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Bokura no Sekai ni Shukufuku o



This game is the one I've been waiting for... a mimikko nakige that doesn't ignore the setting or human nature.

At the beginning of the story, the protagonist, Kazuki takes in a puppy he finds abandoned in the park, feeds her, and then falls asleep with the half-feral cat he feeds occasionally watching.  When he wakes up, they've both transformed into mimikko, a catgirl and a doggirl...  Soon after, it becomes apparent that shortly after this event, pets around the world began turning into humanoids, resulting in the kind of mixed reactions you'd expect in the real world if that happened.  The reactions, as described, vary between fanatical religious obsession and fetishism to xenophobic psychopathy and upsurges in racism... and everything in between.

Now, this game has a really odd balance... there is almost enough H content in this game to call it a nukige, but the emotional narration, the characters' actions, and the way it is written is pure nakige fare.  Kuro and Hana (the cat and dog) are really obvious deredere characters, and Hana is the obvious main heroine.  However, Kuro and the three other heroines are not neglected in any way, shape, or form... they all have their unique story/paths. 

This game is big on the feels.  Kazuki is a young man with an intimate knowledge of loneliness and isolation and a sense of compassion that is close to saintly.  In addition, he is wise enough to do what will prepare the two girls in his care for the world they've come into, rather than simply protect them from the knowledge of what is is like (which would be typical for the average VN protag)... For the example in the prologue, he takes them along when he goes to the local animal shelter to help pick out the animals that will be taken to the place he works (a charitable organization that takes in abandoned pets and trains them for adoption, similar to organizations in 'no-kill cities' in the US, such as my own Austin), where they will be trained so as to make them more adoptable... and makes it clear to them the inevitable results for those who aren't chosen (note: I only chose to spoil this part because it is vital to understanding the difference between this and your standard moe-fuwa mimikko game). 

This is one of three games I've encountered of the type, each approaching things from a different perspective (for one thing, this one is fantasy).  Those other two are Sakura Iro Quartet and Otomimi Infinity.  Nekopara ignores human nature a bit too often to make it into that particular rarified company, lol.

Anyway, for those interested in a mimikko nakige with really good feels, this is a good choice.  This is a great emotional story.  However, don't expect extreme levels of depth or dark motives from the main characters, since they are all essentially good-hearted people.


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Wow quite a few relatively positive reviews in a row. It feels like it's been so long since there's been a month with this much material worth giving a read :D

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"The reactions, as described, vary between fanatical religious obsession and fetishism to xenophobic psychopathy and upsurges in racism... and everything in between."

That sure is some detail for a nakige VN.

Gonna try this one out. Been ages since I've properly played something (just been reading LN/Manga/Anime).

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