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To Love-Ruu 2 XRated Review




Visual Novel Translation Status (09/30/2017)

Sorry for being late here in regard of VNTS Review beforehand, and here's the belated VNTS Review for this week. As for the title, since we had To Heart 2 release I'm going with parodying To Love-Ru anime because in To Heart 2 we had alien with the nickname Ruu - coincidentally To Love-Ru was also had aliens, and and I used XRated here to reflect To Heart 2 patch release once again. With that title matter here done, welcome to this week VNTS in which we had good news from fan translation section and nice updates from Mangagamer. Let's see what we had for this week here.

For the first updates here we had Dangan Ronpa V3 which was out for PC back at September 26th, and apparently the premise was still the killing game. As for the story, to tell the truth it was quite a lot if we want to understand it fully and I think it could rivaled Kingdom Heart because there's a lot of material to cover. Nevertheless, I agree that it should be a good VN to play if you're Dangan Ronpa fan although the size might be too much though (At 26 GB). Also there's another update from JAST in regard of the release - very surprising that we had JAST announced two releases in short span of time, and it was Princess X which would be released at 31st later. What I could say is that at least JAST managed to released two VNs in short time in which it's already a big accomplishment of the year for them lol (Even though personally I didn't interested with the releases though).

Sekai Project

This week we only had Sekai (And Denpasoft) in regard of Anime Weekend Atlanta announcement, in which it's apparently just smaller scale anime convention compared to the like both of AX and Otakon. As for the announcements itself, well at least there's some yuri ie girls love so if one like girls love then Sekai announcements should be satisfied you although I'm not quite interested with those though - I admit that at least the art of those announcements were at least pretty nice. Oh, Denpa was also participate in this and they announced Nekonin 18+ patch along with two side routes in form of DLC which should be good considering that Nekonin was treated as nukige in the first place iirc. For the rest of the announcement, we got maid cafe VN, alien girl VN (Coincidence maybe?), and a yuri VN with the premise that remind me of yurirei. That's all that I could write in regard of the announcement for now.

Ironically, the most interesting announcement from Sekai here wasn't announced directly, but rather it was a subtle one. The announcement itself is Saku Saku finally had the Steam store for that, and they also already had release date in which it was at 2nd which should be tomorrow. I knew that it might be delayed just like back at Wagahigh, but at least now that Sekai was already had Steam store it mean that they'd ready for the Steam release unlike back at August end in which they did announced the exact date twice while they didn't ready for the release yet because they need to take care of Steam release first - permission and engine problem. As for 18+ of Saku Saku, still no word in regard of that yet but hopefully Sekai will announced that in near future.


This week Mangagamer also had updates, and they also released Space Live as well back at September 29th. As for the VN itself, well the premise was quite ridiculous at the first glance with we had Internet Browser as the idol (And of course female), but then again knowing that there's Neptunia in which we had consoles turned into female perhaps it wasn't too surprising there. For more info here, I think the VN itself was quite cheap because there's no voice at the VN itself make this as some sort of hasty milk attempt from Circus (Aside Da Capo), and most importantly the female had the big breast in which it's quite unusual because Circus was also has flat chest heroine from what I knew. Oh, and by the way this VN was actually out in English first, so perhaps there would be improved Japanese version later just like MoeNovel's Lovekami - the addition of sex scenes. Have fun if you already bought Space Live there.

As for the updates here, I'd found it was more interesting compared to the release here especially in regard of Sona-Nyl in which it was at 9% translated right now compared to the past progress at 5% translated, and for that matter while it's not big at least it had some jump in regard of the progress (ie not always 2.5% jump for each updates). For the rest of the progress, we had Fata Morgana fandisc was at 90% translated, Kuroinu Chapter 3 was at 77% translated, Sideboob was at three quarter edited, Sengoku Rance was at 27% retranslated, Hapymaher was at 93% translated and 85% edited, Trinoline was at 40% translated, Sorcery Joker was in the testing process, Maggot Bait was at 57% translated, Hashihime was at 26% translated, Marriage was almost finished the translation (99% translated) and 95% edited, Supipara Chapter 2 was fully translated and edited - I wonder if the editor was suddenly very excited to editing Supipara there considering that at the last update it was still at 22% edited, Rance Quest was at 23% translated, and Evenicle was fully edited. For the last announcement here, Mangagamer announced the release date of Naked Butler which is at 27th later and could be pre-ordered right now - not my taste though.

Fan Translation

There's some interesting news from this section. But first before going to the news I'll write some usual updates for this week. As for the updates here, we had Eustia at 21.06% translated along with the editing was at 14.29% and TLC progress was at 13.61%. For more progress we had Loverable was at 88.72% translated (Kaho's route was at 24.85% translated), with 55.63% TLC-ed, 21.95% edited, and 17.34% QC-ed for the overall progress.

For the rest of the updates, I'll just roundup all of those and it goes like Pure Pure was at 36.33% translated with Chapter 2 was at 85.89% translated, Musumaker was at 40.7% translated, Shin Koihime Musou was at 87% translated and 3% edited - I admit that I didn't watch this closely but at least they got the percentage from what I read somewhere so it would be easier to track the progress, Venus Blood Chimera was at 71.9% translated, and Tsukiyori was at 19.2% translated - good job to the translator despite her being sick once again. There's also some subtle announcement just like back at Sekai with Saku Saku, in which Arcadeotic finally had a release timeline for Bishoujo Mangekyou 1 and the timeline would be at around 10th later. Here's his tweet for the proof, and I hope that the release for Bishoujo Mangekyou 1 goes well.

For the first news here it was in regard of Tsujidou, in which we finally had Tsurezure released Ai's patch there and if anyone else already planned to play Ai's route there have fun. As for the talk about the script, I'd find it was quite interesting with the fact that actually both of Runa's and Maya's route (From HatsuKoi, and those two were the longest routes) combined was had more lines compared to Ai's, although of course Ai's route itself was obviously longer with the script size for Ai's route was exactly twice of Maya's route. What I understand in regard of that was Ai's route was significantly longer compared to any HatsuKoi routes, and therefore it took more time to translated - good job to Tsurezure nonetheless for being fast of course, and for doing the image translation as well. For more info, Urrim also wrote that both of Maki's and Renna's route was only a quarter less that Ai's route which make each route was at least had around 150k words, and looking from that I think the translation for each routes should be done much quicker compared to Ai's there. As for the next plan, they're going to work on Maki's route starting from next week and of course I'm gonna report the translation progress on Maki's route just like usual here.

For the last news, we finally had To Heart 2 release by Ittaku after 10 years of hard work which coincidentally also VNDB's age right now (VNDB just celebrated it's 10th anniversary). Congratulation for the release there, and thanks for the hard work. As for the translation, it definitely had many history looking from the Readme text that came along with the patch, so I think it should be an interesting read. For To Heart 2 itself, well it's pretty much just usual lighthearted slice of life VN which surely was quite a lot nowadays, although compared to those VNs To Heart 2 was actually quite popular (Also the predecessor of the genre as well) and had a lot of fans so much that it spawns the fandisc and a RPG spinoff - understandable though if Leaf want to milk To Heart 2. If you want to knew more in regard of To Heart 2, just look at Wikipedia page because there's a lot of interesting info if you want more info in regard of To Heart 2 especially in regard of development. Well, have fun playing To Heart 2 if some of you already got the patch.

That's all for this week belated VNTS Review, and see you next week.



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