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Random VNs: Shukufuku no Kane no Oto wa, Sakurairo no Kaze to Tomo ni



For those who are wondering about jury duty: I got rejected inside ten minutes without an explanation, lol.  Moreover, I spent four days reversing my sleep schedule so I wouldn't be groggy and zombified... what a waste of effort.

Anyway, I finished playing Shukufuku no Kane last night but didn't have the time to post on it, given how I needed to go to bed eight hours earlier than my usual time.  This is the second time I played this game,, and I had to shift the vote upward in response to my somewhat less biased opinion on it.  This VN is a high quality charage... it doesn't do anything more than be a high-quality charage, but it is that, at the least.

Shukufuku no Kane is an 'ojousama-ge', a type of charage where all the heroines are from wealthy families.  Moreover, the protagonist himself is that most unlikely of all things... an average guy who turns out to have been the grandson of a really wealthy old man who wanted him to succeed him.  Upon his arrival, he is immediately met by his cousin, Maria, whom he meets for the first time.  Maria's first words upon meeting him are that she has no intention of marrying him, in classic soon-to-be tsundere style (seriously, Studio Ryokucha is one of only about two or three companies I've played that can make tsunderes attractive). 

Anyway, he has a duty to decide who he is going to marry within a year, given to him by his grandfather in exchange for paying off his father's debts (his father being a decent music teacher but being absolutely incompetent at finances).  That is the primary motivation for picking one of the heroines in this game.

Now, the four heroines in this game are separated into two types... the ones the old man is fine with him marrying from the start and those he rejects out of hand.  If you want to experience a classic 'protagonist overcomes the objections of _____ to marry said girl', pick Saya or Urara.  If you want a path where you resolve personal and interpersonal issues to reach love, pick Maria or Kanon.

I'm going to be blunt... while the characters in this game are excellently developed, the actual paths are decent, and the setting is well-constructed... this VN falls short in the ending department by several degrees.  Why do I say this?  Because the second the conflict is resolved, you have about ten seconds before the path ends, leaving you wondering what happened to the characters afterward.  This is actually several degrees worse than the average charage, since even most of that genre has some kind of aftermath in which you get to see and hear how the characters settled down in the wake of the path's events.  It is also the reason why I kept my new vote below an 8 on vndb (8 means 'potential VN of the Month' level).  It is possible for the ending of a story to ruin everything that came before, lol.


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