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Booby Quest Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (09/10/2016)

For the title here while not very creative, the meaning should be very obvious here (Combining booby because we had many big boobs woman here and quest was from Dragon Quest in regard of the setting which remind us of old RPG here). While the image header VN (Kyonyuu or Funbag Fantasy) was not my taste here, at least I knew that our Bookwormotaku here like this very much. Oh, and if Decay here like the localized title here, he should be thanking Arunaru here for came up with the localized title here. And in case of some user here was curious about what's the premise from Mangagamer recently announced title, what I knew is that the husband found out about his wife adultery, and instead of filing a divorce to the court the husband decided to watch his wife had sex with her lover here (It's obviously NTR here). Not interested, but at least I knew that I didn't need to speculate for Mangagamer next partner at Atlanta later. Oh, and from Decay's musing here apparently that most of eroge artist didn't care too much about drawing penis and vagina because it'll be censored anyway by mosaic if we knew Japanese law here (Not that I care about mosaic in the first place though).

This week I kind of make this in hurry, so I'm apologized if I had some short coming here. Anyway for first updates here we had Sekai and their usual update here. Maitetsu here was had some significant update here by almost 5%, bringing the progress to 31.09% translated. Tenshin Rahman was had quite average progress here, and right now it was at 45.88% translated here. Chrono Clock, while the progress here was quite stable and slow here (32.92% translated here), I think it would be quite hard to fulfill the promise at Kickstarter if they didn't upped their weekly progress here. Although if the progress that shown here was also with editing and QC progress here it would be very different story here (Or maybe slightly different story here). Oh, and for Wagahigh we had slight update here after very long time here at 23.72% translated for the progress.

For fan translation usual progress here, we had Tsui Yuri finally continuing the translating progress here (74% translated), Bishoujo Mangekyou give usual update here (58% edited, 53% QC-ed, and 21% proofread), Majokoi also had usual update here (37.3% translated, 28.7% edited, and 12% edited. Quite slow imo). Speaking about Tsui Yuri here, for Dergonu's new project here (I'll call it Shibukuzu) right now he was in the middle of translating, but he didn't said which scripts so the progress was still at 1 script translated here. For other projects here, Nocturnal Illusion Renewal was 3.2% edited for the 2nd time here; Loverable was at 15.02% translated and common route at 57.65% translated; Ushieta translation was finished for one route here (Airi's) although they not willing to translating H-Scenes though; Shin Koihime Musou wad releasing sort of prototype patch (Because it was only translated one chapter here and it's raw translation here); and finally Dracu Riot completion was had some progress with the promise to releasing the patch with all route translated here with only Miu's route was fully edited here, and they also give promise to edited all of non-Miu heroine route here (I'll keep my eye on this, even though if I may honest here I'd already satisfied with all route translated here, edited or not). Oh, for more news here Guilty Crown Lost Christmas translation was released here, and from what I knew that yhis VN also had translation in Indonesian language (Personally I would be more happy if some Indonesian translator here had release complete translation patch for either Natsuyume and Hatsusaku here instead of Guilty Crown here, but whatever)

Before I close my review here, let me tell you that this week we also had pleasant surprise here for anyone else who wait or following Libra progress here (Me too). Right now they managed to finished translating Calen's route and they move on to Aoi's route with 15% translated for the progress here (Hopefully included editing and QC here for the progress once again). Oh, and obviously we must wait for next week if you looking forward to Mangagamer updates here.

That's all for my VNTS Review now, and see you next week.


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