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VN of the Month August 1993 - Houma Hunter Lime Dai 03 Wa




A very weak month. But if choosing among ero-centered games, a mahjong game and an animated little masterpiece, I'd choose the last one. Houma Hunter Lime Dai 03 Wa is VN of August 1993.

1. Houma Hunter Lime Dai 03 Wa 宝魔ハンターライム 第03話 [930806] Silence1
In this episode a fit of jealousy on Lime's side sends Bass to the hospital. Upon arrival, however, the two discover a very strange hospital manager and begin to suspect yet another BEM infiltration.
This time the story is not so much about a youkai at all. Heroes just happen to find him after they deal with their own problems in the hospital. The recurring jokes start to appear and the series start to remind more of an anime episodes rather than a real game.


2. Mahjong Gensoukyoku II 麻雀幻想曲II [930806] Active 1 2 3 4
Mahjong Fantasia 2 is a direct sequel to the first Mahjong Fantasia game. The story mode begins with a reminiscence of the events depicted in the first game. The hero, Ring, is back with his girlfriend Tania, but mourns the loss of the lovely elf Raspberry. He travels to the Village of Elves, where he discovers that there might be a way to resurrect Raspberry - but it involved finding seven sacred golden tablets, guarded by fearsome opponents, which must be defeated in a game of mahjong...
There are English reviews.


3. Poison Needle ポイゾンニードル [930810] May-Be Soft
A collection of three short stories:
1) "Yuka's after-school"
2) "PM 12:00"
3) "Melody played with a finger"
The stories are really short and ero-centered reaching some 30 minutes playtime total. The CG level is very uneven.


4. Denwa no Bell ga... 電話のベルが… [930817] Cocktail Soft 1
The protagonist of this game, a nameless young man, receives a phone call from his girlfriend. She is distressed and asks him to meet her immediately. From that point on, whatever happens depends on what the player decides to do...
This is a grandfather of all the works with a big number of bad endings since the whole point of the game is in watching the bad endings rather than getting a single right one. But in the end plot does not matter at all and the focus of the game is solely H scenes.


5. Collector D Bangaihen - Gokuraku Dainishi Chiku Sales Daisakusen コレクターD 番外編 極楽台西地区セールス大作戦 [930823] D.O.
After a successful mission in one residence unit the vibrator designer decided to spread his business over the whole town district.
Top down view is much more comfortable than the 3D maze of flats. Graphics have been improved substantially. So only this version is polished enough for sale. The game system remains almost the same as the prequel.


6. City Knights シティナイツ [930826] Dott Kikaku
Kusanagi Milan is the leader of the city knights girl heroes unit. Their bitter enemy is Dr. Wariwari who is a bio-scientist who has plans for the world unification and defeat of city knights.
Three incidents have happened in Shinjuku with victims losing their underwear. Kusanagi Milan hurries to the most recent incident location for investigation.
Another game that I could not find reviews for. And I think I know why now. I failed to find something while moving on the map for 10 minutes. And can't even trigger any door open. So the game is not really a pushover.


7. Marionette Mind マリオネット・マインド [930827] Studio Milk 1
Marionette Mind is a collection of three interrelated short stories depicting the adventures of an artificially created young woman. Each story is told and seen from the point of view of a different protagonist. In the first story, a young puppet-maker creates a doll of a young woman that becomes miraculously alive, and very soon discovers her sexuality. In the second story, she helps a broke performer in a puppet theater to improve his business and life. The third story is dedicated to battle puppets known as "kugutsu", where the artificial woman finally finds her home.
There is some attempt to synchronize the stories as the last one is played from the viewpoint of Rio during the course of first two stories, but that's a failed attempt since the endings are very weak. After all, Studio Milk mostly produced games of genres different from ADV and joined the race only for some fast profit.


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