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The best visual novel of all time





Today I am here to set things straight with a proper apology. 

Minna daisuki kozukuri banchou

is the best visual novel of all time. 



Nothing needs to be said about it. When I played it back in the day, I was retarded and a dumbass for not realizing how this game is a 10/10 masterpiece. You meet a loli goddess then use her powers to beat and impregnate all of the hot chicks around, and it's all legal.

According to Plato, Socrates postulated a world of ideal Forms, which he admitted were impossible to know. Nevertheless, he formulated a very specific description of that world, which did not match his metaphysical principles. Corresponding to the world of Forms is our world, that of the shadows, an imitation of the real one - Just as shadows exist only because of the light of a fire, our world exists as, "the offspring of the good". Our world is modeled after the patterns of the Forms. The function of humans in our world is therefore to imitate the ideal world as much as possible which, importantly, includes imitating the good, i.e. acting morally. 

There exists an ideal world with an idea rabbit that all real rabbits strive to be.

Kozukuri banchou is the idea world with the ideal people and morals all humans should strive to reach. 

Kozukuri banchou isn't just the best VN of all time.

It's the best work of literature of all time. A torch of hope for mankind, showing us the true path we should reach.

I was a fool, and I forever regret it. 

What hoshizora no memoria. 

Today I announce to the world that I become a devout follower of kozukuri banchou. 

“See me, or not. There will I stay, no sorrow, nor joy.”

“Miss me, or not. There will affection lay, no immersion, nor dispersion.”

“Love me, or not. There will love remain, no more, nor less.”

“Follow me, or not. In your hand is mine, no discarding, nor departure.”

“Come to me, or give me your heart to dwell in.”

“Love with serenity. Rejoice in silence.”


This was all. 


Recommended Comments

"Without loli, life would be a mistake." - Friedrich Nietzsche

"The supreme art of impregnation is to subdue the enemy without penetration." - Sun Tzu

"I have a different vision of loli. A lolii someone who brings people together." - George W. Bush

10/10 post and game, 100% agree. Why people don't read that at school?

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