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If My Heart Had Stars Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (12/16/2017)

Because we have Miagete as the big release for this week by MoeNovel and unfortunately they still didn't learn much after their blunder in Konosora in regard of H scenes, I decided to just changed the 'Wings' part from Konosora English title (If My Heart Had Wings), so we had 'If My Heart Had Stars' which could be still fitting for Miagete English title there lol. Welcome to my VNTS Review, and sorry for being late here. As for this week, other than Miagete release we finally see Mangagamer batch of updates in which I'd waiting for a month here, and of course we still see some usual updates from fan translation. Let's see what I could write for this week as well.

After I doubted that Sekai will be released Tokeijikake this year, finally they gave the answer that yes they can release that at this year. For the release date, it's very near in which it was quite surprising because they'll release that at... 18th tomorrow in which it's the same date as Hoshimemo all age release. Apparently they'll also have the 18+ release at the same time as well, so it should be good as well if one want 18+ of Tokeijikake in the first place. I'm quite looking forward for the release here, and here's hoping that Sekai will release both of Daybreak and Morning Mist (2nd and 3rd parts of Tokeijikake respectively) quickly.

This week unfortunately we didn't have translation progress from Eustia, but at least there's both of editing and TLC progress, in which it was at 17.46% edited and 18.01% TLC-ed as of now. For Loverable, right now it was at 96.8% translated with Kaho's route was at 78.68% translated, along with 65.7% TLC-ed and 27.67% edited. We still see Musumaker stable progress here in which it was at 44.8% translated right now, and we have Witch Garden update as well which right now was at 36% translated. As for Pure Pure, right now Chapter 3 was at 58.70% translated and overall was at 48.34% translated - keep in mind that it's still rough translation though. Speaking about Pure Pure translation team, they gave the word in regard of Tayutama 2 drama which could be summarized as 'The editor didn't involved in Tayutama 2 anymore, and we hope the best for Tayutama 2'. As for Tsujidou, right now Maki's route was almost finished with 95.14% translated and overall was already at almost three quarter (73.26%) translated - seeing that progress it should be obvious there's almost certainty that Maki's route will be finished by next week. That's all for fan translation this week.

We finally have Mangagamer updates here in which I've been waiting for a month here, so let's see what they have here after one month of absence. For the updates we got Hashihime was at 43% edited, Fata Morgana fandisc was at 58% edited, Sona Nyl was at 24% translated - at least it looks stable here although it'll took one more year to be released though if the progress was like this, Rance Quest was past halfway (55%) translated and one third (33%) edited, Sengoku was at 70% retranslated and 35% edited, Maggot Bait was at 65% translated and 5% edited, Trinoline was at 60% translated and 11% edited, Kuroinu Final Chapter (ie Chapter 3) was at 91% edited - quite a big jump there, Bitter Exclusion was both fully translated and edited, and finally they had Hapymaher fully edited - what's left for Hapymaher is that they waited until Purple Software tweak their engine and after the engine ready they'll test it for the English build (Hopefully in near future the engine will ready). As for the last news here, while this is not in their updates actually Mangagamer was already do the testing for Sono Hanabira 11 so at least it should be reasy for the release in near future. That's all for Mangagamer.


Let's just said that while this section indeed have big releases, those release were just have many questionable thing in regard of that. Anyway, other than releases we have Phantom Trigger Volume 4 KS which somehow I missed that, and they're already finished it successful because they managed to gather almost 50,000 while the goal was only 30,000. I would say whatever in regard of Phantom Trigger, but we have the good news in that we finally have Island anime website, and they'll have the promotional video for that at 29th later. While it sounds like I'm hyping the anime here, the fact that Frontwing promised us that they'll coordinated the Island VN release along with the anime so hopefully it mean that the release time for Island is near.

We finally have Dies Irae 18+ patch which surprisingly was very quick, but unfortunately it's not what we expected here. What we get here is that they'd released Acta Est Fabula version, while normally we expected that we gonna have H scenes was added to the version that we had right now (Amantes Amentes, I'll shorten it as Amantes). Quite unfortunate since Light was already make the effort for Acta Est Fabula release by make it possible to play it at 16:9 screen, in which it should be possible to just add the H scenes at Amantes instead. While it's possible that Light might be have a hard time to add H scenes in Amantes because of the engine, it's not like it was impossible if they work it more because we have something like that in the past - see Eien no Aselia Special Edition that added 18+ for PS2 port, that was released unfortunately after the effort for translating Aselia was finished. Well whatever, and at least their all ages release (Dies Irae) was justified if only they already released it at the console and add the side stories that was adapted from the light novel, compared to what Pulltop did.

As for Miagete, okay I admit that it was a big release with good graphic and well known eroge seiyuu. From what Decay said earlier, apparently MoeNovel (Or Pulltop to a certain extend) was already improved in regard of the translation and they didn't cut the dirty joke, which compared to Konosora it should be a big improvement all right. But unfortunately they still did cut the H scenes because they released that at Steam. While it's justified because it was at Steam, what baffling us is that they still stubborn for not released that 18+ version which is what we want here. To make it worse it's actually possible that if they just leave it to their old partners, either Mangagamer (For the stores of their English release) or JAST (They work together back at 2008 in regard of Princess Waltz) in regard of the publishing 18+ version. But instead what Pulltop done is that they decided to do it by themselves (Not wrong though) through MoeNovel. So what I could say is that, while granted MoeNovel was the one who executed the infamy action in regard both of Konosora and Miagete, Pulltop also have blame to share because it would impossible to have the 18+ cut without their agreement or policy. In the end, it's both parties fault (MoeNovel and Pulltop) that we got butchered release of Miagete here (ie without H scenes). Whatever.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


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