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Happy Birthday to Me



Well, as of thirty-nine minutes ago, it is officially my birthday (as of the time I checked at the beginning of making this post).  I have a lot of things to reflect on this year. 

I am now thirty-six, settling into the beginnings of middle-age, knowing my lifestyle will probably kill me before I hit fifty. 

I'm a sugar addict, I love fatty foods, I make my own alcoholic drinks (this year, a mixed fruit wine that actually turned out well and was much easier than the rum and hard root beer I did last year). 

I sit on my ass eighty percent of the time, I am hugely fat...

... and I'm surprisingly happy.  I won't say I don't have my down moments.  Looking back, I regret not going for more athletic pursuits while my knees and back could still stand them.  I regret not trying for a more regular and less... frustrating line of work.  However, I can honestly say that, for all its frustrations, I actually seem to like being a fat, balding otaku who has pretensions at being  some kind of VN guru (lol).

I do wish that I could fit into a plane seat, lol.  If I ever go to Japan, it is going to have to be a sea trip, since buying two plane tickets for one person is both embarrassing and more than a little expensive.

I hate my work, but I'm good at it and, in good times, it pays well, so I keep doing it.

So what would I change? 

Honestly, it is hard to say.  I won't pretend I'm all love and joy when it comes to life.  I have too much toxic waste going through my brain for that (I just happened to have gained just enough maturity not to feed the trolls constantly *smiles dryly*).  I'm fundamentally a passive person once I set foot outside my hobbies, preferring not to do anything I don't absolutely have to do.  I'm also negative and misanthropic... but is that stuff I actually want to change?


I've never been any other way, so it is impossible to say.  However, every year I hit this day and wonder what could have been, which probably says everything that needs to be said about my experiences with life, for all my proclamations of relative happiness.



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3 hours ago, Plk_Lesiak said:

I hope you and Decay don't go anywhere in near future or I'll be at risk of being the oldest guy out here.

There are actually quite a number of people here in their thirties mate :).

Happy birthday Clephas , thanks for all the VN knowledge drops and recommendations.

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A Happy Happy Birthday to you my friend, thank you for all that you do for the community (^-^)

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Here's a toast for another 30 years. Thanks for all your hard work, I find your musings highly entertaining. That said, ever thought about writing your own digital web novel?

On 24.02.2018 at 9:09 AM, Plk_Lesiak said:

Well, I hope you and Decay don't go anywhere in near future or I'll be at risk of being the oldest guy out here. ;)

As if, haha.

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I am little bit too late, but since I only joined yesterday, I kind of have my excuse.

I tend to not care that much about my own birthday, but since I am also getting old (I'll be 30 this year) I started to care a bit.

It is kind of our own testament of being alive. Each time this day comes is like a victory over the world. You are still here living your life the way you think is best, and that is absolutely priceless.

I wish you a very nice-late-birthday, and a rather enjoyable year to come!

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