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Tour Guide from Kazana Island Review




Visual Novel Translation Status (07/01/2017)

As for this week I tried with parodying Tour Guide from Underworld Yu-Gi-Oh card, only changing the underworld part with Kazana Island (Dal Segno setting). I knew that the girl in VNTS image header herself didn't work as tour guide, but rather her job was actually the caretaker for Kazana Island and the girl herself (Ame) was an AI hence the digital looking CG. Although she was still fit as tour guide to me anyway seeing that she was the one who guide MC to adapt at Kazana's island, and the island itself was quite fitting for a summer vacation there lol. Welcome to my VNTS Review for this week once again, and unlike last week we only had one release which is Dal Segno from Mangagamer, and once again some weekly updates.

For this week, there's no update from Sekai seeing that most of their project was either sitting at 100% or simply didn't had any progress itselves (Probably dealing with some engine work). Actually there's one project that still had progress, but too bad that I wasn't interested with particular project in the first place. The project was Bokukotsu in which right now was at 74.19% translated. Oh, and we had the progress in regard of Rakuen in which the 18+ content for Rakuen was already one third finished. Lack of care from mine in regard of both of those Sekai updates aside, I was kind of interested with their AX panel later because Sekai tends to announce big project at AX.

Fan Translation

We obviously didn't need to look forward to AX panel for fan translation here, but AX aside this week there's many usual updates from fan translation so let's see what they had. Eustia right now was at 16.76% translated, Sansha Mendan was at 80.8% translated (And quite hard to describe how many the editing progressing), Venus Blood Chimera was at 41.5% translated, Koiken Otome fandisc was at 8% translated (ie Shiho's route was at 42% translated (2,041 lines)), and Witch Garden was at 27% translated. For Majokoi right now it was at 87.8% translated, 86.6% edited, and 55% TLC-ed which steadily catch up with the editing progress. This week we also still seeing some progress with Rabu Rabu TL with Loverable project, which right now was at 76.57% translated (Nanako's route was at 32.87% translated) and 44.55% edited.

For more progress from fan translation, there's Monster Girl Quest Paradox in which apparently the translator was already preparing the interface patch for the 2nd part with undecided release date, although it should be next week though (Probably). For ToHeart 2, the proofread was still ongoing although it was slowed down though (Sorry) because the real life factor, and Ittaku himself was planning to do the proofreading for the last route himself (Coincidentally, the last route was Ruu's route). We also had good news from Konosora restoration, in which Pabloc just stated the only remaining work is technical work (Including creating patch) which mean all of the translation progress including editing should be finished, although keep in mind that the release time might be not in near future though and I might be wrong in regard of finished the editing progress (Correct me if I'm wrong here). Didn't care for both of Utawarerumono portable and Fate Hollow voice insert, but nice progress nevertheless I think.

This week we also had Yeah123 was managed to found a hacker in order to start her planned project. The project in question was Tsukiyori which if we remember was showing some progress at last year, before it was stalled because of real life issue from the old translator. As for the project, actually it isn't started yet but at least the script was extracted which mean that it should be ready to be translated, and let's wait until Yeah123 announced the project by herself. For the last progress we had the announcement from Fortune Arterial that the project still alive although admittely lacking activity, and the project just get the new translator which hopefully we could see some activity in the future in regard of Fortune Arterial. Oh, this week we had Hanachirasu side story translation released and it's not took my interest here to be blunt.

That's all for fan translation section, and I'll report Tsujidou progress (17.5% translated right now) later here.


I sort of miss that we had Kuroinu chapter 2 beta testing from last week, although to tell the truth it's not VN that I kept my eyes on that though so whatever.

This week Mangagamer release Dal Segno which is a VN from Circus, which is the company behind Da Capo franchise. As for the naming, well it's the musical term just like Da Capo in the fast. For a bit of history, Dal Segno was announced as new projects from last year AX along with some other VNs including Maggot Bait. Which mean the time between announcement and the release was only one year. As for Dal Segno itself, it's actually just normal charage with very cliche premise that MC (Was nameable) transferred school to the school in VN. Although what make it a little bit interesting is that Kazana Island was in eternal summer which mean that it was summer even at January, giving nice look of summer imo. Oh, and by the way just expect Da Capo with everlasting summer instead of everlasting sakura if you play it, because apparently from what I'd knew it's resembled Da Capo a lot.

That's all for this week, and for AX I think my plan for now would be reporting it along with next week VNTS Review. See you next week.

PS - As for the update from Tsurezure, we had a quick one this time and right now Tsujidou was at 19.31% translated for overall progress with 2nd part of common route fully translated. Oh, and they also release the patch that translated 2nd part of common route as well. For the next plan, they'll translate Ai's route starting from the next week which apparently was took at least around 30% of the VN content (And longer than common route combined). Oh, and apparently they'll doing the same release pattern like back at HatsuKoi (One patch per heroine route finished), although it might be take a while here though. That's all for Tsujidou.


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