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Majo Koi Nikki Trial Patch Released



Hello. Just want this post to be as brief as possible.

I’m glad to announce the release of our first patch as a newly established group. I hope all the time we invested on it was worth it and that you guys enjoy it. We’d like to hear some feedback, so please once you guys get to play the patch please leave up your comments on it here.

I personally want to thank everyone involved in the Majo Koi team who is or was involved and took part in some way or another to get it out. Thanks, everyone!

I won’t drag this further, simply go to our downloads page and follow the instructions mentioned there.

By the way guys, important stuff here: Only the “Primary” font option should be used and the other ones will lead to issues (Otherwise you’ll have to change that manually if the exe was started before the patch was applied, or delete the save folder in that case). Just use the primary font, otherwise issues will stack up.

Anyways, thanks for reading and enjoy!

PS: This is a patch for the trial version of the game released by Qoobrand, you can download said trial for free.



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