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The World Ends with Apple Review




Visual Novel Translation Status (10/14/2017)

I did see the premise for this week otome VN Bad Apple Wars at VNDB earlier here, and the premise was remind me of DS RPG The World Ends with You here so of course I decided to parodying the title here by changing 'You' to 'Apple'. Back to topic here, which of course my VNTS Review for this week and welcome to anyone else who read this. As for this week, there's two releases VNs although too bad that both of those were for console though instead of usual PC. There's also usual update from both of fan translation and Mangagamer, and there's a release of voice patch of Fate Hollow Ataraxia (I'll call this Ataraxia here). Let's see what I could write for this week here.

Apparently there's an update from Sekai in which Rakuen 18+ was finally finished, which should be good if one want to play more Grisaia and especially if they already waited for complete version. There's still some QC and engine work, but at least it should be good for now, and of course it would be better if Sekai will not have delay in regard of the release later. Other than Rakuen, there's no update from Sekai here.

From fan translation this week there's no update from Pure Pure, but that didn't mean that there's no progress because they still have the update in their Facebook page, and right now they do some proofreading for Chapter 2 in which it's at around 35% finished right now. There's Eustia as well in which they reached 21.94% translated, and they also had QC almost caught up with the editing process (14.7% edited and 14.69% QC-ed) - they also managed to recruit another translator, so hopefully we could see more good progress from Eustia here. Loverable here was still stable with the progress was at 91.09% translated (Kaho's route was at 40.7% translated), 59.56% TLC-ed, 23.45% edited, and 18.1% QC-ed. About Tsukiyori, apparently the translator will be going to a trip so she warned us that perhaps there wouldn't be any update in regard of that, oh well. For more update, we had Witch Garden at 33% translated and Musumaker was at 41.6% translated.

For the release here it was Ataraxia's voice completely ported to the PC version. It should be good if one want Ataraxia voiced and translated because the translated version was PC version, and the voiced one was PSP. As for the cast, I would say that they got good names for the new casts like Koshimizu Ami and Nabatame Hitomi for the examples. Well, have fun for playing Ataraxia there especially to admin Tay who Decay said was a big fan of Fate franchise.

This week we have Mangagamer updates and for the roundup here we had Sona-Nyl was at 12% translated, Sengoku Rance was at 34% retranslated, Trinoline was at 42% translated and 4% edited, Marriage was finished both of translation and editing process, Kuroinu Chapter 2 was finished the testing and Chapter 3 was fully translated, Sideboob was at 84% translated, Hashihime was at 30% edited, Maggot Bait was at 60% translated, Hapymaher was at 94% translated and 86% edited, and Chiru was atill in testing. They also answered a question in regard of Bokuten, and they answered that they still need to take care the engine in regard of that. As for a bit of release prediction, I think the closest one to release was Kuroinu Chapter 2 following with Imopara 2, in which both of those weren't interesting to me considering that I look forward to Damekoi and Evenicle here - and those two still not in testing yet, presumably waiting for their turn.

For Bad Apple Wars, it might get some praise there but the premise was once again remind me of The World Ends with You, in which both of those had a dead protagonist who must take a test for the chance to go back to life. That said, since this is otome VN of course we would had a female MC there. Have fun if you own the VN there, and hope it would be enjoyable.

Finally, for the big release here there was Chaos Child in which it was some sort of sequel from Chaos Head. Both of Chaos VNs did had same setting as Steins Gate, which make it ironic that while both of Steins Gate was already officially localized, here's the first part (Chaos Head) was still not officially released yet despite it was already announced back at 2009 and it managed to gather some polarized opinion. The premise for Chaos Child here was there's many murder which eerily resembled the murder from Chaos Head, and from there MC and his friends (Mostly female by the way) was tried to uncover the truth behind the murder. I knew that this VN did have pretty good score at VNDB and the character art was easy to see, but too bad though that it was for PS4 so I couldn't play this. Well, have fun if you already get Chaos Child there and have PS4.

That's all for this week, and see you next week.

PS - There's Tsujidou update in which right now Maki's route was at 20.57% translated, and overall was at 54.7% translated. Urrim also said that at November he will go to Japan, so perhaps the progress would be delayed by one or two weeks there. That's all for additional Tsujidou update.

PPS - Did a little more research, and found out that Angel Beats was more similar with Bad Apple Wars. But I think that 'The World Ends with Apple' still fit though considering that I instantly recognize The World Ends with You first instead of Angel Beats, and besides it also has similarity with Chaos Child that both game was had setting in Shibuya.



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