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Tayutama 2 After stories




For my post on the original Tayutama 2 game, look below

Now, my opinion of what LoS did wrong with Tayutama 2 hasn't changed at all, and, in my mind, they did the same thing with this one.  As fandiscs go, it has a lot of content, though most of the stuff that was actually of interest was to be found in the extras portion.  While it might bet tempting to see the three original heroines' stories as the main part of this one, they are in fact a secondary issue.  Their actual stories are short, and their extras are focused around h-content (albeit with slice-of-life mixed in), so I can't really say they really added much onto any of the paths with this, save for Nano.  Nano's ending got some added details, given during her after story.  However, I got the impression that these details were mostly added on as a sop to people who though Nano's ending was a bit disappointing.

The only really good addition this gives to the Tayutama series is Momo's path, which was added on as an extra.

In other words... as a fandisc, it failed to address the failures of its original material, though it did manage to add something entirely new.  If you liked Tayutama 2, it is nice, if you didn't, you'll hate it.



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