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Le Eden de Chanson Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (04/29/2017)

As for the title, since we finally had Rakuen release (Without 18+ content though) I decided to use the French for one of Rakuen opening song (Because Grisaia like using French), which was named Eden's Song. Of course the title here would be obviously my very loose translation for the title itself. I knew that Eden's Song was not Rakuen main opening, but I'd found that it was more appropriate that we had that as this week VNTS Review title imo (The main Rakuen opening song title was Fission by the way). With that done, welcome to this week VNTS Review and from the first look at image header this week was the busiest if we talk about the releases so far. Also we had two Grisaia releases to boot, which I must admit was quite popular out there. Let's see what we had this week, shall we.

For the first news here, we had both of the good and bad news JAST here. The good news is that they finally had released a new VN here (Yay), and the bad news is that the released VN in question wasn't something like Sumaga or even Flowers Summer episode. It's the nukige called 'Nympho Sensei Ryoko' in which will tell the story of how pervert the female teacher in question was. Not in my looking forward list to be very blunt here, but if there's people who looking forward to it so much that looking at the update from JAST in regard of Ryoko go get that. Other than Ryoko release, no much news from JAST here.

While this week we didn't had the update from Mangagamer, we had one release from them and another announcement in regard of planned release. This week, or back at 28th Mangagamer release Meakashi which once again a part of Higurashi (Or to be exact a part of the second part of Higurashi (Higurashi Kai)). As for the Meakashi itself, it should be no surprise that it'll be featuring some disturbing element (Higurashi and all), but actually Meakashi was one of most infamous even among of Higurashi arc. For more information, the most known creepy act from the anime was adapted from Meakashi. Other than Higurashi, Mangagamer also announced that they'll release the nukige that they announced in Boston (Sweet Young Bride) at May 19th. Speaking about May 19th, they'll have two announcements at Anime Central later although looking at their announcements in the past, let's just say I won't expect too much here. That's all for Mangagamer here.

Fan Translation

For fan translation here, there's some usual updates. The updates goes like Loverable was at 61.98% translated and 33.75% TLC-ed, Majokoi was at 24%TLC-ed, Koiken Otome fandisc was had Shiho' route at 19% translated, and Eustia prologue was almost reach 90% mark translated (It was at 89.54% translated, and overall was at 8.24% translated. Also was at 60.58% edited and past halfway (50.24%) TLC-ed for the prologue). There's also ToHeart 2 matter of decensoring, which right now was fully decensored so if there's some people here who like to see HCG being uncensored so much (I don't pay attention to HCG in regard of censoring to be honest), be glad and look forward to ToHeart 2 eventual release which will take place after remaining proofread and quick QC finished. There's also some rather interesting news in regard of Clover Days, in which it was revealed that instead of almost halfway Anzu's route was only 15% translated by Astro. So of course Ittaku decided to translate it, and right now it's at one third translated (I mean Anzu's route).

As for HatsuKoi, once again they release Maya's patch back at Monday and right now they translated 35% of Yukino's route, so just usual works for them here (They'll probably had the update tomorrow). There's also the confirmation in regard of Dracu Riot, in which both of Decay and Clephas still working hard to polish Dracu Riot as much as they could, not to mention that apparently the TLC staff was dislike Dracu Riot so he gave up. Well, good luck to Dracu Riot project there and hope they could deliver the patch later. Before forget, there's another release of Higurashi although this time it's original arc from PS3 version. Yes, there's a PS3 to PC port for one of Higurashi arc (Someutsushi) although if I may say I'd quite content with original eight arcs from Higurashi though (Both original and Kai). Nevertheless I believe that port would be quite interesting addition for Higurashi fans out there, especially the hardcore ones.

Before closing fan translation section, once again actually other than updates and Maya's patch release Tsurezure was also announced their next project. It was Tsujidou which had same setting as Majikoi, although it'll be focused on delinquent girls though unlike Majikoi. As for the review, I'd heard that it's not at same level as Majikoi so perhaps it'll be a disappointment for some. Regardless of that opinion, I'll keep my eyes on this and will report the weekly progress from them if they had one just like back at HatsuKoi.


At 25th, Fruitbat was started their Kickstarter for Chuusotsu, and at this time I must said that the Kickstarter itself was running quite nicely with 8,461 out of 20,000 was gathered. I would say good luck to the Kickstarter there, and hope it'll be successful. For other update, there's Psychopass which finally entering Steam (Not interested, especially with VNDB average score which was mediocre) and Period Cube (I admit that the MC girl was good looking, too bad it was for console though). Other than those releases, there's MoeNovel in which they already announced their next release with name 'Lovekami Useless Goddess'. My comment would be whatever ie didn't quite care about that for now, especially after MoeNovel using LoveKami as their answer to Winged Cloud's Sakura franchise (Although LoveKami was had better characters though, at least compare to Sakura franchise). Oh, and by the way Little Busters was entering the Greenlight, which mean the release date was almost close (If you interested with Little Busters, vote it here).

For the last news here, there's big news from Frontwing in regard of Grisaia which there's release for 2 volumes of Phantom Trigger and the finale for original trilogy Rakuen. As for the Rakuen, to be honest it's quite surprising that Sekai managed to barely release it before the month's end, but then again it's nothing new though I guess (Just like Root Double in the past). Guess like MoeNovel and Winged Cloud Frontwing was using Grisaia as their Cash Cow Franchise (Phantom Trigger case), although I admit that they bring characters with good backstories there if I may say something about that here. 

As for my opinion, to tell the truth the moment I'd read that Grisaia was gonna had two sequels I quite disagree with Frontwing for taking trilogy route, especially in regard of Kajitsu which was actually already good enough charage imo (Besides if Frontwing really need Yuuji backstory, they could make it akin Sharin fandisc instead of two sequels imo). Not to mention unseen 'route' which had Yuuji save five heroines off screen, and Frontwing managed to retconned one of important trait from one of main heroine (Also one very important event from one route, but it could be easier to retcon). It's quite hard to write my feeling here to be honest, so guess it's just my uneasiness here. Although I may already said that, I'm sure that both of Rakuen and Phantom Trigger (Which apparently still need more volumes later, like Corona Blossom) would be good if someone was big fan of Grisaia like Decay. In the end, it's up to you to enjoy Grisaia or not.

Before I closing VNTS Review, there's Bokukotsu update from Sekai in which it was at 64.09% translated. That's all for this week, and see you next week.

PS - There's additional updates from HatsuKoi, in which they had translated 79.21% of Yukino's route (Overall was at 97.27% translated). They also say that hopefully by next week they could release Yukino's (Completed) patch, although of course it may be change though. That's all for the additional HatsuKoi update here. 


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