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Sakura Vampire Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (02/18/2018)

Before starting this week VNTS Review, let me say that there's interesting development from Winged Cloud that they recently released Sakura Cupid which obviously one of my VNTS Review title here. In regard of that, I'll decided to just let it go and maybe buy some lotto lol. If anything, this show that any Sakura VN can be released as long as there's any adjective in the dictionary - just paste Sakura to any adjective and you'll have another new title for Winged Cloud VN. Speaking about Sakura naming scheme my VNTS Review for this week is also like that, because we have Sakura Cupid release once again and this week VNTS Review image header was the vampire from Dracu Riot, so we have 'Sakura Vampire' which I'm sure it'll be one of Winged Cloud ideas.

Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for this week while there's still no big release at least the updates for this week was more livelier compared to the last week, if only because we have slightly more updates. So at least it's good for now from what we have at this week, especially in regard of a certain updates for myself here. As usual, let's see what I can write for this week as well.

From Sekai, we have Dracu Riot which is finally have in programming and stated will have a QA soon. Personally I'd find that update is not quite interesting, but at least for anyone else who waiting for Sekai version of Dracu Riot it's getting there. Also for more info, Tenshin Ranman also did have same progress which is more interesting to me. While those two updates are good because it mean that the time of Yuzusoft VNs coming officially translated almost close, seeing that it's Sekai I'm not quite sure of whether I should trust them or not especially in regard of whether they'll able to release those quickly or not. For more update from Sekai, right now Fatal Twelve entering QA stage so at least they should still on track for March release, for now. Other than those updates, apparently Bokukotsu did have the status 'Stalled', so maybe they can't make the time for February release. Although in exchange of that, at least there's Tropical Liquor which could sort of work as the substitute because it have same illustrator (Sayori of Nekopara fame) lol, with the exact releast date for three language was already announced (It'll be at March 10th later). That's all for Sekai Project updates.

As for fan translation, we have Loverable was at 74.38% TLC-ed, Musumaker was at 48.4% translated, Pure Pure Chapter 4 was at 19.71% translated and overall was at 58.76% translated, Tenkiame common route was at halfway translated, and Majokoi was at 91% TLC-ed with Konron's route was progressed rapidly from 1% to 21% TLC-ed. Other than those usual updates, we have Tsujidou was reached 90% mark (90.98%) translated with Renna's route was at 60.89% translated - and as expected they'll going for April release (At 8th) because Trip's gonna busy at March end and next week, so they put April 8th as the safe bet although keep in mind that it might be change in the future. For the last update from fan translation, we have the update from Higurashi PS3 port with the progress right now is Tsukiotoshi arc was at 12% translated.

For Newton VN, right now the common route was at 89% translated and Haru's route was at 11% translated, while at the same time Lavi's route was at 17% edited. They also admitted that the editing going slow, but they have the reason for that namely the editor was focusing on edited Sakusakura so hopefully they'll be able to have March release. There's Fureraba which coincidentally have March release as well, with the progress was at 80% QC-ed and fully edited so at least they on track to have on time release (At March obviously). There's two Chinese VNs update as well, with Cryste was fully translated (80% edited) and Rice-hime was at 35% translated (25% (A quarter) edited).

I guess that's all for this week VNTS Review, and sorry for be very late here. See you next week, and happy belated Chinese New Year.


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