy though if those three secret projects turn out to be very well known VNs, almost impossible as it is. For secret projects progress roundup, the 1st project was in QA, 2nd project was fully translated and 99% translated, and 3rd project was still waiting for the third party (According to the tracker it's almost ready for release).

As for fan translation once again it's only just regular updates, although this time we have Pure Pure have a break though because the translator was busy at the university. For the roundup we have Musumaker was at 52% translated, Eustia was reached 40% mark (40.06%) translated along with at 24.82% TLC-ed, Harugi's prologue was at halfway translated along with 28% TLC-ed and 16% edited (The overall progress was still at around 1%), Higurashi Tsukiotoshi was almost completely translated (At 99% translated), Shin Koihime Musou was at 26% edited, and Witch Garden was at 44% translated. Still no news from Tsurezure yet although perhaps they're quite busy lately, so that's all for fan translation section.


This week we also have Punchline VN release news for both of PS4 and PSV at this summer later, although seeing that at the same time we'll gonna have the probable release for both of Island and Shibuya Scramble - by the way we already have another Island anime PV and apparently it'll be released as a part of summer 2018 season, so it mean that there's a chance that we'll get Island VN release at summer later. Back to Punchline, for the info it was created as anime first by Uchikoshi (Ever17, Zero Escape) and the anime have some infamy for showing too much fan service. So the bottom line here is that Punchline announcement was not interesting to me because it was overshadowed, and it was only available for console. 

We also have change from Sol Press in which they decided to announced another VN from the same company as Sakusakura (Yotsunoha), and it was quite an old VN from 2000's. From the first look, I just think it was just an average moege but at least it was good looking - also it have OVA as well. As for the translation progress, it was already at the middle and right now it was at 42% translated, 30% edited, and 8% QA-ed. Other than Yotsuhana announcement, we also finally have Sol Press made a new website in which it looks neat. They also made the progress for their two remaining VNs project is easier to navigate, especially in regard of Newton VN in which it was at 85% translated along with 70% edited and 40% QA-ed (At least we didn't need to take not which route was in translation and in editing). As for the release date for those three VNs, they're quite confident to announced the exact release date although keep in mind that they may have delay in regard of the release - for the date, Newton VN will be released at May 25th, Sakusakura at 30th later, and Yotsunoha at July 27th.


From Mangagamer, we have one planned release with the exact date ready. As for the release, it was Fata Morgana fandisc in which it'll be released at May 17th later. Although it could be said as the fandisc, actually it also depict the past of certain characters who said to be the catalyst of Fata Morgana story (I can't say it freely because it was a major spoiler). Go preorder that if you want to see more Fata Morgana.

Other than Fata Morgana fandisc release date announcement, we also have Supipara Chapter 2 (Peace Story) in which it's also the currently last chapter for Supipara. I said currently because Supipara itself was pretty ambitious project that was planned to have five chapters, only for minori to face the financial danger before barely saved (That's why their heroines in VNs after Supipara release have big breast). For Peace Story itself, our focus will be on Hotaru in which once again is a quite tsundere and her connection with Alice the Witch. There's also interesting fact that there's an opening that depict the heroines for the remaining two unavailable chapters, in which it should be a hint that minori did intend to continue their ambitious project, because if not I think there would be no new opening for Supipara even with the reduced cost for that (The new opening is till better animated compared to usual VN opening though). As for my opinion here while the opening itself sounds exciting (I like it), I still have some doubt that we'll be able to see this complete because it'll be need a lot of money so more or less I'm pretty wary about this. In the end, I hope taht I'll be able to see Supipara released with all of five chapters completed, although it might take very long time to achieve that.

I think that's all for this week, and see you next week.


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