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Kaichou wa Mangaka-san Review




Visual Novel Translation Status (07/29/2017)

For this week title, I decided to parodying Kaichou wa Maid-sama manga because this week we had Wagahigh release and there's also the matter that both of the works were have student council president characters, although in Wagahigh the president was work as manga illustrator though instead of maid. Therefore for this week we had Kaichou wa Mangaka-san for the title, and welcome to this week VNTS Review from mine. As for this week, Tay comment about Evangile W aside it was quite interesting one considering that we had the releases from Mangagamer (Evangile W), Sekai (Wagahigh), and Frontwing (Phantom Trigger Volume 3 aka Touko's Chapter). Which mean that three most active VN localization company (For now) was managed to had same release time, and almost at the same day to boot. Other than those three, of course there's still some update so let's see what update that we had for this week.

Fan Translation

As for fan translation, so far there's only usual progress for this week. For the recap here, we got Eustia was at 18.36% translated (12.04% edited and 11.85% TLC-ed), Loverable was at 82.18% translated (Nanako's route was at 69.01% translated, along with 49.87% TLC-ed and 20.82% edited for the overall Loverable), Majokoi was at 92.22% translated, Sansha Mendan was at 97.08% translated (ie almost completed), Venus Blood Chimera was halfway translated (50.3%), and in regard of Pure Pure turned out that last week progress was wrong so I'll give the new update in which right now the chapter 2 was at 19.23% translated (Overall progress was at 19.90% translated for the whole Pure Pure). As for both of Tsujidou and Tsukiyori, I'd already reported the progress from them at last VNTS so I'll report those two new updates here later.

For more updates from fan translation, we had Witch Garden was at 28% translated, Kanobito was regressing to 3% translated - yes regressing, although the reason was apparently because there's translator change, and the new translator was decided to retranslated Kanobito. Other than those two, there's Ittaku in which he was managed to translated 96% of Anzu's route, meaning that Anzu's route and most importantly Clover's Day would be finished the translation progress. Speaking about Ittaku, there's ToHeart 2 in which there's some progress although mostly it was already in finishing touch - the detail was Sasara's route was still in proofread, QC for Yuma's route was finished and twins route was in QC progress right now, and if all of those above were finished then Ittaku will do QC for Sasara's route and finally do both proofread/QC for Ruu's route. As for Koiken Otome fandisc, unfortunately there's some real life matter that was very important for Dergonu, therefore the progress would be (Sorry) slowed down a lot although he promised that he'll try to release Shiho's route patch at this year though so there's that. For the last progress from fan translation, there's Nocturnal Illusion Renewal which right now it was at 13.7% for the second pass.

That's all for fan translation at this week.


Other than Phantom Trigger, actually we had otome VN release for this week. The VN was Collar x Malice, in which it'll tell us the story of how a policewoman tried to handle a brutal case with her life as the bet. Looks interesting, although too bad that I wasn't quite interested with otome and most importantly it's Vita only.

From Frontwing there's Phantom Trogger Volume Three in which it'll tell us more about Touka and her dark backstory, which just my assumption for now although knowing Grisaia it might be the truth here. As for their next plan, while they didn't say anything in regard of the continuation I would said that if Frontwing really want to keep this format then they would be needed at least two more volumes just to tell us the characters, and some additional volumes if they want to tell us the finale like Rakuen (And Haruto's backstory like Meikyuu). For now I would like to just wait and see here, and hopefully they managed to created another volumes there so they won't disappointed Phantom Trigger fans.

By the way, other than Phantom Trigger release Frontwing was also had some saying in regard of Subahibi 18+ patch. It's about the censorship, and turned out it's the only picture that was get censored so you could still 'enjoy' of how screwed up the bestiality sex scene was in form of text. As for my opinion, I see no problem with that and I think it would be easy if someone out there want to make restoration patch seeing that it was only the CG that was censored. Although I wouldn't count too much in regard of restoration patch though, for now at least.


As for Evangile W, since this is only the fandisc I think it's not that interesting to me here. Although if you like the original Evangile, then I think it should be good addition if one want to look more Vincennes (The setting) and it's students. As for the premise, well I could said that it's had some epilogue from the original four routes, with the addition of five short routes for all of the side characters (Except headmistress who apparently gotten saner in Evangile W of course). Other than that, I think it'll be full of fanservice from Evangile characters. While I didn't quite interested with Evangile W, I would say have fun if you already intended to play it (Including Tay).

Oh, and Mangagamer did had another announcement in which that they'll release Marina at August 11st. Well I would say whatever to the VN because it's just short nukige with some NTR, although I won't deny the importance of nukige release for Mangagamer though especially when it's sales helped them to license more VN in the future.

Sekai Project

As for Sekai, right now they only had one update and it was Wagahigh release. As for Wagahigh, the premise was apparently the MC (Kouki) was worked at student council because of some 'deal'. Namely that the deal was that as long as Kouki joined the council, then his secret gonna be safe. For the information here, the secret that Kouki hide was actually he is a mangaka for ecchi romantic comedy manga, and therefore he need to keep his mangaka job as the secret. After that, apparently the council was also doubled as some sort of the problem solver for the students so from there Kouki and the council decided to help more students. As for my opinion, at first I admit that I dislike the girl's boob lol because it's too big lol (It's the drawing fault actually, so maybe I should say that earlier). But since I'd heard some good opinion in regard of this VN, then perhaps I would considering to play Wagahigh later.

I think that's all for this week, and see you next week.

PS - Forgot one update here, and it's from JAST which to said was quite unusual lol. Anyway the update was fot Princess X in which right now it was in beta testing, so at least JAST was in track for Fall release (Hopefully). Here's the tweet from them in regard of that.

PPS - As promised, I'll deliver both of Tsujidou and Tsukiyori here. For Tsujidou, right now Ai's route was almost reached halway translated with the progress was at 44.58% translated and for overall progress was at 32.8% translated. While for Tsukiyori, right now it was at 8.9% translated and 4.4% edited. That's all for the additionsl progress here.



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