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Fuwa Battle Royale - Week 2 -




Chapter 2: Death In The City


Members in this chapter:




Mr Poltroon




“Tch. Where did that little worm go?”

VirginSmasher came to a halt as he scanned the area. The blazing sun made the asphalt below his feet feel like liquid magma, and the light from the sun reflected in the countless windows around him, making it even harder to spot his target. VirginSmasher had been one of the Fuwanovel members picked for the second week of the death game, and he had already been caught in a fight with another user. But, after a few minutes of battle, his opponent had fled, and VirginSmasher lost sight of him.
“I was this close, too…”

Kicking the ground in frustration, VirginSmasher made the asphalt below his feet explode into a million pieces, sending rubble and dust flying around the area. His powers were quite simple. His strength and agility had been increased tenfold, essentially making him a human wrecking ball. Problem was, the person he had been chasing had some kind of teleportation ability, making it impossible for VirginSmasher to land a hit.
“Ugh… What’s with this arena though?”

VirginSmasher looked up at the sky. He was standing in the centre of a massive city, in the middle of summer. It had to be at least thirty degrees in the sun, so all the moving around made him feel like he was melting.

“Last week they got a nice and cool forest, yet we’re stuck in this hellhole. What a jok— Huh?!”

Sensing something approaching from above, VirginSmasher sidestepped and turned to face whatever it was. Two arrows graced his throat, and slammed into the ground behind him, producing two large holes in the concrete.
A thin trail of blood ran down VirginSmasher’s neck. Had he moved just a fraction of a second later, he’d be dead.

“Heh. Looks like I got some new pray.”

VirginSmasher said with a smile, as he looked up at his new opponent.


Sitting on the top of a nearby telephone pole was Alden_0023, pointing a strung bow at VirginSmasher. Alden wore a grey cloak, with a quiver on his back and a range of different throwing knives stuck to his belt.

“I won’t miss a second time.”

Alden stated in an indifferent tone, and before VirginSmasher could even move an inch, Alden sent another arrow towards his target. The arrow soared through the air with incredible velocity. VirginSmasher barely managed to react in time, slamming the arrow out of the air with his palm. The arrowtip dug into his hand, ripping through the flesh like it was butter.


Not bothered by the pain one bit, VirginSmasher slammed his right hand into the ground, and a large crack in the concrete moved towards the telephone pole, which started to collapse moments later.

Alden leapt in the air, and after a graceful backlip, he reached for another two arrows, and fired them both at his target, before landing on another telephone pole about ten meters away from the previous one.

This time VirginSmasher managed to dodge the arrows completely, and jumped towards his opponent. It was an impossible leap for a normal human. The ground below his foot cracked, and VirginSmasher’s body shot forward. In the air, he thrust his healthy hand towards Alden’s chest, then, before hitting his opponent, he twisted his arm sideways and opened his palm, producing a shockwave which pushed Alden off the telephone pole.


Alden groaned in pain, but still managed to fire another arrow at VirginSmasher before he landed on the ground. While the arrow did not hit VirginSmasher, it distracted him for long enough to keep him off Alden’s tail for another second.

That second was all Alden needed. With incredible speed, he sprinted towards a nearby building, and jumped up on the wall. As if his feet were layered with glue, Alden ran straight up the wall, firing several arrows at VirginSmasher in the process.

“Tch, the hell is with this guy?!”

Dodging the arrows by a hair's breadth every time, VirginSmasher danced around on the ground below as the barrage of arrows rained down from above.

“Guess I’m switching to long range attacks as well. Hmph!”

Grabbing a nearby piece of rubble, VirginSmasher threw it up at Alden as hard as he could. The concrete block split up into several smaller pieces as it moved towards its target, smashing into the building with a loud bang. Broken glass and rubble fell towards the street below, as a large chunk of the building was torn apart from the impact.

“Did I get him?”

VirginSmasher squinted, trying to find Alden in the middle of the chaos. He soon spotted the shadow of a person rushing out from the rubble, and right after, several small objects flew towards him at great speeds.

“Tch, more arrows?!”

VirginSmasher prepared for another volley of arrows, but what was thrown at him was in fact just some rubble from the building.


Realizing the attack was just a distraction, VirginSmasher spun around.

“Got you.”

Alden released the bowstring, and sent an arrow flying towards VirginSmasher’s exposed back. Although he did notice Alden’s trick in time for him to turn around, he did not manage to dodge the arrow, which dug into VirginSmasher’s chest.


VirginSmasher reached for the arrow, and snapped it in half. Then, he grabbed the arrowhead which was sticking out of his back, and ripped the arrow out of his torso.
Meanwhile, Alden landed on the ground about twenty meters away. Although his physical abilities were heightened, he had still fallen about ten meters, so he needed a second to collect himself after the landing.

“You little bastard!”

VirginSmasher rushed towards Alden, filled with rage. The pain from the wound in his chest only fueled his anger. Putting all of his remaining strength into one last attack, VirginSmasher charged his enemy.

“You don’t… give up, do you?”

Scrambling to his feet, Alden reached for another arrow. While he had not been injured from the fall, it had knocked the air out of him, making it difficult for him to avoid VirginSmasher’s sudden charge.

VirginSmasher lunged at Alden with everything he had. Alden barely managed to throw himself to the side, dropping his bow in the process. VirginSmasher’s hand collided with the wooden bow, smashing it into a million pieces.

“Heh, what are you going to do now?”

VirginSmasher spat out, as he watched the pieces of Alden’s weapon fall to the ground before him.


A sharp pain spread through VirginSmasher’s body, as Alden seemingly threw something in his direction.


Looking down at his own body, he saw three throwing knives buried into his chest.

“Well, fuck…”

The world around VirginSmasher grew cloudy, but he did not collapse right away.

“I’ll at least… take you with me…”

Raising his trembling arm into the air, VirginSmasher tried to charge at Alden one last time, but before he could move, another set of throwing knives dug into his torso.


As the life left VirginSmasher’s body, he managed to flip off Alden before his dead body collided with the ground below.



VirginSmasher - Dead End

alden_0023: Status = Alive


Meanwhile, on the top of the tallest building in the city:

Two figures stood face to face on the roof of a skyscraper, located in the centre of town. They were too high up to see or hear the commotion happening below.

“Heh, so you finally caught up to me, huh? I was hoping I could avoid fighting...”

Mr Poltroon paused and eyed his opponent, adjusting one of his white gloves.

“I’d especially like to avoid fighting you of all people.”

With a wry smile, Mr Poltroon took a step back, moving towards the ledge of the skyscraper.

“... Sorry.”

Snapping his fingers, Kaguya created a force field around the roof, trapping the two of them inside.

“*Sigh*... That’s what I thought. Well, I guess only one of us gets out of this thing.”

Mr Poltroon tilted his head to the side, and smiled wryly once again.

“I don’t suppose I could talk you out of this?”

Kaguya didn’t respond, and instead brought his hands together. His entire figure was drowned in a bright white light, and the outline of a moon appeared above his head.


<Hourai elixir>

A small flask appeared in Kaguya’s hands, and he quickly brought it to his mouth, emptying the bottle in a second.

Hourai elixir, also known as the elixir of life. Those who drinks from it are, in short, immortal for a set period of time. Even if Poltroon destroyed Kaguya’s body while he was under the effect of the potion, he would just regenerate. In other words, Poltroon had to stall until the potion wore off if he wanted to win.

Summoning his trusty cane into his hands, Poltroon struck a cool pose and prepared for battle.

“I suppose it would be rude to attack first, so I’ll wait for you, kind sir.”

“You’re fighting with that?”

Kaguya looked at Poltroon’s cane.

“What, is it not to your liking? I find it quite dashing, personally.”

Kaguya shook his head, and jumped towards Poltroon, and unleashed a flurry of punches at an impossible speed. Poltroon blocked each punch with the back of his cane, deflecting the attacks with ease.

“Not bad. I expected nothing less from one of my underlings.”

A smile spread across Kaguya’s face. It would not be such a short battle after all.

Kaguya attacked again, but this time he conjured two blades of pure moonlight in his hands, slashing at Poltroon’s body.
Still, Poltroon deflected the attacks with his cane. The blades did not leave a single scratch in the wood. Needless to say, it was no ordinary stick. With each attack Poltroon stopped, Kaguya unleashed another.

Realizing he would eventually get hit if he didn’t do something, Poltroon leapt backwards, distancing himself from Kaguya. As Kaguya was about to give chase, Poltroon thrust the tip of his cane into the ground, creating four large circles before him.

Kaguya was not sure what they were, but did not really care, because of his immortality. Even if it did end up hurting him, he’d just heal right back anyways. Ignoring the suspicious circles, Kaguya rushed towards Poltroon.

The moment Kaguya’s foot grazed one of the circles, a powerful force puashed Kaguya’s body to the ground, pinning him down.
A gravity trap.

“Kuh… You think this will hold me?”

Kaguya’s body started shaking, as he used everything he had to force himself onto his feet. With sluggish movements, he moved off the circle, and was released from the magic infused in the trap.

“Guess it won’t be that simple.”

Poltroon raised his cane, and prepared for another one of Kaguya’s onslaughts.

The two moderators were caught in an intense fight for over twenty minutes. Kaguya was on the offensive the entire time, while Poltroon deflected most of the attacks coming his way. He did get a few hits in himself, too. But, each attack that hit Kaguya was useless as long as the elixir was in effect. The roof they were standing on had been all but destroyed, and the barrier kaguya had raised was long gone.

“Haah, haah, haah…”

“Haah… Haah…”

The two were catching their breath, taking a short break from the intense fight.

“It doesn’t look like I’ll be able to finish you like this.”

Kaguya raised his arm above his head, and the sky above grew cloudy. Thick clouds moved in front of the sun, leaving the city covered in darkness.

“I have to praise you for pushing me this far. But, this is where it ends.”


<Full Moon>

Kaguya started hovering above the ground, and slowly floated up into the sky. Above him, the clouds began to disperse, but the sun was nowhere in sight. In its place was the moon, dyed in an ominous shade of red.

Large spheres of moon energy formed around Kaguya’s body, and with a snap of his fingers, Kaguya sent the spheres raining down onto Poltroon.


Poltroon knocked the first two out of the air, sending them crashing into the adjacent buildings. But, he could not stop them all. Eventually, one of the spheres hit Poltroon’s body, knocking him through the roof, hurling him down into the floor below.


Lifting his body up from the rubble, Poltroon tried to come up with a plan. If he didn’t do something, Kaguya would turn him into dust within a few minutes.

Poltroon made his way towards a nearby window, where he had a clear view of Kaguya, who was sending more spheres into the building. Explosions erupted all around Poltroon. It was only a matter of time before one of them hit him. Looking up at Kaguya, then down towards the street below, Poltroon made up his mind. He had no choice but to flee.

“Well, here goes nothing.”

Poltroon brushed some rubble off his shoulder, then jumped forward, crashing through the window before him. Tumbling towards the asphalt below, Poltroon knocked down another sphere, which Kaguya shot after him.

“Running, are we?”

Kaguya gave chase, flying after Poltroon, sending several spheres towards him. Poltroon kept knocking them out of the air, as he approached the ground below.

“I won’t let you get away.”

Kaguya kept on firing sphere after sphere towards Poltroon. Meanwhile, the street below was growing closer and closer.

The situation was dire. Even if Poltroon slowed his fall and landed safely, he would simply not be able to run away from Kaguya.

In a desperate attempt to slow him down, Poltroon conjured several magic circles along the wall of the skyscraper beside them. Kaguya saw Poltroon’s trick coming, and easily avoided the traps by simply stopping his fall before he reached them, hovering about thirty meters above the ground.

But what Kaguya did not expect was that the spheres he fired towards Poltroon were also affected by the traps. They were pulled in by the magical circle, and large explosions erupted all over the bottom part of the building, making the already damaged skyscraper collapse completely.

Hundreds of tons of rubble, steel and glass tumbled towards the two moderators.
Poltroon, who had somehow managed to brace his fall with a spell, just barely managed to move away from the rubble before it crashed into the ground. But, since Kaguya was thirty meters above, he did not have as much time, and the rubble pulled him down with it, pinning him below the massive pile of debris.
Kaguya's immortality potion was still in effect, but even someone as strong as him would not be able to lift the hundreds of tons that rested on top of his body. Once the elixir’s effect ran out, he would be crushed to death by the rubble.

“... Phew.”

Mr Poltroon let out a sigh, and started to walk along the street, his entire body aching from the exhausting battle. As Kaguya’s power began to vanish, the clouds he had conjured dispersed completely, and the sun once again began to shine down on the city.



Kaguya - Dead End -

Mr Poltroon: Status = Alive


A few minutes later, across town:

Weiterfechten was walking through a back alley, lifting up his top hat as he wiped som sweat from his brow with the cuff of his victorian tuxedo. His attire did not exactly help against the scorching heat.

He had seen a battle unfold a few blocks away some minutes ago, and chose to get away from them as quickly as he could, not wanting to be caught in the crossfire. While a battle between two members could mean a possible easy kill for him if he snuck up on them, it was apparent from a mile away that the two fighting were not normal members. Weiterfechten had fled as soon as the giant balls of energy began raining from the sky.


Noticing something stir in the darkness a few meters in front of him, Weiterfechten came to a stop, and reached for his fencing sword, which was resting in a hilt over his left hip.

“Who’s there?”

A small girl walked out from the shadows of the dark alley, gazing at Weiterfechten with an emotionless expression.

Had he not watched last week’s game, Weiterfechten might have thought of the little girl as a defenseless bystander. But, he knew better. He had seen the little girl stab her “ally” in the back in cold blood, laughing.

“Funny I should run into you here, little girl. The person you killed last week happened to be a good friend of mine. I shall take this opportunity to avenge him.”

Kiriririri opened her small hand, and a beautiful sword with a silver blade and a golden hilt appeared out of thin air.

She then brought the blade behind her head, and took a swing at Weiterfechten, who quickly drew his own sword and blocked the attack. Despite being a little girl, she was strong. The impact of her attack made Weiterfechten take a step back, and a dull pain ran down his arm. She was no ordinary girl, that much was obvious.


<First strike: Purple Lightning>

Kiriririri whispered and closed her eyes. Then, her blade glowed in a purple light, and she cut at the place Weiterfechten had been standing.
Being a skilled fencer, Weiterfechten jumped out of the way on instinct, which was smart of him, as a deep cut ran through the ground where he had been standing just moments before. The light that erupted from the girl’s sword looked like lava melting its way through steel, as steam rose from the cut in the ground.

While the girl seemed to lack technical skills with her sword, she made up for it in brute strength.

If Weiterfechten was going to win, he had to wait for the right opportunity, preferably right after the girl used one of her attacks.

Testing her out a bit, Weiterfechten thrust his blade at the girl. Like he thought, she moved awkwardly, and barely managed to deflect his attack. But, as he tried to move in for another thrust, the girl’s blade began to glow once again, and she unleashed another purple ray of light from her sword. The light grazed Weiterfechten’s jacket, setting it on fire. He ripped off the jacket in a fluster, and threw it onto the ground.

“Careful with that thing. You’ll poke someone’s eye out.”

Weiterfechten pointed at Kiriririri’s sword.

“You know, I really liked that jacket. Now I’m even more angrier.”

Weiterfechten sent several precise attacks Kiriririri’s way, trying to prevent her from unleashing more of her pesky attacks. He focused on stabbing at her right side, forcing her to keep her dominant arm back, which in turn, meant she couldn’t raise her sword.


<Second strike - Meteor>

Pushed back by Weiterfechten’s onslaught, Kiriririri whispered the name of a different attack. Thinking he’d be fine as long as she couldn’t use her sword, Weiterfechten kept pushing forward. Then…


Barely managing to notice before it was to late, Weiterfechten jumped awkwardly to the side, as a purple circle started forming around his legs. Right as he jumped out of the circle, a rock dyed in the same color as the circle crashed into the ground, digging about a meter into the dirt before it came to a stop. Thick smoke rose from the small crater, making Weiterfechten cover his mouth with his arm.

“What the hell… Hm?”

Looking at the girl again, Weiterfechten noticed that she was breathing heavier than before. While that could just have been because she was dodging his attacks, another idea popped into his mind. Could it be that the special attacks she was using tired her out? If that was the case, all he had to do was keep avoiding her strikes, and he should be able to land a killing blow.

“Phew… Hmph!”

After catching calming his own breathing, Weiterfechten stepped forward, once again resuming his attacks. Kiriririri did not even try to deflect his attacks with her sword, and dodged them the best she could instead. Although her movements were awkward, they were really fast, so landing a hit became quite challenging, even for someone as skilled as Weiterfechten. Her small build made the task even harder, as his target was much smaller than he was used to.

Kiriririri suddenly took a step back, and her blade began to glow again.

“Here it comes.”

Weiterfechten thought to himself, and prepared for another one of Kiriririri’s attacks.

Kiriririri brought her blade above her head, and sent the biggest ray of light yet flying towards Weiterfechten. It moved faster than the previous attacks, too, making it even harder to dodge. Moving out of its way by a hair’s breadth, Weiterfechten felt the heat of the purple light searing his skin as it rushed past him.


Staggering for a second due to the incredible heat, Weiterfechten took a moment to regain his balance, then moved in for a counterattack while Kiriririri herself was recovering from the powerful attack.


Weiterfechten thrust his fencing sword towards the little girl’s chest. The blade moved towards Kiriririri at high speed, and for the first time in the entire fight, Kiriririri’s expression was filled with emotion, as her eyes shot open in fear.

The sudden resistance of human flesh made Weiterfechten’s arm come to a halt.

But, he had not hit the target he expected. Kiriririri had moved her left arm in front of the blade in the last second, and the tip of Weiterfechten’s sword had been stopped a few inches from Kiriririri’s body. Fresh blood ran down her arm, and her expression twisted in pain. Nevertheless, she raised her right arm high above her head, gripping the hilt of her sword firmly.

終ノ型〈天絶閃衝(ラスト・ パフェ)〉

<Final strike - The last Parfait >

After she stated the attack’s ludicrous name, her blade lit up in a brilliant purple light, and Kiriririri cut at Weiterfechten’s body.

Weiterfechten jumped back, letting go of his own sword, to at least avoid the attack, but it was no use. The glowing blade grew longer, like it was chasing him, and even though he jumped a good meter and a half back, the blade reached his body with ease, carving into his flesh, making fresh blood sprout from his chest.


Letting out a primal scream, Weiterfechten collapsed.


Kiriririri looked down at Weiterfechten's corpse, and chuckled.



Weiterfechten - Dead End -

Kiriririri: Status = Alive




Wildcards This Week?

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#3 Zakamutt

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#28 Sayaka

Hope you enjoyed! See you again next week! (Let me know if you find any issues/ inconsistencies!)



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 @Mr Poltroon seems to be both dead and alive, if we can believe the summary. ;) And obviously, in the end, the loli will claim us all...

Wonderful read! :3 Congrats to the winners and I hope I'll go down just as gloriously as this week's losers when my time comes. :nokia:

Edited by Plk_Lesiak
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Finally a portrayal of myself I can actually enjoy. Terrifically done. You are deserving of all the praise.

Also, I have cause to doubt I am both dead and alive. 


Good job, survivors. Please continue to endeavour in living. All others, my condolences.

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3 minutes ago, Mr Poltroon said:

Also, I have cause to doubt I am both dead and alive.

Actually Zombie Poltroon was the wild card! At least you have your iconic gloves! 

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2 minutes ago, MaggieROBOT said:

Actually Zombie Poltroon was the wild card! At least you have your iconic gloves! 

I would agree, were Kaguya among the dead. As he isn't despite appearing to have died within the story...

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4 minutes ago, Mr Poltroon said:

I would agree, were Kaguya among the dead. As he isn't despite appearing to have died within the story...

He is now. 

As fun as it would be having zombie kaguyas running around, this was just a typo. 

Maybe next week though, who knows :illya: 

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