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Samurai, Witch, and Princess Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (07/30/2016)

For the title, first two should be obvious if we looking at the picture (Samurai from ChuSingura and Witch from Supipara). For the princess part, the character in Corona Blossom was voiced by Fujimori Yukina and since Fujimori Yukina also voiced a princess in Madou Koukaku (Margrietta), I using princess part as seiyuu joke here.

To be honest for VNTS this week there's not much update here, so let me try to give my impression for the releases here first. All I could said that the releases was still in partial part for supposed fully Visual Novel. Oh, and sorry for late post here.

About ChuSingura, interesting strategy maybe using Chapter 2 and 3 as DLC for freely available Chapter 1. If I may speak a little more here, Chapter 1 was dealing with purple haired MILF (Ooishi Kuranosuke) that could be able turn to child, Chapter 2 dealing with blue haired samurai (Horibee Yasube, also the samurai in VNTS Image) who want to avenge her lord (Or should be lady here), and Chapter 3 dealing with the daughter of the MILF (Ooishi Chikara) according from the review that I read. My question here would be when last 2 chapters will be released, although looking from release pattern there hopefully not too long (Keep in mind that this is only my wishful thinking).

Supipara, the opening song was good, the scenery porn was as expected from minori, and there's no sex scene so if this entered Steam it shouldn't be much surprise here. Unfortunately, the no sex scene here was apparently the source of Supipara downfall because there's some issue that the people didn't want to buy this because there's no sex scene here back at Japan. And because of Supipara flop I'd also read some post that say minori was about face bankruptcy before some rich people donate them. Since Japan sales was flop, minori was of course interested with Steam and decided to license Supipara and use their own of fundraising to develop future Supipara chapters, which to be honest it was quite worrying if we looking from the fund gathered. For useless trivia, Supipara was acronym for Smile, Peace, Passion, and Love there.

Corona Blossom, well Volume 1 was released as expected. But what caught my attention here would be the length according to VNDB. If the length at VNDB was true, we'll probably will get something like medium length visual novel here, although for now we still couldn't know it though. The reason it was short was maybe it's another experiment here just like back at KARAKARA, but instead from Sekai this time we apparently had Frontwing interested by crowfunding here and using Indie Go Go. Unlike ChuSingura which we still didn't know when it'll be delivered and Supipara which the problem was lack of necessary funds for now, Frontwing was promised us that Volume 2 and 3 will be delivered around October here (I don't certain though).

Sekai Project

  • Chrono Clock was 26.44% translated
  • I Miss Her was at 7.02% translated
  • Tenshin Rahman 30.49% translated
  • Maitetsu was at 16.32% translated
  • Wagahigh was at 21.9% translated

Dovac outburst at his Twitter earlier aside, there's no much update from Sekai because most of their project was listed at 100% here. Although if I may give some comment here would be the progress for Chrono Clock, Maitetsu, and Tenshin Rahman here was very slow. Oh, and Just Desert was released but there's still no Indonesian language release ie it'll be released later. Maybe next week I'll just list Sekai like this and without comment, because there's noting worth to comment from them mostly.

Fan Translation

  • Bishoujo Mangekyou was 32% edited and 18.2% QC-ing
  • Tsui Yuri was 63% translated
  • Majokoi demo translation patch released
  • Yosuga no Sora was 88.15% translated and apparently this is their first update for half a year
  • Lovely Caption was 34% translated

Other than usual update, I'd more interested with Yosuga no Sora here, because this project was already go for very long time and yet still not finished. The good question here would be when the heck this project will be finished (Although the main girl route Sora was already translated though). Oh, and the premise was like incest between twin sibling here, and the girl twin was Sora. About Majokoi, I'll try it later. Speaking about patch, in regard of Dracu Riot turn out that the last week patch from Fiddle should be release for next year April Fool, because it change the name of the cast and made it more confusing. I think that's all I could comment now.

For other section, other than ChuSingura 2 more chapters release and Corona Blossom Volume 1 release that I wrote earlier, there's some surprise in regard of Libra translation progress. This week we had Calen's route at 25% translated, and I think the progress will including editing and QC (Although I still questioning if there will be another update from Mikandi though).

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week

Edit 1 - Just check it, and we also had progress from Tsukiyori translation project. Right now it was at 24% translated for Luna's route.

Edit 2 - There's another update from Clover Days project that Ittaku decided to translated the twins route since the designated translator for the mentioned route was MIA or something like that. Here's his post for the proof and good luck for you, Ittaku.

Edit 3 (8/1) - There's a big update from Hanasaki (48% translated for Hikari's route). I'll try to add update in edit if there's happening after my blogpost here (The late-most here fou update would be Monday)


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