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VN of the Month April 1994 - AmbivalenZ -Niritsu Haihan-



Urusei Yatsura: Dear My Friends and AmbivalenZ -Niritsu Haihan- are the masterpieces of the month, but the VN of the month is AmbivalenZ -Niritsu Haihan- since it's original work and not just anime spin-off.

1. Injuu Genmu 2 ~Brain Burst 淫獣幻夢2 ~BRAIN BURST [940401] Ringerbell 1
There is no real story in Injū Genmu II: Brain Burst!!; the setting is a certain magical land where three young, pretty, female magical creatures hold a contest. Innocent young girls will test the knowledge of the participant, and should he win, he will be treated to... a blood-chilling spectacle of said girl being raped by a tentacle monster.
Just a H quiz game with tentacles.


2. Turn Over [940407] Tear Drop
You've been accepted as a teacher to Seitoku Girls' High School.
Did not find a single Japanese and did not bother to get through this beaten setting and mix of command selection and point-and-click systems to see if it was going somewhere.


3. Cherry Bomb: Chou-ojou-sama Sayaka-chan Nanpa Daisakusen チェリーボム 超お嬢さま沙也香ちゃんナンパ大作戦 [940407] Peppermint Kids
Young girl Sayaka has transfers to main character's class. She is the only daughter of a powerful corporation and a returnee from France. Protagonist tries to conquer her heart, but is stopped all the time by the girl bodyguards. At such time he finds a mysterious gem. When he touches it, a voice is heard from nowhere...
Game has adventure part and action xonix part which is really difficult for there is time limit. There are a lot of battles with the bodyguards.


4. Kekkou Kamen ~Oshioki Paradise no Maki~ けっこう仮面 ~おしおきパラダイスの巻~ [940408] Dynamic Production 1 2
When a Japanese game's title includes a word that can be understood as "corporal punishment" (shioki), it's not hard to guess the theme of the "story". Basically, the player is cast as one of Satan's minions, who also happens to be the new "punishment teacher" in the Sparta High School. As the protagonist arrives at the school, he quickly attends to his "duties". However, the sadist's efforts are thwarted by a mysterious, masked, completely naked woman. The player's job is to make sure this won't happen again - which means defeating the super-heroine, and continuing to torture young girls...
There is an English review.


5. Zhuang Yang Jia Yao 壮陽佳肴 [940408] Studio Milk
Hero is a narcissistic god on a training. While strengthening his spirit he has kept abstinence for 500 years and now he finally descends to the lower world.
Chinese style bakage with mythological at and the same time vulgar atmosphere. Hero fights youkai, but it's the women that's his aim. Command selection formula and long H scenes make it especially painful. Special atmosphere leaves quite an impact and is memorable long after playing.


6. Houma Hunter Lime Dai 11 Wa 宝魔ハンターライム 第11話 [940411] Silence 1
In this episode the heroes meet a manager who arranges for them to attend a pop concert held by the local idol. Chaos ensues as a BEM appears on the stage, attracting the attention of journalists and the crowd.
Last fooling around episode dealing with hidden camera and idols.


7. Arabesque! ~Shoujo-tachi no Orinasu Ai no Monogatari~ アラベスク ~少女たちの織りなす愛の物語~ [940413] Fairytale 1
The story of Arabesque begins in a mysterious way, when a young girl named Alice is approached by a man who calls himself "K". The two share a bizarre sexual experience, which Alice finds herself unable to forget afterwards. From now on, she is determined to find the mysterious K. She works in a mansion, serving another mysterious figure, a masked "Master", hoping to find clues concerning K's whereabouts by talking to the maids and learning about their own experiences.
Museum type work in a western mansion, but contents in unsatisfactory. The whole premise sounds really stupid to me - come to mansion to do who knows what waiting for some K who does not seem to come. It's reported to have quite a number of fetishes and quite short volume, but I got bored with long absurdist talks already.


8. Concert コンサート [940415] AyPio
You become the leader of a rock band of five girls. Will you make a name for yourself?
Top down classmates style view without concept of time. The top down view makes the game more memorable, but gameplay is too boring and kind of difficult to try and see the end.


9. Urusei Yatsura: Dear My Friends うる星やつら~ディア マイ フレンズ [940415] Game Arts 1 2 3 4 5 6
It is the story of Ataru, a high school lecher who loves nothing more than to try his luck with every pretty girl he meets. Although he is generally good-hearted, he does a good job of hiding that fact.
One day, Earth is beset by alien invaders who will conquer the planet, unless a chosen representative is able to beat an alien representative in their national game: Tag. Incomprehensibly, Ataru is chosen for the task. His opponent is Lum, gorgeous daughter of the invaders' leader. Shinobu, Ataru's long-suffering girlfriend, tells him that she could never marry a loser, and that he had better win the game of Tag if he wants to marry her. Ataru is filled with new hope, and against all odds, he manages to tag the flying Lum.
Ataru is overjoyed that he can now marry Shinobu, but Lum mistakes his victory cry as a marriage proposal. She immediately accepts, and then the two are inseparable - not that Ataru likes it that way. Lum's unconditional love poses no challenge, and Ataru misses the thrill of the chase. Unfortunately, Lum dishes out a massive electric shock every time Ataru so much as breathes in the direction of another girl, so he's stuck!
There are lots of English reviews.


10. Gakuen Senki ~Kyoufu no Puppet Keikaku~ 学園戦記 ~恐怖のパペット計画~ [940415] Foresight
In late 23rd century was marked by a terrible disaster - the Third World War. Years have passed since the countries affected by it started slowly rebuilding. A league of nations was formed, consisting of "companions" from different countries. Suzuki, the representative of Japan, was also the founder of the most prestigious school of the new era - St. Innocence Girls High School. The graduates were invited to a grand opening held by a company that was successful in manufacturing giant robots. But terrorists of an unknown origin assaulted the place, killing most of the people. All the clues lead to St. Innocence school. Suzuki sends an agent (codename "Osamu") to infiltrate the school and find out what is happening.
It's basically an RPG, so nothing to discuss.


11. Gao Gao! 2nd ~Pandora no Mori~ GAOGAO!2nd ~パンドラの森~ [940416] Four-Nine 1 2 3
A biological experiment that began in 1993 led to a terrible disaster in the beginning of 21st century. A virus that turned living beings into mutants and monsters has been unleashed. Soon the Earth turned into a terrifying place of chaos, as more and more human beings became infected. Unspeakable violence obliterated human civilization. Within a few years, humanity was on the verge of total annihilation. The Era of Darkness began.
But not all hope was lost. Humans began building cities known as "Domes", isolated from the wilderness, protected by glass from all sides, cut from natural resources. It was possible to start building civilization anew.
On one fateful day, the famous scientist couple Mizuhara were killed in what looked like an accident. Their project, which showed new ways of fighting the virus, descended into the grave with them. Their two children were separated and for a long time were unaware of their origins. But the wheels of destiny keep spinning, as the young Mizuhara is about to discover the truth about his parents, and perhaps bring new hope to humanity...
I've prepared a full review.


12. Dare mo Shiranai... Ushinawareta Kioku no Tobira 誰も知らない・・・ 失われた記憶の扉 [940418] Xyz
A woman is running through the night forest. She seems to be pursued by someone. Man sees a strange dream that she is terrified of an attack from behind. A disaster suddenly falls on the man and his lover. And the key word is "Misty Blue".
Suspense horror novel. There are lots of branches in here but roughly they can be divided on two stories, of man and of woman. So difficulty is due to a big number of branches full of bad ends. Well, game is horrible, as for me. Protagonist is a woman so thoughts are very inconsistent. And it's not written who is talking so it makes less and less sense in the dialogues. Constant sudden twists of plot leave logic off the board. And the story is not that interesting - just about brother working on a secret project and of the flowers that have special power against the occult powers.


13. 2 Shot Diary ツーショットDiary [940421] Mink 1
2 Shot Diary is a collection of twelve short episodes of sexual nature, each told by a different young woman, presented as entries in their diaries. There is no connection between the stories. Each heroine has a different profession and social status (high school student, nurse, model, etc.), where each episode usually centers around a particular sexual theme (voyeurism, lesbian sex, rape, etc.). The game is almost entirely pornographic, with nearly each screen being a depiction of a sexual activity.
Multiple stories format bloomed during 1993 and in case of this game it evolved into multiple H micro-stories. The quality is good, but plot is absent and there's little to discuss.


14. Jonason ~Kugutsu no Mai~ ジョナサン ~傀儡の舞~ [940421] Xyz 1
Kamome and Arisa are two freelance detectives, and their current assignment is to protect Kimiko Ichijou, the daughter of a wealthy oligarch. Three days before her birthday, someone tipped the detective off about a possible assassination attempt. Kimiko has been recently transferred to the prestigious Seika Girls High School. Kamome decides to infiltrate the school, working undercover under the disguise of a janitor. Soon he realizes that powerful figures from a corporation that Kimiko's family is part of are not about to give up, and his life is in danger as well...
This might be the best action visual novel among pc-98 because since the very first minutes action is overflowing. There are car races and a lot of timed sequences when you need to click on the right objects within time limit or it's game over, so there is constant tension. But the second half is just wandering around the school as a janitor, so it gets somewhat monotonous. Point and click feels awkward with so much moving around the same rooms.


15. Princess Danger ぷりんせすでんじゃあ [940421] Studio Jikkenshitsu
500 years ago the Victorian kingdom built by Victorian I upon defeating the Devil suddenly disappeared after a period of prosperity. Ayumi is the direct descendant and 42th ruler of the Victorian royal family. With the help of her companion Puchi she starts reconstruction of the Victorian kingdom. It is said that waking up a great spirit and defeating a new devil is needed for resurrection. And God have mercy on poor souls who stand in Ayumi way!
A gag adventure with its own absurdist charm. It features multiple parodies on media works of the time.


16. Atlantia アトランティア [940422] Japan Home Video
A journalist is sent on a voyage on a huge liner to take an interview from an ambassador.
Graphics of the game are dated and system is really bad as it's combination of command selection and point-and-click. No Japanese reviews found so it shall remain a mystery what's going to happen on a voyage.


17. Koko wa Rakuensou ここは楽園荘 [940422] Foster 1 2 3 4
You are Keigo Nakadai, a 25 year old average guy who makes his living doing odd jobs. Now he's got a job as a caretaker of a top class apartment block (thanks to your uncle who owns the place) where all the residents are women! So, while your uncle is off to Hawaii, you are in charge of taking care of the place in his absence.
As you get 'acquainted' with the local residents, certain suspicious events that disturb the local residents comes to your attention, ultimately leading to the mystery of behind Paradise Heights...
There are English reviews.


18. AmbivalenZ -Niritsu Haihan- AmbivalenZ -二律背反- [940428] Alice Soft 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Shura is a knight who has devoted his life to two things: his beloved princess and killing evil demon monsters called Duendy. The Duendy goddess, Deirdre, was pissed that her children were being defeated by this knight, so she sent in some monsters to go kill Shura's beloved. Shura goes in to try to save his princess, but it's too late. Her soul had been destroyed and she was never coming back.
Shura was heartbroken by this. He was also cursed to never age. he would forever have to live with the fact that his true love was dead and never coming back. All the while, Duendy torment him through the centuries and make his life into a living hell. Not wanting to fall into despair, Shura's heart fills with vengeance and promises to one day kill Dierdre and avenge his princess' death.
In modern day Japan, Shura is off hunting Duendy when he comes across a girl that looks just like his princess. Interestingly enough, she's also very skilled with magic and has wings. She isn't the princess though, as much as Shura wants to believe otherwise.
AmbivalenZ is an adventure visual novel that has interactive battle scenes and occasional map movement. It resembles an RPG, but it isn't. There are no statistics, no numbers, and no leveling up, almost as if the RPG is just a shell. It also has frequent "boss battles" where you could potentially lose based on how you choose how to fight.
There are English reviews.


19. Gakuen Bomber 学園ボンバー [940428] Active 1
Gakuen Bomber begins with a dream; more precisely, the dream the protagonist of the game, an ordinary Japanese high-school boy, is having: that of his sister having passionate sex with... a female classmate. Since afterwards he begins to dream about spaceships and aliens, he assumes that dream had nothing to do with reality... or has it? Exploring the high school he attends, the hero makes some startling and not very unpleasant discoveries...
Hero is set to uncover the truth about an incident that happened at school - in that regard content is normal. Using point-and-click system on the other hand was rare. Game is focused on chasing cute heroines including loli ones and character designs are well done here.


20. Halfmoon ni Kawaru made ~Ramiya Ryou no Niji-iro Tamatebako~ ハーフムーンにかわるまで ~蘭宮涼の虹色玉手箱~ [940428] Cocktail Soft 1
The game is based on the manga Half Moon ni Kawaru made by Ryo Ramiya. It contains four separate stories/games, which can also be defined as mini-games due to their short length. Each story contained is dedicated to a different heroine:
Suzuka and her boyfriend escape from ninjas; they are ambushed by amazon warriors and get separated. Suzuka finds herself in a weird mansion overrun by monsters, and must fight her way with a sword. This game is an adventure with top-down movement; the goal is to find the way through the maze-like locations. There are also pre-set turn-based battles - Suzuka can choose between various techniques to defeat the foes. There is no RPG system of any kind. The sex scenes include grotesque encounters with monsters.
Eve is a saleswoman in a large company that sells items for skin care and make-up. She has to explore the neighborhood and to convince customers to buy their products. This story plays like a standard Japanese adventure with first-person view and menu-based commands. The sexual content here is mostly of lesbian nature.
The protagonist in this story is the "hero" of the entire game (default name Tatsuya); he offers his services to Selena, the queen of the medieval Rabbi-Rabbi kingdom. Evil bunnies are disturbing the peace in the country side, and the hero, aided by the lovely girl Nina, has to get rid of them and bring back the carrots. This is an action game, with bunnies popping out of holes in different stages, and the player character hitting them on the heads using various items (such as a house shoe).
The shortest game tells the story of Titis, a lovely mermaid who dreams of marrying a human prince. In search for the love of her life, Titis gets to know the world of humans through a series of sexual encounters. This game is once again a typical Japanese adventure with menu-based commands and no movement of any kind (the player switches locations automatically, as dictated by the story).
Different stories are of different genres and/or include different mini-games. Development is smooth and the only aim is to entertain.


21. Reira Slave Doll レイラ SLAVE(奴麗)DOLL [940428] Silky's 1 2
By the end of the 20th century pollution became so heavy that the hole in the ozone layer expanded greatly, resulting in an acidic rain that rendered life on Earth next to impossible. Mankind had to colonize space, and began producing artificial humans (androids) to work in harsh conditions. As the danger was averted, however, the usage of androids gradually shifted towards mundane life. Female androids, known as "slave dolls", were used for sexual purposes until some of them rebelled and turned to crime. Special agents called "hunters" were dispatched to capture rogue slave dolls. Ryō Kanō is one of those hunters, and he is sent on a mission to apprehend an android named Reira.
I've got a full review on the work. I can't honestly call it a masterpiece, but I loved this cyberpunk story.


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