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Hanidebi! Honey & Devil

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I thought so after playing Koiken Otome... but this company is absolutely incapable of properly utilizing their settings. 

Good music, mostly good characters (the protagonist sucks), decent art... but so empty of content it isn't even funny.  The sex obsession from beginning to end is carried out poorly, the actual paths have too much ichaicha, and the potentially humorous elements fall short of where they would have gone in any other game. 

In other words, this is yet another kusoge from Eufonie. 

A lot of the problem is that the game is so sexually-obsessed it might as well be a nukige, while still making pathetic attempts (truly pathetic attempts) at telling a story.  This is a classic example of a game where all the elements of a potentially high-quality game existed but didn't come together in a cohesive whole.  I was more than a little horrified at how incompetent the efforts of this company were in this area. 

This is a game of lost opportunities, and I honestly wish I hadn't paid for it.

Edit: Oh and the protagonist is a total hetare in the slice-of-life scenes, which makes him horribly unsuited to the situation they set up in the story.

Edit2: This game is horrible mostly due to the degree of frustration it creates in me.  Given the same setup of characters and plot elements, any half-decent VN writer should have been able to write a far more interesting story than this.  Heck, even if they did it as a simple charage, it should have been better than this.  If this were a true nukige, it would be par for the course... but there isn't enough H for that, comparatively speaking.  Heck, they even failed to utilize most of the girls' personal settings to their fullest potential, which is just pathetic.

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I was also shocked at how bad Koiken Otome was in that regard, but then... it didn't take me long to realize it was just a bad story in general, I only kept reading long enough to confirm my suspicion the that story was definitely going nowhere fast. The art budget was decent enough that I'm kinda surprised they are able to keep producing titles without improving their writing quality. I'd expect them to be bankrupt by now. :P

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