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VN of the Month June 1994 - Necronomicon




There are no masterpieces this month, but story-wise Necronomicon is the closest thing to a masterpiece.

1. Libido 7 [940601] Libido 1 2 3
The main character of this game is a young girl Naru. She's trained in sisterly love by her sister. Game consists of short episodes about Naru and her friends.
I'm very glad there's an English review since I was sure those are just random extreme H scenes with nameless heroines. Anyway, there's an absolute 0 of the story - just pick one of dozen stories and click through the end. It's the first game I could not make a video of since it'd be just a censored screen all the time. And since there's no story it's utterly useless to hook it and try to see opening scenes because there are none - just select the story and click. I tried several versions of it, but nothing really changed - there was no introduction. Absolutely soulless depiction of H scenes without character sprites or normal CG - just a trail of HCG. The impact of the work was tremendous due to cute heroines in fashionable dresses and extreme context. Who would have thought that such work would see the light of the day just a year and a half after introduction of censorship. I hoped to have video footage of every visual novel found up to 2000's, but have to admit now that soulless nukige take origin as early as the year 1994.


2. Private Slave プライベートスレイブ [940603] Raccoon (old)
Hero is fond of crying women, but he can not reveal his secret to his cheerful girlfriend and thus seeks realization of his dreams with other women.
It is a SM eroge, but without much emphasis on illustrations. Instead it tries to delve in psychology. A very unusual game in this regard. There are multiple branches despite the command selection format.


3. Ikenie ~Kyouraku no Shinden~ いけにえ ~享楽の神殿~ [940611] Cat's Pro. 1
This short game has a rather cryptic plot. The identity of the hero is unclear: we know only that he is a young male, most probably living in our time. One day he is resting after having had sex with a girl, and is mysteriously transported into a strange temple. Without knowing what this temple is, and only presuming it must be built by the Aztecs of Yucatan, the hero must find a way out of it, and back home.
Weird maze full of spontaneous H events.


4. Trigger トリガー [940617] ZyX 1
Trigger consists of three unrelated stories, all of which heavily focus on explicit sexual content. The first story depicts violent and monster-related sexual encounters of a young woman. In the second one, a female detective attempts to investigate the murder of her father and gets captured by the criminals. The third story deals with a raid of mechanized pirates on a spaceship controlled by two young girls.
The main difference of Trigger from other animated old visual novels is that it contains extreme scenes like tentacles and SM. There is some voice support as well.


5. Adirate あでぃらーと [940622] Manbou Goya
Game consists of four short stories.
1. Girl undergoes trials to enter the limited membership club
2. Girl gets stuck, and there's the need to help her out
3. Two young people with amnesia try to escape a mysterious hospital
4. Kindergarten age girl gets caught and accused of witchcraft.
Shories are very short and with a definite H-tilt. Scenario and approach is quite unique. For Windows 3.1 era it was really a breakthrough.


6. Ami - Kaze Tachinu 亜美 ~風立ちぬ~ [940624] Fairy Dust
Ami-chan is a heroine from "Cream Lemon". Your job is to make an idol of her.
Raising sim - typical, monotonous. Ami is cute and that's supposed to be the selling point of the game. Need to be a real fan of her and Cream Lemon...


7. Necronomicon ネクロノミコン [940624] FAIRYTALE HARDCOVER 1 2 3
Necronomicon is - as the title strongly implies - based on the writings of H.P. Lovecraft. The story is set in Lovecraft's fictional city Arkham somewhere in New England. It is said that a terrible ritual has taken place there, involving a woman giving birth to a demonic child. A journalist named Jonathan heads to Arkham to find out more about the dreadful rumors, and to explore the ruins of an ancient monastery. In the town, Jonathan meets other characters with their own agendas. Terrifying nightmares, like visions from the past, haunt Jonathan. Will he be able to preserve his sanity and solve the mystery?
There are some impressions, but no good English review found so far. Game system is highlighted point and click inherited from Dead of the Brain 2. But scenario is one way road with no parts to get game over. First parts can seem monotonous as you just click on everything while gathering clues, but at some point story starts to develop heavily and grabs you till the end. There is like one H scene and with not a particularly cute girl. There are two endings... bad one and absolutely depressive one. So I like point and click mechanics, but to enjoy the game you should be prepared that it's a depressive Lovecraft experience ahead.


8. Paradise Arena ごくらくアリーナ [940624] Chime 1
A man named Shinichi encounters a mysterious young girl who tells him that she and her friends developed new technology that allows unprecedented immersion in virtual worlds. Shinichi is then chosen to be the test subject of the new virtual reality device, participating in adventures where his sexual powers are tested above all.
Virtual reality situations are very exotic. The feature of the game is timer that starts with 100 and cuts the play once it reaches 0. Depending on the number acquired in each story the ending may change.


9. Venus ヴィーナス [940629] Software House Parsley 1 2
Venus is a fairly simple dating simulation game. The player controls a man named Saeki who gets acquainted with four young women, three Japanese and one Western. Each girl has her own preferences as well as parameters that describe her feelings towards the protagonist. The goal is to raise these parameters (and ultimately the girls' "love level") by repeatedly going on dates. From time to time the player is required to make choices that would influence subsequent dating. There is an internal clock that is advanced every time the player character goes on a date. Successful dating results in explicit erotic scenes.
There is one impression in English, but game is really very simple. I would not be really surprised if it was made just in one month to bathe in the popularity of Tokimeki Memorial.


10. Cutie Cop ~Nusumareta File no Nazo~ キューティーCOP ~盗まれたファイルの謎~ [940630] Ice Soft 1 2
Cuty Cop is a game modeled after a Japanese TV show quiz, but with a background story: valuable papers have been stolen from the police department, and the only clue is a perfume smell, which most probably indicates a female TV star. The protagonist, a young female cop, has to participate in a quiz and give correct answers to questions related to Japanese TV shows.
I'm not good with quizzes to say what lies ahead after all the rounds.


11. Nonomura Byouin no Hitobito 野々村病院の人々 [940630] Silky's 1 2 3
Cuty Cop is a game modeled after a Japanese TV show quiz, but with a background story: valuable papers have been stolen from the police department, and the only clue is a perfume smell, which most probably indicates a female TV star. The protagonist, a young female cop, has to participate in a quiz and give correct answers to questions related to Japanese TV shows. Each round has four questions, and if the player has chosen more than two wrong answers, it's game over. "Defeating" an opponent in a quiz leads to the next round against the next opponent.
There are English reviews.



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