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Loren the Amazon Princess (VN hybrid game review)




Winter Wolves is one of the oldest continuously active OELVN studios, which since the mid-2000s became fairly well-known for their straight-up VNs and dating sims, such as Roommates, as well as for fairly unique RPG-VN hybrids. Among the latter, probably the best known is Loren the Amazon Princess. Published in 2012, it kickstarted a whole series of games set in the fantasy world of Aravorn (including even a BL title Heirs and Graces) and gathered mostly positive reactions from the Western VN community. It’s also, to this day, the studio’s best-selling title on Steam, with around 80k owners on the platform.

              Loren… also features a very rarely seen main premise – the player does not take the role of the titular heroine, but of a slave servant, whose role is to assist the Amazon princess in her quest to find her missing mother (and, of course, eventually save the world from a great and unexpected threat). This, along with the very explicit focus on romance, creates a pretty unique mixture, somewhat detached from both the typical RPG power fantasy and even most common fantasy VN tropes. Does it have any merits apart from being slightly different though?

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Its one of few decent titles available at winterwolves and this title is their very first VN hybrid if I remember it correctly, I played with it a couple but wasn't able to finish it then I've stopped halfway... Perhaps I got bored with it since the whole RPG mechanics seems kinda repetitive and clunky, however I do like the art in this VN but it wasn't enough to keep my interest up high to continue investing on playing the game...

Well it was nice and all... I had more fun playing Aselia The Eternal and Yumina.... Sundrider is a better option, the first game being free and all!!! :mare:   

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