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Random VNs: Yuyukana (also VN of the Month for September announced)



Ok... as random choices to play go, this one was probably a horrible choice.  Yuyukana starts out as and rarely escapes the standard charage model (there are some tear-jerking moments at the end of some of the routes, but it isn't at nakige level). 

First, you have the tsundere osananajimi.  Then you have the ojousama who mysteriously comes in every morning to cook breakfast for the protagonist whose parents are not living at home.  Third you have the mysterious transfer student who professes her love for the protagonist.  Fourth, you have the fushigi-chan girl whose first loves are books and dried squid. 

This is about as standard and archetypical a cast as can be found in any charage (literally, I felt like the protag from Kami nomi zo was in the back of my skull whispering about the archetypes), and that is easily the biggest downside of this VN.  The mysterious aspects, which could easily have been used to shape the story into something more complex and interesting, are left to the very ends of the heroine routes, making for a singularly boring standard common route and heroine routes that are frighteningly shallow for something made in one of the best years in the past decade. 

The humor was stale three years before it came out, the heroines feel like 'standard-issue waifus', and the protagonist is a dense-as-lead non-person who is accompanied by an equally standard-issue 'perverted best friend' character.  Character-wise, you don't get any more shallow and lacking in flavor than these.

Worst of all, they never do manage to draw you into the characters or the story before things get serious in the heroine paths.  The weak character development and lack of anything resembling intelligent design in the story (incidentally, it is so formulaic it makes Shuffle seem unique)  make this a perfect example of what not to do when making a charage post-2008. 

Despite that, it falls short of kusoge level... it just isn't something I would gladly go back to play again.

Edit: Also, no Yayoi path is a huge minus... the biggest problem with 'modern' charage is that unwillingness to pursue interesting adult heroines, lol.


VN of the Month September 2016

My final conclusion after playing Sen no Hatou was that none of the games that came out really stood out enough for me to consider them VN of the Month material.  Sadly, I have to condemn September 2016 to be one of those months devoid of a winner.


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18 minutes ago, granit said:

What about "Dungeons & Daimeiwaku"?

I forgot about it... mostly because I really don't have much of a taste for Liar-soft's games.

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Yuyukana was particularly annoying in the repetitiveness of the plot across 3/4 routes (excepting Ako), however the visuals and especially the BGM saved the game for me. I come back to listen to it a lot.

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