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My VN Reassessment Project (UPDATED)



When I first started playing untranslated VNs (right about the time Obama got into office), I had the luxury of cherry-picking some of the best titles in existence at the time for my initial lineup.  In some cases, I just randomly grabbed stuff that met my tastes, and in others I went by recommendations by established vets like Accany.  However, at this point in my VN experience, I had yet to start VN of the Month and I was basically seeing VNs solely by how they met my expectations and tastes, a tendency that most new VN players have. 

About a year ago, I began looking over the VNs I played when I first dove into the sea of untranslated VNs, and I came to a rather embarrassing realization... I probably hadn't given a number of them a fair shake, in retrospect.  Sometimes, my opinion didn't change after playing them again, and in those cases I didn't bother blogging about them or changing my vote on vndb.  However, occasionally I encountered VNs that I really had judged unfairly at the time in light of my current experience with VNs in general.

As such, I've been picking out VNs from my initial set of votes (the first two years) and considering whether it is worth it to replay them.

Hanachirasu I voted extremely low at the time... and that vote was quite correct.  It is quite possibly the second worst VN I've played from Nitro+, behind Sumaga.

After an initial re-sampling, I intend to replay Utatemeguri to confirm my impressions back when it was released.

Lovekami I probably would have voted higher (an 8.5) under my current system.

11Eyes I actually wanted to give a lower vote to (A 5 or a 4)

Kanojo-tachi no Ryuugi was something I really didn't have a taste for at the time, and in retrospect I should probably go back and at least see if my impressions back then were flawed.

The list goes on...  Whether positive or negative, I found that a number of the VNs I re-sampled quite simply were improperly rated under my current system or my impressions at the time were skewed by the fact that I was playing so many kamige right alongside them.  It is interesting how much an opinion can change with experience... and it is surprising to me how many of those games I actually have a much better impression of all these years later.

Edit: Below is a list of VNs I plan to do for Random VNs when I have the time for this project.

Gokudou no Hanayome (Yakuza love-comedy)

Lovekami (The original, not the shitty ones that came out recently)

 Kanojo-tachi no Ryuugi (dark vampire incest love story)

Boku ga Sadame Kimi ni wa Tsubasa o (Chuunige)

Shuumatsu Shoujo Gensou Alicematic (Cthulhu Mythos action fantasy chuunige)

Utatemeguri ('Gakuen Battle' type chuunige)

Gekkou no Carnevale (Werewolves and living dolls, oh my!)

Itsuka, Todoku, Ano Sora ni  (I am about 90% sure I misjudged this VN based on what I was looking for at the time...)

Duelist X Engage

Ones I've already replayed or re-dropped


Kurenai no Tsuki (see my blog post)


Swan Song (If anything, my impressions were even worse this time around)



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