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Fure Fure Herbalist Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (04/10/2018)

About the title, since we have Fureraba release back at March 30th and in this week only release we have herbalist female MC at otome VN The Bell Chime for Gold, I decided to parodying this dorama because we fure from Fureraba (TL Note: Fure mean cheer in Japanese), so we have 'Fure Fure Herbalist' as the title for this week with herbalist part is from Bell Chime - by the way the image header for this week was interestingly depicted five heroes for Bell Chime as inept adventurer party. Okay, as for this week to tell the truth it was pretty anemic in regard of fewer update, but if we think positively perhaps this week we have a break after many good releases from last two weeks (ie Tsujidou, Konosora retranslation, and Fureraba). Let's see what I can write for this week as well.

No major update from Mangagamer other than the reminder that we'll gonna have Supipara Chapter 2 released at Thursday or Friday depending on the timezone, and also we got Koropukkur successfully funded at 37,093 funded. Well too bad though that we can't get Koropukkur voiced because they still didn't have enough money gathered for that (They need to reach 80,000 fund gathered for that), but at least it should be enough for now. Also for additional note, as expected there's no backer for the most expensive pledge (At 7,500), because the reward was too exaggerated - I mean eating dinner with the illustrator was surely sounds out there, and besides I think people would be more interested to have dinner with idol singer (Although to me both of those are waste a lot of money though).

As for Sekai, other than Bell Chime, there's no interesting update from them. For Bell Chime itself, the premise was looks like a parody of the usual otome in which we have the female MC who is a herbalist work very hard in order to gain money, and after that she'll using the money to buy his boyfriend which coincidentally consist of five poor man who have a lot of debt. So more or less it's subvert very usual otome in which rather than pure love, the MC here need money to solve his love problem. Forgot to say that the heroes are not as handsome as usual otome VN heroes XD, and more importantly this is another otome VN that have sex scenes. Other than Bell Chime release, we have Nekonin 2 was in QA which mean that it's already fully translated and edited, and 2236 was already finished the QA so it's good to know that Sekai still willing to release this even though 2236 was already released for overseas by the developer themselves.

After one week with no update, we finally have another update from Newton VN with Emmy's route was at 23% translated and Haru's route was fully translated. Still no update in regard of Sakusakura though, so hopefully we'll get more on that at this month. No comment for Harem Guild other than the translation was about to be finished by April, and also the official release would be redundant) because Quof already released this back as fan translated patch. In case you're willing to wait for Tayutama 2 release, apparently it's about to be released at this month according to the Steam store (Might be just placeholder month though), but seeing that there's many issue surrounding the release (Bad translation, bad public relation, and the prequel is still untranslated) I'm not quite interested with this. We have some sort of plan for Fureraba fandisc release, in which it'll be somewhere around fall, and they said that it'll be depend on whether Sanoba translation will coming along well or not later (NekoNyan's tweet for the proof). As for the release plan from Other section, we'll have Chuusotsu release at 24th later.

For fan translation more or less it's just usual update but before going on the updates, let me report that right now we have Motoka's route from Yosuga no Sora was at 51.62% translated - I forgot to report it last week. For the updates we have Eustia was at 38.93% translated and 26.56% edited, Higurashi Tsukiotoshi arc was at 87% translated, Musumaker was at 51.7% translated, Pure Pure Chapter 4 (Or rather I'll call it Hinata's route from now on) was at 69.72% translated and overall was at 70% translated, Shin Koihime Musou was at a quarter edited, Witch Garden was at 43% translated, and we have Harugi's (Or KaniShino's) prologue was at 41% (742 lines) translated along with 492 lines TLC-ed.

That's all for this week, and yeah we have quite belated VNTS here. See you next week, or hopefully next Monday at the latest if all goes well.


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