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Random VNs: Shin Koihime Eiyuutan



Shin Koihime Eiyuutan is something of an alternate fandisc for Shin Koihime, including characters from the 'extra materials' that have come out over the years and a canon story flow from the original that seems to be based on Kazuto somehow being on all three sides at once during the wars (lol).  To be honest, for consistency, Moeshouden was much better, because it uses the Gaishi setting to explain everything, lol. 

Having played all three, I can safely say that it is a very satisfying after-story for someone who liked the original Shin Koihime Musou.  However, one thing I also noticed was that, for all that it went first, the Shoku version was the weakest of the three by far.  Part of it is that in the original, both Go and Gi's paths were far deeper than Shoku's (Shoku=Shu, Go=Wu, Gi=Wei), with Kazuto taking a far more unique role in how things played out.  For better or worse, in the Shoku path, he was mostly the voice of rationality behind the idealist throne that was Touka, whereas in Go he served as a husband and one of the tacticians, and in Gi he was given the role of setting up the training of new troops and the implementing of his own idea for policing the capitol.  This difference in roles was part of the reason why the stories each differed so wildly.

To be honest, one thing I'm glad they did away with was certain events revolving around Sheren (Sun Ce) and Meirin (if you are familiar with history, you know that sad stuff happens).  While the scenes involving those events in the original Shin Koihime were awesome in every way, I still felt a sense of relief that canon had changed that particular aspect.

Most of the events in the three versions are either emotionally touching (for those that read the original material), mildly interesting intellectually (though mostly with Gi and Go), or H-events (lots of them).  I was surprised that Yue was sort of pushed to the side in the Shoku disc, as she was one of the top-rating characters on the old character polls, lol.  On the other hand, all the Gi and Go characters made appearances and had their own little scenes during the game. 

Overall, this is just a treat for those who played Shin Koihime.  While the Shoku disc was something of a disappointment, both the Gi and Go discs were interesting enough that I didn't feel cheated for paying for them.  I do wish they had put it up on dlsite or Getchu instead of DMM though... fooling DMM's region-locking setup is  a serious pain in the butt.

Edit: I recently finished re-playing Shin Koihime Musou (one of the VNs I've been replaying bit by bit over the last five months)... and I'm debating on whether I should do a full post on it, lol.


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I definitely agree with the most of stuff you've said; its one of very rare games where you can enjoy the enjoy the pregnancy period or even the motherhood of some heroines. Not just some CGs, but actual scenes.  


But also gotta mention that the entire "koihime eiyuutan" series were just an advertisement for the oncoming enormous Koihime Kakumei series so they're kinda special and not very profitable, comparing other low priced games with this would be too cruel.  I mean each of them has ton of voiced characters and 15-20 h-scenes at least, its definitely not something that other little companies can afford. As an advertisement it achieved its goal without a doubt though.

Edit: For the Yue part; They're planning to use her at "Shin koihime eiyuutan 123+Plus" As one of the plus' main heroine for increasing the sales. 

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Well technically they already announced; last year they've said that they're planning to release Sengoku koihime X at winter, Eiyuutan 123+plus at Spring and Kakumei at the late summer. Considering Sengoku koihime X's (spring) and 123+plus' (summer) release dates I'm expecting Kakumei at the late fall, or maybe early winter since they've released most of their games at december.


They'll release each route as a different game (means 3 different full priced game) at the same time so I think its definitely worth of waiting, specially the Go part since they'll add Renfa & Sheren's mother this time. Gi or Shoku's characters don't seem "that" important, but Go will be something completely new for sure. 

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I really need to get back to beating Shin Koihime Musou :wafuu: Currently still on Gi, which I am liking even if it really slow. Was not expecting the first ero scene I'd get to be Keifa's though...

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I found the Eiyuutan to be a rather positive move from BaseSon and I loved all three. Although I have to agree Gi and Go have much better plot line to them and the scenes with characters, Shoku's scenario with horse family was fun in its own way. That kansai dialect arguement midway is something I return to at times to have a laugh :D Very few novels feature a story line where you get to spend time with heroines like it does in Go, the whole mother aspect and how it changed heroines around was charming. My biggest salt on it all was that it was damn short. In that regard, I can't wait for the Plus release, and if Kakumei has anything like the Gi or Go of these three releases, then they can count me in, I'd preorder it from anywhere.

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I'm really curious as to what they plan to do with Kakumei... will they do a new gaishi (alternate history) with the same characters?  Or is it going to turn out to be a continuation of what has occurred in the previous entries?  Better yet, is it another period of history?

So many possibilities...

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I was wondering which one should I play? Koihime Eiyuutan or Eiyuutan 123+PLus? Should I play Eiyuutan 1,2 and 3 by their numbers or 123+ only? Can you guys help me out a bit?:rubycry:

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