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School Days



Have you ever wanted to put yourself in the shoes of the protagonist in an anime and make the choices? Have you ever wanted to read a harem story that puts a little spin on the genre? Well tough shit, I have yet to find a game that does it well. If you’re a little bit knowledgeable about anime or visual novels, chances are you’ve already heard about the infamous School Days. Hated with a passion, regarded with disgust or liked “ironically”, nobody really starts School Days with the hope of finding a good piece of fiction. I myself am not a fan of watching/reading something because it’s “so bad it’s good” or because there’s worth to be found in its filth. However, since it seems to be solidbatman’s idea of a Christmas present to make me review this VN, I’ll give you a detailed report of why it is terrible and why you shouldn’t play it. Read the full review: School Days



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