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Busy and a preview of July's releases



... exactly how many times have I mentioned that I'm busy lately...?  Seriously.  I'm in the middle of VN withdrawal for the first time in over three years... and I'm realizing how addicted I am.  I'd be perfectly happy to play a kusoge for the second time, at the moment... if I had the time.  The best I can do these days is drop in for a few minutes and maybe a quick post or two. 

Considering that I originally started this style of work because it made me enough money in a short enough period of time to both support me and my habits (gaming, anime, books, and importing VNs) while leaving me time to actually enjoy them...  Unfortunately, my choice seems to be backfiring for the second time in five years.  If anything, this time is worse, because I actually failed to deliver for the first time in the last decade. 

Anyway, enough complaints...

While I have the time, I'm going to list up the VNs I plan to read from July's releases, when they are released:

Tsumikui (maybe, and only maybe because it is an otomege, and good otomege are rarer than kamige charage)

Ojousama no Hanbun wa Ren'ai de Dekiteimasu

Senren Banka (obviously)

Muramasa: Shokuzai Hen (new Muramasa content? Whoohoo!)

Aristear Remain

Floral Flowlove (Saga Planets' games since Hatsuyuki Sakura have been much weaker... but I'll probably still give it a chance)

Amatsutsumi (Purple Software has been on a roll with most of their releases in recent years... so I'm definitely playing this one)

Kimi to Yumemishi (new company... hopefully it will be interesting)


Recommended Comments

I do know the time problem - a typical consequence of a full time job.

Though, to take a more positive view, sometimes it's a good thing do something else for a while and get some distance. Because when you get back when you've time again, you'll enjoy it all the more.

So, like the Japanese say: 頑張って! :mare:

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