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Bishoujo Mangekyou TL Update 33: 50% Edited and proofreading started



Another update.

Firstly, we decided to get a filler editor for ocdc, who has been really busy with his real life, and that editor is Einstein9029 like you can see from the Staff page. Anyways, there hasn't been any major editing progress, but a little bit and we have reached the halfway point of editing, which is great news. QC's been going at a steady pace too, pretty much parallel to editing.

Secondly, we've begun proofreading. Now if you're wondering about the leap of progress in a single week, proofreading is just a final check and cleanup, and thus doesn't take as much as QC'ing or nearly as much as editing, so fear not.

Next, I more or less have finished up the look of the website, and that pesky front page slider really did give me a headache, but it was worth it. There still is some things I want to do with the design of the website, but those can wait for a better day.

Finally, you probably saw me tweeting about the new "announcement" I made. Sure enough, there's something big coming up early October, and that specific date happens to be my birthday too. Well, I can't give that many hints as of now, but I can tell some things if you want answers, just don't expect too much at this point out of me. You can check it out in here.

That is all, progress time:


Until next week

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