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Koi to Koisuru Utopia and VN of the Month June 2016




Mmm... the first word that comes to mind with this VN is 'nostalgia'.  This VN isn't a high-budget affair... in fact, just from the looks and sound of it, it is fairly obvious it is on the lower-budget end of things.  The music is about as generic as it comes (fairly low-quality and lacking in variation), and, while there are character sprites for far more characters than is usual, the actual resolution outside of the h-scenes is fairly low. 

This is a charage/moege, with no element that varies from the basic formula of the 'classic' charage.  The protagonist is a kind-hearted, somewhat lazy young man who is dense when it comes to the heroines' feelings (pfft), each of the heroines falls in love with him for his kindness and sincerity (pfft), and the heroine paths are all straight out 'fall in love>ichaicha>conflict>conflict resolved quickly>ichaicha>low detail ending' types.  The heroine paths were unimpressive, and neither the writing nor the story is worth writing home about.

However, what this VN does very well is resurrect the old 'moe' visual+characterization that used to be the standard of the umbrella genre of moege in general.  The heroines are designed in such a way to make those familiar with moe culture like them despite the third-rate production values.  Their poses and character settings are designed to tickle those who grew up as otakus with the love-comedies of the first decade of the century, and I honestly ended up finishing it solely due to this... because, for better or worse, I loved the love-comedy anime that were so common near and just after the turn of the century. 

Unfortunately, that really is all this VN has going for it.  The designers of this game are obviously moege nostalgists, and they made something that the ero-gamers of yesteryear will love.  Unfortunately, for modern erogamers, it isn't a particularly joyful experience, even in comparison to other charage/moege out there. 

VN of the Month June 2016

I'm going to be blunt... while I briefly considered Lamunation as a potential VN of the Month, it wasn't something that I could choose from an objective perspective.  It deserves an honorable mention, but it isn't VN of the Month.

Otome Domain, while it was good... was not VN of the Month material.

So, the conclusion is... that there is no VN of the Month for June 2016.  I don't have the energy or time to invest in a Softhouse Chara game right now, so I'm afraid that there isn't going to be a surprise entry from Planet Dragon, either. 



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