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Sakura ga Kureta Yokan Review




Visual Novel Translation Status (01/21/2017)

As for this week, the biggest news was obviously Da Capo 3 release which once again had some history with Fuwanovel like I stated several times here. And of course there's some controversy behind that. By the way, while back at 2012 I'm still not member yet, but I'd remember that I'd like to browse Visual Novel Aer (Fuwanovel old name) to see some VN news, and back there translated VN was not as much as nowadays. Also back there it was thanks to fans that we could keep getting good VN translated, because Mangagamer was still not as aggressive as of now if we talk about licensing and Sekai Project was still not become official company yet (Still categorized as fan translation). Anyway, I'll try to talk about that later and looking back at 2012 archive there's definitely many improvement there right now if we talk about translated VN number.

Welcome to my VNTS Review here, and sorry for being late here. As for the title, let me explain about it later but it was sort of derivative from Love Live song just in case you interested. Other than Da Capo 3 release and some usual update, there's not much what I could write at this week to be honest if we speaking strictly from the updates. But let me see what I could write here.


Before both of Sekai and Fan Translation section, let me said that ATLUS will localized Utawarerumono duology sequel (Or just in case you need some Grisaia joke just said Utawarerumono no Meikyuu for the 2nd game and Utawarerumono no Rakuen for the 3rd game lol). Actually I'd already saw this news from last week back at Erogegames forum and thought it'll be nice addiction to VNTS Review, but after it turned out it'll be localized for the consoles I decided to just ignore that. Although I said that I didn't interested in that, I believe both of sequels were good addition to any of Utawarerumono fans and should be played if one want to knew more about Utawarerumono (Not me though since there's so much to considering other than buying console here to be honest).

Okay, Utwarerumono localization issue aside (Not for PC), there's good news from Libra translation namely that they finished all translation process for main game exactly one year after their successful Kickstarter (Congratulation to the team) and for additional update right now they finished translated both of new mini episode (Aoi and Lycoris story, also Iris story), although it's still halfway though for the progress bar itself. Look forward to March then when they'll be ready for the release. That's all for Other section here.

Sekai Project

This week apparently Sekai was add another secret project (Or sekrit project as they wrote) and right now it was at 20%. Apparently they decided to made the former first secret project as the 5th secret project, and also they remove the tracker for the 3rd secret project there. Don't ask me the reason why because I definitely didn't knew there (Duh), although once again I could only guess that the 3rd project was short one and perhaps if they removed it from the tracker it mean that they almost ready for the release. 

As for their other project which is Chrono Clock, there's another update there which stated that they'll had beta version ready for the backer after they sorted out the technical issues out there. Although this is good news, I predict that perhaps they couldn't make it to late January release as the progress was still not complete yet looking from the tracker (88.35% translated) and they said that they'll deliver it in few weeks. They'll deliver the good news though which is that the game will be 100% playable and can be completed without crash, and also they'll had another update at January end. My opinion here would be that I'm willing to be waiting as long as they didn't take the long time there, and looking at the announcement perhaps it'll be not too long if they talk about delay. That's all for my opinion about Chrono Clock.

Other than Chrono Clock, of course Sekai also had some usual updates with their project. Tensin Ranman was almost completed looking at the progress and as long as Sekai keep their usual work it'll be definitely completed at next week (The progress for Tenshin Ranman was at 99.25% translated). Bokukotsu was also had update here with current progress right now was at 27.02& translated, and unfortunately for this week there's no update from Maitetsu but perhaps there'll be some update at next week. For last update here we had their 2nd secret project was at 57% translated. That's all for Sekai Project.

Fan Translation

There's no much in fan translation segment other than update here, although actually there's release though which is Black Wolf Saga which is VNR based (Quite divisive method at that). Although unfortunately it's otome though which to said it not my taste here, but if you could operate VNR and like otome game might as well give a try there. For this week there's no update in term of translation from Majokoi because of some real life business, but at least there's progress if we talk about editing which right now was at 59% editing. Speaking about Luna Translation, actually there's one update that I missed from last week namely Ushieta editing which right now was at 15% edited there. For more update from Luna Translation, right now Tsui Yuri was at 51% QC progress.

For more update, right now Loverable was at 47.62% translated and 13.56% edited for one more usual progress. By the way there's little problem though ie I couldn't see Loverable update from my laptop, and I could only see the update from my android (Phone) here. It's just probably some bug out there on my internet though, so it's no big deal in the end anyway (Sorry). There's another unusual update here namely Sono Hanabira 11 which right now was that they translated 106 out of 120 scripts. And if some people who read this curious where's the update came from, just click this link. For last update from fan translation, there's Fortune Arterial in which they got another translator there apparently and right now for the progress the new translator managed to complete 2 out of 10 scripts for Erika's route. That's all for the update.

While earlier here I said that there's not much here, turn out there's another interesting project which I'm surprised that I missed it for several weeks here (Facepalm to me). Anyway, the project was Hatsukoi 1/1 (I'll call it Hatsukoi from now on) which is one of Tone Work VN and it was their shortest VN. And by shortest I mean the shortest by Tone Work's standard, in which their later VNs (Gin'iro Haruka and Hoshi Ori) was gotten quite (in)famous for being very long and describe the romance quite nicely (The VNDB obviously state that Hatsukoi 1/1 was long by the way). Well, look forward to this game and right now for the progress they completely was at almost halfway for common route (47.39% translated) and overall was at 10.06% translated. I'll definitely will keep my eyes on Hatsukoi project here, although perhaps I need to keep cautious of several aspect though now that I'd tried to do some quick research (MC was very stupid according to all available review, so much that the company posted an apology video to angry fans).

That's all for fan translation section.


Once again they had biggest news here in regard of Da Capo 3 release both of censored and uncensored version. Although too bad that there's no regular update from Mangagamer though as of now yet. Hopefully they could give it at near future though because the updates were quite interesting to someone who look forward to it, and to be honest I'm one of the people who look forward to the updates.

Back to Da Capo 3, which is had some history for this community. Looking at around 2012, our founder Aaeru was trying to translating Da Capo 3 using some divisive method like I mentioned above (VNR) at least according to some people. It was caused too much commotion in Erogegames forum back at 2012 which back then made me quite annoyed seeing the thread explode from one member there (Keep in mind that back then I'm still not joining any forum yet). After much commotion happened, there's another controversy happened in which the project was getting C&D by Mangagamer and causing Aaeru write some of her rage into Fuwanovel blog post. Back then I also think that Mangagamer take down her project was because Da Capo was licensed by them, although looking at current situation perhaps I was wrong. Oh well, all that in the past though and let us enjoy Da Capo 3 now which serves as the final story for Da Capo story. For last info about Da Capo 3, I think the setting was at 2072 looking from the February which had 29 days (And it's quite fitting after checking the date).

That's all for my late VNTS Review, and see you next week.

PS - Turn out there's another VN with the name of Hatsukoi and also had translation as well (The VN itself was old and the translation project was dead though). So I'll just called it HatsuKoi to differentiate it. Forgot another progress here earlier, and the project was To Heart 2. For the progress the decensoring was almost finished and the editing process was almost completed for Manaka's route which mean that it was almost completed for overall of editing process. From there it was only proofreading left, and after all of those process were finished hopefully the final version of ToHeart 2 patch was ready to be released. That's all for additional update.

PPS - For the title, since we had Nanjou Yoshino singing another opening for Da Capo 3 (Or to be exact fripside) and when I searched for Love Live song I'd found 'Fuyu ga Kureta Yokan' which had Eli as the center for three girl group (Eli, Maki, and Nico). Since Eli's voice was Nanjou and we had sakura flower for Da Capo 3, I thought perhaps 'Sakura ga Kureta Yokan' would be fitting title looking at the translation. For more explanation 'Fuyu ga Kureta Yokan' mean 'Premonition that Winter Give to me', and my title was could be translated as 'Premonition that Sakura Give to Me', which is quite fitting that the girls (And our MC Kiyotaka as well) felt something wrong with Everlasting Sakura bloomed again after withered around 20 years ago. That's all for the title.


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