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Day of Wrath ~Inutilis Dea~ Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (06/03/2017)

As for the title, since I did promised in regard of 'Day of Wrath' when Dies Irae release, of course I used that title as it show. Although I decided to add 'Inutilis Dea' here as well though, in which it was the latin for 'The Useless Goddess' (Another released VN here) because Dies Irae here also had some latin words for the subtitle here. Back to business here, welcome to my VNTS Review for this week and sorry for being late here. As for this week, the most obviously big release here was Dies Irae in which it was quite hyped there. Big release aside, this week progress was just usual fan translation mostly. Let's see what this week updates will offer here.

This week, there's no much update that we could expect from official localization such as Sekai and Mangagamer. Although by 'no much' I mean that they had some update here of course. As for the updates, since it's only a few here I'll just round up all of the updates here.

  • From Sekai there's Bell Chime for Gold (An otome VN apparently) which at 62% translated right now, and right now Konosora Kickstarter was gathered around 55,000 out of 75,000 for Eternal Heart localization. Other than those two, there's no update from them this week, so whatever.
  • At one of their tweet, JAST said that right now they currently at halfway (Around 50% or so) translating Flowers, which should be Summer arc (Or Le Volume sur Ete for original title) if we look from JAST release plan. Which mean at this rate it looks like it'll be impossible if they talk about 2017 release plan, but then again it may change in the future though.
  • Mangagamer announced that they release Dal Segno for both Steam and 18+ version at June 30th. Interestingly, Mangagamer said that they'll prepare free restoration patch for Steam version so obviously it'll allow any Steam player to play 18+ version as well (Steam version for Mangagamer VN was usually cheaper, so obviously many people would be probably buy Mangagamer VNs from Steam). By the way, apparently this is the first time Mangagamer tried something like this, so maybe there'll be more in the future (Steam VN using free 18+ patch)

That's all for the roundup from official localization company here.

Fan Translation

This week, there's only some usual updates here so not much that I could write later. But apparently a project from this section was dropped, and it was Shibukuzu in which it was Dergonu's project. Let's just hope that someday it'll be picked up again, although apparently it was already getting another translator though. Also there's one more update from Konosora Restoration project in which there was one script left to be translated (Pabloc complained it was a sex scene though), and then all that was left is the editing (It's almost catch up with the current retranslation) and QC before finally making a patch. Good luck once again there to Konosora Restoration project.

For the rest of the updates we had Eustia was at finally reaching 15% mark translated (15.15%, and Fione's arc was at 20.33% translated), 9.24% edited (Common was at 96.70% edited), and 7.64% TLC-ed (Eris's arc was at 4.5% TLC-ed). For more updates from fan translation here, we had Majokoi was at 86.6% translated and 84.66% edited, Koiken Otome fandisc was had 1,403 lines of it translated (Shiho's route was at 29% translated), Witch Garden was at a quarter translated, and Loverable was at 71.56% translated (Also was at 42.63% TLC-ed and one fifth (20.08%) edited).

That's all for fan translation right now, and I'll add Tsujidou progress here later.


For the first news here, finally Chuusotsu Kickstarter was success with the fund gathered was at 24,104. To tell the truth, I was kind of afraid that the Kickstarter was failed after seeing of how much effort that Fruitbat was put in order to bring Chuusotsu localized there, especially when it's still at around 18,000 or so with three days left back then. Well, in the end it was successful though but it's still not enough for the additional reward though (In which Fruitbat will try to raise it using Backerkit or something like that). Forgot to said this beforehand, but let me said congratulations for the successful Chuusotsu Kickstarter there to Fruitbat Factory.

Once again from this section we had big release for this month, in which it's not Useless Goddess obviously (Apparently it's just another fanservicy VN from MoeNovel there). It's obviously Dies Irae oce again, in which it was quite famous as one of very good chuunige. As for the VN itself, apparently the premise was back at the aftermath of WW2 in which what apparently happened is that some of Germany did some ritual for some reason and as the result the Germany were disappeared to Japan at 2006. From there, the Germany started to cause some havoc and it's up to the protagonist to counter it. While the story might sounds quite cliche there, there's another aspect that make it famous namely that apparently the writing was quite good there compared to other VNs, and also the infamy of it for being hard to translated (According to Moogy). This VN was also established Masada as very good chuunige writer and of course bring money to light (The company behind Dies Irae), so much that they started to churn out some chuunige that was written by Masada and some of his apprentice (I mean as Cash Cow Franchise thing, although it's understandable though). Well, have fun playing Dies Irae though although it's still didn't had 18+ content though (It'll be added later at July in form of patch).

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

PS - As promised, right now we had Tsujidou first common route was at 86.01% translated (11.22% translated overall) which meant that it's possible that it'll be fully translated by next week (I meant the first part of common route). That's all for Tsujidou update here, and by the way there's still no plan of releasing partial patch for now.


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