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Tsuisou no Augment

Deep Blue





This is a visual novel created by a company named Jirai Soft and this is the only decent VN they have, well I never read Hotarubi no Shoujo but Kurui no Tsuki was awful... moving on with the review.

Basic plot.
 Augment is a VN that starts in such incredible way, it hooks you immediately, the main character is an 80 years old dude who is in a home for elderly, lamenting on his life, on how plain and dull it was and how he regrets being a good for nothing. Remembering how he depended on his sister all his life and so on... basically he hates himself thinking that he is is a burden and decides to commit suicide, so he grabs a knife and stabs himself on the neck. 
While he is dying he starts thinking that he doesn't want to die and wants another chance and at some point a weird voice tells him that his wish is granted and that he has a second chance to find happiness.
This scene was amazing and a little bit gory too, in fact the entire prologue is very well done.
After that he find himself in the park which was really close from his house (where he grew up while he was still young), he is actually young again, at least his body is. He goes back to his house and there he meets all his family members again, including his father, mother and sister. This part again has a really good impact and it was really well done, everything mixed with good humor.
He basically travels back in time with the help of this shinigami or god of dead, which granted him with a second chance to find happiness in his life.
So the VN is about him reliving his life and trying to find happiness...  by fucking one of the 3 heroines xD (falling in love, creating a new life with them etc, etc)
Up until this point the VN  was fantastic at least it was something new, sadly it just doesn't keep up...
There is a common route and 3 heroines. To unlock the real or true ending you need to read all of them and after reading everything you can re-read it again to unlock at certain points hidden eroge scenes with certain characters and new eroge scenes for all the heroines but without a proper ending or anything, kinda like an omake or fandisk but inside the game itself.
The heroines and plot

Your childhood friend Shiho Umekawa. Her route was kinda meh and it was ruined by the eroge scene, which was placed in a really bad time.
Nothing really interesting to talk about her without spoiling everything.

spoilers of her route ahead



Basically she was raped for a long period of time and blackmailed to not say anything since she was little and when she got older the guy raping her lost interest in her because she grew up and so he stopped suddenly, this makes her believe that she is tainted and nobody would love her, specially not the main character,  either way he doesn't care and they live happy.
At until that point the main character also loved Satsuki and not her, (this is prior to him going back in time to find happiness)  but by going back in time he kinda overwrote himself, erasing the "him" that loved another girl, so she kinda doesn't trust him or something (him falling in love with satsuki is actually satsuki's route)...

The problem is that even if you leave aside the fact that she knew that he was loving another girl until a few days ago and now he loves her...  after she tells him everything about the raping (I won't even going to mention the trope about how she was always in love with him and all that bs)... she ask him "can you hold me?" And I thought at that moment, "Oh god! Are they actually acting like human beings?  Is she asking for a hug and not for anal sex and to drink his 20 loads? Is she actually asking for a hug in this situation, asking for a way to feel like the main character doesn't hate her and meant when he said? that he doesn't really care that she was raped and that will be for her if she need anything not matter what?, No, it can't be true..." aaaaaaaaand it was't, they just fuck, yes after she told him and revels her trauma, something that literally changed her, leaving her in a state of something like a living corpse with fake emotions...  she was probably mentally devastated after saying everything to the love of her life!! they fuck... :notlikemiya:

-btw the main character has the ability (or the shinigami does but it's the same) to travel in time as he pleases by killing himself if he actually really wishes for with all his  might- 
And let's not even talk about how he kills himself to go back in time again to the time that she was first raped to apprehend the rapist, yeah he knocks a rapist which is like 40 old and carries him to the police station alone with many of his porn videos raping other girls because, yes, he was with all the evidence with him at that time...(?)  then the main character kills himself yet again to go back to the time where she tells her everything... and she also happens to remember him from rescuing her from the past that day when she was going to be raped, yeah is just a mess and all too convenient and again everything happens and is resolved in 1 or 2 hours lol


My other huge problem with her are her huge fucking tits, is annoying and looks bad. 







Satsuki Jin, a tsundere from another class of your same age and also the best friend of your childhood friend.
Her route was the worst one for me, she was a decent character and the tsudere side very mild, she has a pervert good for nothing old brother that is used as a punch bag...
The drama on her route was so bad and convoluted that I won't even bother explaining it because it doesn't make sense and it was overly dramatic to a point that it was almost funny, it is actually almost as bad as the true ending.
And finally Nami Susonobe, a junior or "kouhai" from your school too.
She was probably the best route, she likes to cook and is kinda timid but not clueless of what goes around her. You actually spend time with her, just bonding and developing your relationship, their love is not forced. She doesn't love you from the start and they also share the same type of humor which makes them a really fun and dynamic couple, constantly teasing each other of following the weird pattern they have of speaking mostly with jokes. Or doing the boke and tsukkomi.
Also the sex with her didnt feel forced, it felt real and not just an excuse to show them having sex, like the natural progression of their relationship.
She has a really overly protective sister (for a good reason) which happens to be your English teacher and she also hates you and doesn't wants you to be with her. This route didn't need any stupid forced drama to be good, it was good on its own. Without the forced drama it would have been a decent  story to read but nope...


This is just bad... there is actually another shinigami killing her for fun xD and so the main character kills himself several times to travel back in time and saves her from this bad shinigami that is tossed into the story for no reason other than forcing a bad drama into the plot. This actually seems to be the only way that the writer had to include gore into the VN, because every time she gets killed it is in a gruesome way and a dog eats her after or the dog controlled by the shinigami kills her lol It was the dog all the time, damn CUJO! 
It's pretty bad, but at least not convoluted... kinda...



Finally we have the Main character, Hideya Kawashima, he is actually interesting and not your typical main character, he isn't clueless of everything around him and constantly jokes and teases (sometimes to the point of bullying) with everyone, he is 80 years old lol so he acts accordingly... kinda , he is for the most part pretty funny specially with Nami.
About the humor, I don't really like this type but I found myself laughing with some scenes so for the most part it was good.
There are other characters but those are the main ones, I should also talk about Hideya's sister (she also has huge tits that are annoying) and the shinigami itself but I'm tired already and there is no point in talking about them. 
The true ending...
The true ending is the worst part of the whole VN. Have you seen that picture of dustmania where the guy is fucking a brain? is THAT bad xD I wanted to see something about the shinigami, they actually trick you into believe that there is more to that character (at the end of some routes the shinigami says certain things that leads you to think that there is more to the character itself, and he/she also uses the word "boku" but has a girl distorted voice so is hard to tell if it is a she or he, which was probably used on purpose for that reason... but they don't, instead they do what is up until this point a common thing in this VN, threw some sad stuff, make it very convoluted and then resolve it in a few minutes.... everyone is happy YAY.
The main problem with this VN is that it turns itself after the prologue in a pure comedy... which isn't bad per se but the prologue kinda tricks you, making you believe that it will be something else, and you keep expecting that but when it comes is just a forced drama at the end of each route that doesn't fit with the rest or anything ... if it even makes sense at all in the first place, and it last around 1 or 2 hours.
If I have to describe this VN I would say that it is 85% comedy and 15% of very bad forced drama.
The music and Art
The music was good with some good solid songs here and there that fit well with the scenes, it's fully voiced (except for the main character which is only voiced in the true ending) and the art was actually pretty good too aside from the huge tits in some characters.
Oh yeah there is something really annoying, every time you start the VN the logo of the company shows up with a fucking loud noise.
(careful if you are using headphones)
Here are some CGs

I'm gonna rape ya :reeee::notlikemiya:




fan serviceeeee







+Good humor
+Good Art style for the most part
+Amazing voice acting
+Pretty good music
+Nami's route if you leave the ending part.
-Bad drama and nonsensical endings.
-Bad true end.
My rating of this VN is a Ryuk out of 10.
For the reading difficulty, is hard to say but I would say medium, not something to start with, The humor and how the main character talks is just not something you will see normally, he talks in a teasing way pretty much 90% of the time, making references or derailing the conversations over and over again, using crude humor, kanji puns and everything you can imagine, for example he can start talking as if he were fighter pilot (using military language) and keeping that going for a while and some characters follow his humor, so yeah not something easy to read probably. Also the drama parts can be quite tricky or they were for me at some points (if you read the spoilers you can understand how convoluted and tricky it gets) 
There are a lot of reference here and there (I still don't know if the "kain" that he refers at one point is the legacy of kain the games or not)
It took me around 30 hours to complete it but my reading speed is quite slow, you can't just read one route so that's another bad side of this vn.


Recommended Comments

Was planning to read this one soonish, thanks for posting about it. It's one of those peculiar vn's, that had a chance for greatness but devs were unable to make use of it and create a compelling tale, that doesn't fall apart in the process. It's kind of disappointing, considering how well it starts with the prologue.

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One of those VNs that uses most (if not everything) of the writers creative energy right at the start.

The good points first: The protagonist is smee-Tier of selfconscious shit-talking derailment. Ever wondered what would happen if your generic idiot protagonist would be idiotic on purpose? Here you have it. And Nami is as good if not better than him.


But the eff-ing EFFFFF-ing forced drama... while the psycho stalker is just an overused clichee, the other two routes are just... stupid is too weak a word for the insults that are the climax of the route. And don't even get me started on the so called "True End". This one made the fanfic that was Re:LieFs True End look like something Kafka and Goethe wrote together by putting their every essence into it.

I mean seriously,


Telling Shiho he'd accept everything only to 180° afterwards and do the timewalk again. And Namis climax was just as bad. They tease with a terminal illness only to "You thought it was an illness? It was me, Di ... a random shinigami bron out of Augment for NO FRIGGIN REASON other than to have some supernatural DRAMA in a route that already foreshadowed GOOD drama.


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@narcosis Don't let my review stop you from reading the VN, it's always interesting to debate and see what other users think about the same topic, maybe you understand the plot in a different way or see the story from a different perspective than I do.
Which brings me to you @clephas, please don't self promote your review here (I don't care really) I just find it annoying, if you want to refute or give me your opinion on the game do it but don't just post something randomly, what's the point in that?

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10 hours ago, Deep Blue said:

@narcosis Don't let my review stop you from reading the VN, it's always interesting to debate and see what other users think about the same topic, maybe you understand the plot in a different way or see the story from a different perspective than I do.

I'm sorry if my reply made you think that, but as I said - I had it on my backlog, was planning to play it and will, regardless of what you wrote. Actually, it made me even more interested to see what kind of flaws exactly it has and how do they impact the story. It's still a good vn, it just doesn't feel to properly utilize the plot to ammount for something greater. We'll see, whether I'm right or wrong :makina:

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