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VN of the Month May 1998 - Diabolique




Diabolique and Hajimari no Kisetsu ~Izakaya Fuyu Monogatari~ are the masterpieces of the month, but Diabolique is a product of much bigger scale and thus is VN of the Month.

1. White Album [980501] Leaf 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
You play a university student whose girlfriend from highschool, Morikawa Yuki, is starting to become a very popular idol singer. Unfortunately, her popularity puts a strain on your relationship; you must either try to maintain the relationship or find someone else.
Game has many English reviews.


2. Yoi Sakura 宵桜 [980501] Fuuro
Keiichi Kikuchi is a 3rd grade student who likes to read and talks to the flowers on the roadside. There is a girl who is afraid to confess her feelings to him, there are cats who attack people at nights and there are other evils at school. Everything shall depend on the actions of the hero.
Setting is a mess and game relies on it only occasionally. Period is 5 days and you just wander around the school and bump into events, then night times and you wander some more generating different kind of events. The invasion of cats, occasional scary events, indifference towards events nearby - it all looks very random and fragmented. There are many mistakes in the text. Girls endings aren't seen as happy endings. There are still many well depicted insult scenes so probably it was ment as an eroge.


3. Akai Hitomi no Serafu 紅い瞳のセラフ [980502] Bishop
Kogo and his lover Ai are in a relationship for two years, but they never were intimate with each other. Even when Kogo's parents go on a trip his suggestion is rejected by Ai. Kago tried to summon a love angel with a spell, but failed with it. As a result, love of this world was confined and in order to save love he needs to enter the spirit world, interact with its inhabitants and rescue love withing a limited time period.
One way road with only bad ending on time limit expiration. Bishop is an eroge maker company, but this first work can actually be viewed as pure love story despite having some harsh content.


4. Kana-chan no Kanzen Kyuuketsu Manual かなちゃんの完全吸血マニュアル [980515] Segue Laboratory
Vampire girl Kana-chan is less than adult, but more than kid. She lives in the vampire family of four where only mother is actually a human. These are stories about Kana-chan first experiments with sexuality.
No synopsis to be found around, but CG don't really feature vampires and blood, it's sucking something else.


5. P.D. The Gate City P.D. The Gate City [980515] Platinum Soft
From ancient times there have been evil spirits to mislead human hearts. Paranormal awakening was become a way to combat these spirits. Awakening must be done through stimulating sensual body parts. Today this function is transferred to P.D. - psycho detectives. Main character such a detective who encounters a case of
ghost possession at an official reception.
Sadly, H-action still dominates here.


6. Succubus ~Ochita Tenshi~ サキュヴァス ~堕ちた天使~ [980515] Akatonbo
Main character Toshiki Kannazuki is an ordinary salaryman who lives with his lover. One day cousin invited his lover on a trip to Middle East country Taglania. Toshiki reluctantly agreed to let them go. However, an aircraft crash accident occurs and Toshiki flies over to try to identify the bodies. On arrival he meets a mysterious beauty Maya. He accepts her hospitality not knowing that succubus inhabits this region.
Story is actually very thin compared to the synopsis. Both girls are alive and are entangled into strange activities... that make the game NTR type. There are as many as 14 endings. Voicing is highly praised here.


7. Sunadokei 砂時計 [980521] Bell-Da
A corpse of a man is found at the hotel beach. The protagonist is an aspiring detective who agrees to solve this case while chasing after pretty girls staying at the hotel.
The whole investigation is asking pretty girls what they know/saw/think and that eventually solves the case. It's mostly an erotic game.


8. Castle Fantasia キャッスルファンタジア [980522] Studio e.go! 1 2
You are a knight named Varu who has a very beautiful girlfriend and is very happy with her. However, one day their kingdom get involved in a war, and the girl's parents die in it. After some time, an unknown religious organization appears in the city. Varu's girlfriend is in such a grief after the death of her parents, that she decides the world has nothing to offer to her, joins the adepts of the new religion, and leaves the city. Varu becomes very depressed after this separation, but when he learns the religious group which took away his girlfriend became an evil cult that kidnaps girls and seeks resurrection of demons. But even more awful is the fact his ex-girlfriend is now the leader of this cult...
There's an English review of it.


9. Inu-domo no Jigoku 犬どもの地獄 [980522] Vision 1
Hero visits an inn in the town for the first time in 20 years. 20 years ago a tragedy happened there and he's interested in reinvigorating old memories. However, he can also make new memories with pretty girls of the inn.
Game is definitely an eroge. Vision excels in animation and there is indeed a huge number of animated H events here.


10. Yami no Sasayaki ~Dark Whisper~ 闇のささやき~Dark Whisper~ [980522] Misty
Michitaka Michigami studies at a full board school that puts a huge emphasis on martial arts. Students aren't allowed to leave school grounds and keep any devices including radio and there's a habit to obey teachers orders there. Hero and girl Reiko rebelled against excessively strict measures and got close to each other on this basis. What are the prohibited locations in this school for and what kind of experiment is being held there?
Single road adventure. SF school setting. Did not get far there due to bug of cycled dialogue options, but game has a very distinct erotic tilt.


11. Diabolique DiaboLiQuE-デアボリカ- [980528] Alice Soft 1 2
In this world, here are two kinds of intelligent beings. One are humans and the other are Diaboliques. Diaboliques possess power, violence, intelligence, and eternal life. Their life form was categorized into four levels, the lowest division lacking intelligence, reproduction ability and beauty and the fourth being very intelligent and able to change form.
For thousands of years, human race has been suppressed by the danger of diabolique. However, a legend has passed on through generation that there's diabolique that kills its own species. This diabolique was Azulite - one of the only five Road Diabolique (the ones of highest category). Being known as the "species killer," Azulite has come up to kill diaboliques. At here, he met a girl named Letticia. Her innocence and tragic background has attracted Azulite, and soon Azulite fell in love with her. However, the two lovers were separated after Letticia was killed. They promised to see each other when she was reincarnated. Carrying with the promise, Azulite once again set off on a journey looking for Letticia.
There is an English review on this work, but I also wrote mine anyway.


12. Namaashi Club 5 x 5 生足くらぶ 5×5 [980528] Jam
Game imitates a TV show in which 5 females and 5 males ask questions to each other, fulfill tasks, form sympathy and form a couple if the sympathy is mutual.
There are five girls and five mini-games to win favorability. Game's pretty short.


13. Renkinjutsu no Musume 錬金術の娘 [980528] Black Package 1
Hero was born in a rich house and he uses assets to finance extreme alchemy experiments to recover lost secrets. There are three students in this academy to take care of and try new inventions effects in dungeons with.
So it's a raising SIM with items combinations. Visiting a private room with one of the three students is possible, but students coverage is thin. There's hardly any explanation at all. Not even of items do or when the next dungeon trip occurs and that's pretty bad since going in the dungeon without items is not good. No significant story noticed.


14. Shoujo Kakumei Utena ~Itsuka Kakumeisareru Monogatari~ 少女革命ウテナ いつか革命される物語 [980528] Sega 1 2
A side story of the Shoujo Kakumei Utena, set between episodes 8 and 9 of the TV series.
The protagonist is a female student who transfers to Ohtori Academy and becomes involved with the political intrigue and sword duels that characterize it.
There are two English reviews.


15. Dawn Slave ~Kisezu Toriko to Sareta Hime no Tokoro to Kokoro to Yoridokoro~ DAWN*SLAVE ~期せず擒とされた姫の處と心と拠~ [980529] Ume Soft
When our guy found out that the princess he loves is going to be married out of country in a month, he hired a sorceress to help him kidnap her. The sorceress told him that a hero will come to rescue the princess in one month, so that is all the time he has to love or play with her. What will he do?
H training SIM with lots of different windows and menus. There are lots of endings. E.g. there are 4 endings dedicated to the death of heroine and 17 more endings depending on training result.


16. Gekka Bijin 月花美人 [980529] Speed 1 2 3
You just moved out from home where your stepmother and stepsister live, into a house where four other females live, including the landlady/caretaker. You also study in a local temple.
As you soon find out, the monk you are learning from is a master of SM training, and you are to become a SM trainer under his guidance. Also, the landlady is the widow to one of the monk's pupil. The husband passed away before he can finish training her, and she has been in depression ever since. Now it fells on your shoulder to finish her training and lead her to happiness. Along the way you will also have the opportunities to interact/train other tenants in the house.
There are several English reviews.


17. Hajimari no Kisetsu ~Izakaya Fuyu Monogatari~ はじまりの季節 ~居酒屋冬物語~ [980529] R.A.N Software 1
The protagonist's relationship with his girlfriend is not doing very well. She's even being courted by his boss! In an effort to rekindle their love, he takes her on a vacation to a ski resort. But will that be enough to win back her heart?
Game has a good English review.


18. Koko wa Rakuensou 3 ここは楽園荘3 [980529] Foster
His girlfriend from #1 came back. Now what is he going to do since he already has a girlfriend from #2. He will have to decide which one he wants, but in the mean time, he still enjoys the girls around him. This time, he can pick one of two girlfriends or stay the same as before.
Third part of the series is not translated to English and thus less known. The love triangle is a new feature, but the game really treats relations lightly. When found in a pinch hero just goes to sleep and it gets to resolve somehow by itself. And there are still lots of sub-heroines for cheerful and light H events.


19. Konpeki Tou Kumiai 紺碧塔組合 [980529] Outlaw
Master Ladrinado Oz traveled to the Emerald City adventurer guild headquarters to become a hero. Together with the seven companions their adventure begins.
Even though it's SRPG, there aren't its usual elements like attack or defend stats or elements... mechanics take some time to get used to, like attacking is not profitable, but counterattack is much more favorable. Your enemies will include sailor schoolgirls, shrine maidens, swimsuit schoolgirls etc


20. Mind [980529] Manbou Soft
Kitamiya is a shop clerk at purchasing department of high school. Using a dubious aphrodisiac that does remain in the memory he sets up physical examination sessions for various girls.
Volume is small and contents ero-centered. Neither scenario, nor characters are appealing.


21. Monmon Gakuen ~Tenkousei~ もんもん学園~ten・ko・sei~ [980529] JAST 1 2 3 4 5
I am a dreamer. Whether I'm fantasizing about my upperclassman Terumi-senpai or Dad's hot new wife, all I need to make my dreams come true is a box of tissue and a little privacy -- preferably in my bathroom stall, second from the left. I like to roam the school or town for delicious girls who I can meet and have sex with in my fantasy world.
I like even created my own personal "dream girl" to make my sexual fantasies even better. She's the perfect girl for me in every way -- just the right hair and face, graceful yet willing to please me. Her name is Shiho. Imagine my surprise when my "imaginary" girlfriend transfered into my school one day! I couldn't believe it, but there she was, the Shiho of my fantasy world, right in front of me. Will it be possible for me to discover the true nature of Shiho and why she has come to me?
Having my fantasy girl come to life has been pretty confusing, but it's just part of how complex my life has become lately. My stepsister, Motoka, seems to have picked up a thing for me, which is a turn-on, I admit, but jeez, she's like my sister, even if we're not related by blood. My stepmother, Akemi, keeps dressing in sexy lingerie around the house because she says it's hot. And Terumi-senpai, the upperclassman I hang around with, keeps treating me like a kid even though I want to show her I'm really a man. What's a guy to do?
Game is localized and has several English reviews.


22. Psycho Therapist Min サイコセラピスト眠 [980529] J-Box
Psycho therapist receives patients and helps them to overcome their complexes.
A nukige of not really high quality.


23. Reborn's Day ~Tsukiyo no Dekigoto~ Reborn's Day ~月夜の出来事~ [980529] Pinpai 1
Hero stayed at school on a full moon night. In the moonlight he saw the girls that were different from usual. They had scars due to their own weaknesses and desires that remained hidden at daytime.
Will the hero be able to feel their wounds?
Story is shaped as hero's monologue. Basically, there's little story. Hero wanders around the school in the evening and some events momentarily occur to him. Game is of fragmentary nature and ends with a fancy which is a waste for the unique atmosphere it creates. There are several heroine ends, but there are also some not pleasant bad ends. Text is good, but it's a sensualist thing rather than a coherent story. There's an English review.


24. Ronron 3 on 6 Bishoujo Mahjong Battle RONRON3on6 美少女麻雀バトル [980529] Hanamaru
Strip mahjong with erotic scenes depend on main character choice : normal man, perverted SM man and lesbian foreigner girl.
Since it's a mahjong game... who cares.
25. Kusairo no Hitomi 腐色の瞳 [9805] RGB
People have feared darkness from ancient times, so they exposed themselves to the light. To protect themselves they started using armors and swords and invented ethics to get rid of anxieties. Cthulhu myths materialize in this darkness and assault the girls full of primordial terror.
Rare Cthulhu-themed doujin game


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