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Otome game writers




In one particular thread about otome games, fellow Fuwan Plk_Lesiak said something that made me think. "It looks like a lot of japanese otome games are written by men" (along these lines). I can't really describe why is that, but I have the same feeling. But hey, maybe we're both wrong so I decide to do a little research. I looked into the team of some big japanese otome companies and tried to find their scenario writers. Here's what I found!


For Otomate:

Code:Realize, a very popular JP otomege, was written by five people and the main one is Nishimura Yuu, a male who's a freelancer LN writer. In the game's fandisc though, that's more romance oriented I should add, a woman named Kojima Nao is credited instead.
Collar x Mallice was written by three people, two of them I couldn't find information about their gender. The remaining one, Sahara Yuki, is a woman. She also helped with Rejet's Black Wolves Saga, Ken ga Kimi and Bad Medicine. The director is also a female.
Kokuchou no Psychedelica was written by a team of three females and also directed by a female.
7'scarlet is the first one I found that only one person is credit. And this person is Kanazawa Tomio, male.
Period Cube also has a single person credited: Seki Ryouko, female.
Amnesia was written by two females.


For Rejet:

Tokyo Yamanote Boys (at least the first one because it's such a long series) was written by one male and one female.
Tiny x Machinegun's plot was written by Yamada Yuumi, female.
The Dot Kareshi series also have multiple writers, but the main one for the 2nd and 3rd games (the best ones imo) is Urai Anna, female, nice comedy there girl I loved that game.
There's way more games here with very little information about the writer compared to Otomate...


For Honeybee:

Re:Birthday Song, jeez, there are ten people credited there, at least the three main ones are female.
Ayakashi Gohan, same as above.
Starry Sky series have less writers, but still, all of them are female.


For Kalmia8:

No info about Little Miss Lonesome or Kami-sama Nante Yondenai!, but Torikago no Marriage was written by two females. One look at its VNDB page and you'll see how different the latter is in comparison with the other two games. It doesn't even seem like it's by the same company!


For Karin Entertainment (this is not as famous, but just to do a comparison):

Princess Nightmare and Eikoku Tantei Mysteria were written by one female (the same one, in fact). Zettai Meikyuu Himitsu no Oyayubi-hime and Danzai no Maria were written by two females.

So, what can I say after all this research? It seems that as the company gets bigger, we have less females, less information and more Frankenstein's creature of a plot, dear lord, I couldn't get over ten people yet...



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Oh, hey, this is still much better than I've expected. I really imagined the JP VN industry to be a complete sausagefest apart from a female artist now and then breaking the combo. :> I wonder if there's a correlation between those damsel-in-distress protagonists Clephas despises and writing team being male, or the social expectation are so pervasive that even women write such atrocities into existence. ;]

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Good to see there is a balance between Male and Females, different from BL which seems to be mostly written by females (with exceptions like NTY or Hadaka Shitsuji). 

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One thing that bothers me is that, precisely because they are written by men, the majority of otomege that catch my interest end up with DIDS (Damsel in Distress Syndrome) patient protagonists (which I hate like the plague).  A few I have played or tried to play managed to escape this poisonous plague (Sanzen Sekai), but it is as ubiquitous to the otomege genre as the 'average guy/idiot who somehow forms a harem' is in charage.

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