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Ley Line, Seabed, and Shooting Star Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (12/23/2017)

First of all, sorry for very belated VNTS Review here. Anyway welcome to this week VNTS Review, and right now it's almost Christmas here. As for this week, considering that today was almost Christmas once again, like last year we have many official releases of VNs there so obviously it's good here. Although unfortunately there's some release which safe to said was not good enough yet, and I hope that the release will be worked out in the future so hopefully we could smoothly enjoying the VN in question there. Other than that, this week we still have some usual updates from fan translation and like usual as well there will be Tsujidou update later. Let's see what I could write for this year Christmas Eve here, and if you somehow curious about the title for this week I'll explain that in PS.

As for fan translation, Aiyoku still have usual progress here with current progress was finally reached 30% mark translated (30.9% translated), and so does Musumaker in which it was at 45% translated. For Loverable, as usual there's still some weekly progress there and for more detail it was at already at almost 97% translated with Kaho's route was at almost 80% translated, along with 66.65% TLC-ed and 27.77% edited. For more progress here, we have Nocturnal Illusion was at almost a quarter (24.9%) for the 2nd pass and right now Venus Blood Chimera was at 92.8% translated. Also finally we have Majokoi translation progress after long time we didn't see that, and right now it was at 94.88% translated along with 93.49% edited. As for Tsujidou, Tsurezure released Maki's patch as the Christmas gift so go get those if you want to play Maki's route and have fun - the progress for Tsujidou was at almost three quarter (74.37%) translated with Maki's route was obviously fully translated. For the rest of the plan, they'll work on Saeko's route at early January and then finished it with Renna route. That's all for fan translation here.

Surprisingly I missed Ritarnia release date from Mangagamer, and the reason because back then I was took my attention more to Sorcery Joker. Anyway, as for Ritarnia release it'll be at January 26th so for next January Mangagamer will have two big releases, in which it was already sort of predicted. Go preorder that here if you interested with Ritarnia, and have fun. Other than preorder announcement, we have Imopara 2 release in which it was just rehash of first Imopara and even one of the heroine (Momoka) shared same look and seiyuu with the Aya from first Imopara - which to be fair make sense because Momoka did stated to have same look as Aya. Also apparently we'll gonna have four other sisters in which actually it could be said that they MC's cousins as well, which make it quite confusing if one want to make the technicality of it. Okay I knew that we could call them half sisters, but considering that first Imopara MC was married five of his sisters and managed to have six daughter with Aya as the lead harem (Because she was Imopara 2 MC and Momoka's mother), one could wonder whether the four sisters could be considered as cousins or not. In the end, it didn't matter though because what we care is that we'll gonna have many incest sex scenes in Imopara 2 (It's nukige by the way). That's all for Mangagamer.

As for Seabed, it was a doujin VN which is apparently depict a yuri couple whose be together since their childhood up to their adulthood (At 28), and they're gonna be live happily ever after. Or so that's what the couple would likely thought if not for the fact that one person from the couple was missing, and the result was the heartbreak for the person who was abandoned so much that she suffered some hallucinations. What follow is that the woman was going the therapy to hopefully allow her to move on from the losing her couple. As for the VN, it was doujin VN so unfortunately there's no voice if one want to play that voiced. That said, it got some good reception from what I saw at VNDB so I'll gonna check Seabed later. Oh, and for the reminder here we'll gonna have three POV. Other than Seabed, we have hemorrhoid VN that was finally about to be released overseas by Fakku, and apparently they'll gonna to became the eroge shop or something like that. Well whatever. 

Sekai Project

This week we have two big releases from Sekai Project that was unfortunately still have some problem. Other than those two releases, we have announcements from Fault franchise. The first announcement was in regard of Silence the Pendant in which it was unfortunately get delayed. As for the second announcement here, there's another project from them with the title called Mhakna Gramura and Fairy Bell (I'll called it Mhakna). As for the premise, it was some sort of fairy tale from Fault world which tell a story of how a young girl and her best friend want to run away from the orphanage by using fairy's power, or at least from what I understand. While I could said that they make a good job in regard of expanding Fault's world by defictionalized the fairy tale, I would say that it'll be better if they remain focused on developed Side Below part and finishing the main saga before move on to the spin off.

As for Hoshimemo, to be honest the release was pretty redundant because we already have fan translated version back at 2012. For comparison, other than the translation the story and character should be still the same one. But in light of MoeNovel release of censored Miagete, I think it's still better than Miagete in regard of H scenes because at least we could access those in Hoshimemo. Also we have Tokeijikake release here in which I've been looking forward to this for a while. The premise was we're here as the student who transferred to the special school which still had some magic, and from there we'll gonna to have some work to take care the problem that caused by magic. This is actually the first part of the trilogy, so we're gonna have two more parts to be released and hope that Sekai take care of those two quickly. Oh, and I would say that Tokeijikake here was have better start for the trilogy compared to Grisaia, because in here we have the true route and there's canon heroine with side heroines was less focused - which if one like side heroines more might find that as the con. Almost forget to say that if you own Steam version, you could buy the 18+ patch for both as DLC from Denpa site.

As for the unfortunate problem that was came with Sekai releases, it was in regard of the untranslated lines which unfortunately could sour the experience. I'm pretty much okay if their VNs still need Japanese locale considering that some fan translated VN need Jap locale, and it's fine if the English version couldn't read the old save because the engine was quite a pain to work at. But if there's still some untranslated text then it bring the problem to a new level, which simply to said couldn't be ignored especially if the lines was at very important scene. Ironically, the untranslated text issue here would bring Hoshimemo to be super redundant (lol) here because I'm sure that the old fan translation version was didn't have any untranslated text (Correct me if I'm wrong), the dolphin censorship aside (Easily removed if you know how). And of course the untranslated texts issue make Miagete ironically look better in regard of translated text area, because I'm sure that they should translated all the text except the H scenes for obvious reason. In the end, I just hope that Sekai would be at the very least take care the untranslated text issue.

That's all for my very belated VNTS Review here (Sorry). Merry Christmas, and see you next week (Or maybe next year).

PS - As for the title, basically it's just modified version of 'Land Sea Sky' trope which is very appropriate for this week. For the Ley Line part, it was from Tokeijikake which have the Ley Line word, and it was meant as the earth path which believed to have some significance spiritual - so we have 'Land' part from Ley Line. As for the Seabed, I didn't need to explain the 'Sea' part here, did I? For the Shooting Star it was from Hoshimemo, and since we could treat Star as 'Sky' part it should be pretty obvious.


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