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VN of the Month March 1999 - Captain Love



Captain Love is the only masterpiece of the month

1. 19:03 Ueno Hatsu Yakou Ressha 19時03分 上野発夜光列車 [990304] Visit
A freelance photographer and a middle school teacher take the night train that goes from Tokyo's Ueno to Sapporo, but what started as a normal train trip soon will become a little more complicated since they will be involved in murders, assassinations and other dangerous situations. Depending on the player's choices his character may or may not survive the trip.
Well, it's actually a sequel to the more or less same system game and has many links to it. Previous work centered on occult topic - this time it's monster movies and panic movies, so it's more thrilling. There are several protagonists so actions can be observed from several perspectives. Not necessarily a bad game, but rather a story-less one. The point of the game is to get its numerous endings (including bad ones).


2. Nukinobe ぬきのべ [990304] Isabella
Three stories about three different girls lust adventures.
Very low quality game and just for H.                                                                                                    


3. Love Producer [990305] C's Ware
Our guy's sister/cousin asked him to be a director for her small adult video company. He has two weeks to learn while training a new star, who happens to be a girl from his home town. Lucky, he will go from virgin to director pretty quickly at the rate he is going. There are also three other H girls that he can go after if you prefer.
That's not really C's Ware that I'd like to know. Poor graphics, bad balance, no skipping, cheap system and low number of CG (80, but many are only slightly different). The good part is full voicing, somewhat unexpected situations and some good quality CG. 


4. On Air [990305] Brownie
Hero gets a part-time job at a television station. It's a very rigorous job and he's yelled by the boss all the time. However, with time he becomes friends with five female casters, each with her own goals, and he gets motivated to learn more about the place and its workers.
Period is three months. We move on the map and trigger events. Apart of 5 female casters there are other 10 girls in the neighborhood that are available for some romance. Every moving takes some time and characters move around all the time, so capturing is very very tiresome unless you hunt just for one girl (it's claimed by manufacturer that up to 14 girls captures can be done simultaneously in a perfect situation). There are 6 endings with five being for female casters and one is hidden for an idol girl.


5. Tenshi ni Chijoku no Senrei o… 天使に恥辱の洗礼を… [990305] Vision
Hero almost got run over by a car when he was saved by the goddess of fate Ercione. He becomes an angel and is told to do good deeds, but he actually decided only to make pretty girls feel good by using possessing power he acquired.
Like other Vision games, this one uses some animation, which is kind of sloppy and in form of scrolling, though. There are seven girls to choose from. One playtime is roughly one hour. Hero moves around the map and enters buildings triggering events with girls. Game's for H events only.


6. Touch Me ~Koi no Okusuri~ Touch me ~恋のおくすり~ [990306] Mink 1
The player is in the medical major. Under the threat of your father, you go to an all-girls high school and spent a month there as a doctor at the health department. Of course, a male doctor in an all-girls school is pretty odd and rare. Basically, during your month of stay, you will meet a total of 5 girls, each having their own personality and problems/troubles in love. So, as a school doctor, you have to somehow see to their hearts, help them somehow and make them feel happy. Maybe you will end up having a relationship with them too...
You and everybody else go to school on weekdays as well as saturday morning. You will have a chance to walk around school before school starts, lunch break, and after school. Each break has a different time limit, and during that time limit you can walk around school and by chance you may be able to meet girls, chat with them, have lunch with them, etc. As you do things or say good things to them, their impression will increase, and certain events will appear only if the impression gets to a certain point. On Sundays, you can choose to go out with a girl for a date, or you can choose to loiter in school.
There is an English review for this game.


7. Captain Love キャプテン・ラヴ [990311] Toshiba EMI
In Captain Love the player's controls a high school student boy that will meet different kind of girls and have to improve his relationships with them to increase his love power. The love power will be used when he got to fight some of the enemies of the evil organization that will try to defeat him.
So it's an ADV when meeting girls and battle with enemies - in battle you need to find the attack that would be effective through command selection. Battles are especially fun for the voice abuse that's used. Plot-wise it's a bakage. This work's problem is that main heroine is not attractive no matter how you look at her and she got a very weird voice on top of that. Well, there are all kinds of attractive sub heroines instead. So it's a masterpiece game as long as one can tolerate bakage style games.


8. Sougaku Toshi Osaka 奏(騒)楽都市OSAKA [990311] Tenky 1
Osaka, the year is 1998. As the BABEL communication tower nears completion, students battle to gain the right to use it.
Another SIM


9. Yakusoku no Kizuna 約束の絆 [990312] Koei
Main character becomes high school student and looks forward to getting a girlfriend. Nine years ago he met a mysterious girl and made promise with her, but he does not remember her face clearly anymore. At school he meets eight girls who seem to be connected with that fateful encounter nine years ago...
Of course, another SIM


10. I Ghost アイ・ゴースト [990312] Saint
Hero is killed by someone and he is going through Hell and Heaven to find salvation and reveal the truth about his death.
Game is full of bugs and freezes upon selecting wrong choice usually. Message skipping is also poorly realized. The flow of the game is normal, but game system flaws are crucial here.


11. Little My Maid リトルMyメイド [990312] Sweet Basil 1 2 3 4 5 6
You are Ouji Kamogawa, age 19, a bright student with a bright future. However, your dreams of going to a top-ranked university suddenly come crashing down when you fail your entrance exams -- and lose your beloved Yukari at the same time. Now six months later, you're wandering a lonely beach, bitter about all that you've lost.
Suddenly, you hear a sweet voice, crying out for help. It's a beautiful girl -- a young maid -- about to be subjected to a terrible fate at the hands of a band of hoodlums. Thinking fast, you are able to save her virtue.
"My name is Mari," she says, through her tears. "I work as a maid at a nearby mansion. Please...let me repay your kindness."
She takes you to the house she works at, Sea Dragon Mansion. There you encounter her two sisters: the proud and capable Hina and the delightfully cute Mayu-chan. You also meet the mysterious mistress of the mansion, Hime, and the cold trainer-of-maids, Aya. 
Welcomed as a guest, you choose to stay for a time in Sea Dragon Mansion. Aya coldly explains the rules of the house: you are the guest, and that means that the three maids will strive for your every pleasure. Ring one of the three bells to call any one of the three maids, and you can use them any way you like.
Game has many English reviews.


12. Mugen ~Kyojitsu to Shinjitsu~ 夢幻~虚実と真実~ [990312] Purple
Hero is being forced to kill 12 warrior girls in order to reincarnate old Christianity goddess Lilith. Will he fulfill his fate or come under favor of other goddess?
This is an RPG and it has 12 chapters with each chapter to have ADV beginning and then a battle. There are 8 girls to capture, each with her own mutually exclusive conditions. There are a lot of questions to the systems. In order to launch the game it's needed to create directory in Program Files and install anew. There is message skip function but it's very painful to use. The way hero just accepts his fate is not explained and looks stupid.


13. Pon'z: The Hunt for S.D.W. Pon'z: The Hunt for S.D.W. [990312] Lyceen
In January 1998 cloning technology produced DNA manipulating virus capable of completely suppressing sexual ability, and it started to be used as a weapon. Three clones with this ability landed in Japan causing nation-wide economic crisis. The government formed a unit to counter this threat and managed to capture one of those three species. After several months of continuous disaster portable machines for capturing SDW were invented and one more SDW species was caught shortly. And now it has become known that the last one is hiding inside a certain high school. Hero is requested to infiltrate the school, identify and neutralize the threat.
And all that synopsis just for a tetris-like game. There's really nothing more. Such a scam.


14. W ~Chinurareta Hanayome~ W ~血塗られた花嫁~ [990312] Desire
Wedding ceremony is the happy event and noone thought it would be the start of a big tragedy. Everything starts with a minor injury incident to the bride and then one by one people close to Junya are attacked and killed. The dark past strikes back and Junya with Natsumi need to act and find out the truth behind the incidents.
Hero cooperated with Kyoto police as boy detective in the past and now past comes back to him. This is a borderline eroge work with a unique style.


15. Space Sniper Maya スペーススナイパー・マヤ [990313] Gondola
Year 2XXX. A certain start is in the middle of the crisis of possible invasion. In order to protect her universe space sniper Maya got a mission to infiltrate enemy lines and assassinate the leader.
Game features 10 minutes of 3D animated intro ... just to throw you to the worst 3D first person shooter game you've ever played. Just imagine Daikatana, but a hundred times worse in terms of graphics and system. Absolutely pathetic.


16. Kiss yori... KISSより… [990318] KID 1
Aspiring novelist Masato met the voluptuous Chihiro on a beach one summer. They developed a relationship, but waned when they had to split up for work in the spring. Here Masato was tempted to take other relationships...but Chihiro wasn't giving this one up.
Game's really torturing to play, because it's a SIM with high difficulty level - following walkthrough is must have. It's not enough to raise love level with a certain girl, you also need to play out the debt in full and fulfill other conditions to reach some girl's ending.


17. Kita e. White Illumination 北へ。White Illumination [990318] Hudson Soft
The player, a second-year high school student (17 years old), travels from Tokyo to Sapporo in Hokkaidō (hence the basic title of the game Kita E - To The North). There, he encounters eight different girls, including the lead character Kotori Haruno, whose family he stays with during his time up north. In the game, the player explores the island, plays video games, does karaoke, goes shopping -- and most of all, tries to find that special someone to share his heart with.
There are English reviews.


18. Kurenai KURENAI ~紅~ [990319] Mugen
Hero who is a writer on travels and arts receives a message saying that Ukyo, a longtime friend, gone missing. In a couple of days, a letter comes from Ukraine with the same content and demand to come to a certain Western-style hotel. He steps in the hotel and gets in a whirlpool of events.
Finally a card game that's not a strip poker and not a strip mahjong. Instead of choices we choose cards and the same card can not be used more than once so it feels fresh. There are five types of cards reflecting emotions (pushy, soft, etc). There is no skip function so the chances that one replays it to see another ending are slim. Story is basically a bakage (since there is so much unrealistic stuff) with sudden sexual fantasies. There are six girls to capture each with 5 HCG. Flags are very difficult to recognize.


19. Sayonara no Hohoemi さよならの微笑み [990319] K'Night!
Our guy received a plane ticket to a resort island in the mail. What good is that when he has no money to spend there? Luckily, his boss want him to go to that island to do some work. There, he need to work to make money to go places and chase one of 8 girls, including his childhood girl that followed after him. Can he say goodbye to a girl with a smile after three weeks or so?
The SIM with the exact synopsis that I've seen at least twice already. You need to determine schedule for morning/noon/evening each day and chase some girls. Bo-oring.


20. Sweet Stuff スウィートスタッフ [990319] Rave
For fifty years humankind has been migrating all over the universe. Ricks visits training school as a candidate for captain of a space ship. And with time and encounters he begins to touch the hearts of pilot candidate girls...
This is a Dating SIM. There are 18 days and 6 girls. That's pretty much all that's known, there's not a single comment anywhere apart from walk-through which already tells a lot by itself.


21. Silent Chaser Kagami サイレントチェイサー狩神 [990321] Bunny Pro.
Tokyo today. The ghost of a horny young woman starts to attack men and suck all the energy from them resulting in death. To deal with this threat the paranormal activity unit led by Kagami is dispatched.
Game's quite difficult to find, but CG resemble anime version very closely. 


22. Mamorigami-sama 守り神様 [990325] Alice Soft 1 2
This is a traditional four-person family: a working dad, a housewife, an older sister and a younger brother (and a cat). One day dad has to go out to work for a week, so the house is left with three helpless souls. Of course those little star-shaped akumas (devils) are coming to take advantage, and you, as the mamorigami (protection god) will have to make sure they have a peaceful life before dad comes back.
There is an English review of this game.


23. Aisa no Namida アイサの涙 [990326] Pinpai
Hero and his six friends come to play to a solitary island. There they meet a girl named Lara. She and other local girls get to sing traditional songs which are a key to the mystery of the island and to the legend of a sleeping mermaid.
There are three routes - adventure (centered on exploring the cave) and horror (centered on murder) ones are available from the start and after clearing fantasy route appears that reveals all the mysteries. Genre is point and click adventure. The relevance between the scenarios is small and the volume is insufficient to enjoy it, around 2 hours.


24. Cross ~Koi no Hizashi~ CROSS ~恋の陽射~ [990326] Speed
While carrying his friends' luggage to their hotel room, our guy met three beautiful girls. Later, he and his two friends meet the three girls and he can choose one to chase. In 7 days on this paradise island resort, he can chase one girl. If he fails to catch anyone, he gets the consolation prize of being a father.
Basically a nanpa game with some minigames. Game looks rough and not integral. One good part is that you have a male friend who servers as a rival, but also as a great buddy and it's nice to have him around. There are four endings - one for each of three girls and one if keep pestering some old man.


25. Negai ねがい [990326] Ram
The main character becomes a new chief priest of a shrine after his father's death. He needs to employ some Miko for a summer festival taken place in a month. But all the six Miko whom he employed have totally different personalities and he gets into trouble. Deal with troubles and feel their "Heart". Will he be able to organize a summer festival successfully?
Story branches only late in the game, but if you flag one girl, you won't be able to see other girls events in this play-through, so freshness is maintained. It's a comedy for the most part so the flow is nice. Girls are quite charming. It's a light galge without much fancy.


26. Silver Moon [990326] R.A.N Software
Hero was brought up in the institution for gifted children "Geo". He lives a normal life and attends college. One day a mysterious woman V.A. appears before him and tells him that he is bound to die in 15 days. Who is this woman? What's the secret behind his physical condition? How will he live these 15 days?
This is probably the second work after "One" that inherited the richness of colors and close to contemporary beautiful drawing. And it really looks like this game tries to imitate "One" as much as possible - in romance, in gags, in graphics. There are four heroines and heroine is decided on the 10th day and after that it's just heroine route without any choices. So common route is full of gags and heroine routes are dramatic. Game is not voiced. There are some bugs and typos that are removed with the patch. What's really weird is that in all the routes protagonist's thoughts, descriptions and words are the same or almost the same and only environment and girl changes - girls are lively and great, but from 2nd playthrough there's a very weird feeling because of that.
26. Sanjuusou 三重奏 [990331] Hon-Pro
Main character does not take classes seriously and skips them from time to time. In result he gets supplementary classes for three days at winter vacations. But during these days he meets three girls that make his heart beat faster.

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